Conference for Global Transformation

2016 Poster Presenters

The complete list of 2017 Poster Presenters will be announced in April 2017.


Presenters Poster Title Poster Summary #
Martha Ackerman People With Mental Illness are People The first step in altering a network of conversations is to discover the existing conversations. What are the current conversations about mental illness? Let’s inquire! 35
Larry Adams The Science of Regenerative Medicine – Our Next Step in Transforming Human Being New scientific discoveries point to the reversal of human aging.  Global conversations can provide us an opportunity to be responsible for our own biological “evolution.” 42
Leslie Agron An Inquiry Into the Conversation of Our Civilization Distinguishing the conversation from distortions around it and its impacts, I’ve discovered certain pieces and fragments. What do you see? 19
Liz Allen &
James Christie
Healing Humor…Really? Laugh your troubles away.  Bring your problems, upsets and discomforts to the poster and resolve them while laughing with Helen and Brian impersonators! 65
Toni Allen Sexual Expression in the Individual Network What does the network of conversations say is sexual expression? Is this collapsed with sexual orientation, sexual preference, or sex as an action? 4
Bonny Alphonso-Pongnon Hello, My Name Is…. Exploring the impact of pregnancy on the stratum corneum/skin. 23
Aliza Amar Breaking the Silence – the Courage to Speak Gives women a forum to break out of life-long effects due to rape, sexual assault and trafficking.  Sharing is the vehicle to freedom. 34
Al Bartell Urban Leaders in the Environmental Movement of America The conversation for the environment shifts in the 21st century. Empowering leadership, altering the relationship to one of green space that’s protected and preserved. 3
Jaime Beal Fun, Play, and Learning What if curriculum in schools were focused around play?  My inquiry is how does fun and play impact student learning and teacher satisfaction and retention. 64
Romi Boucher Creative Breakthroughs: A Conversational Accomplishment Much has been written and researched about creativity and collaborations — but not much empirical research has been done with work group conversations. 31
Tom Braford  &
Carol Braford
A Healthy Planet Starts Here By 2020 human being is secure as a perpetual species, on our way to being ubiquitous in the farflung universe, living in beloved community now. 69
Angelina Cacciato &
Marinella Setti de Castro Lima
Films to Create a Paradigm Shift for Peace and Transformation Envision a world of peace and truth through the medium of film-making and storytelling. 72
Bruce Campbell From Ordinary to Extraordinary Fulfilling on an unfulfilled dream – a gateway to an experience of wonder and happiness – an adventure through unchartered lands to unknown destinations. 80
Marji Campbell What the Heck is Combat Attachment, and Why Does it Matter? Combat attachment refers to exhilarating, rewarding combat-related experiences, shows addictive characteristics associated with impairment, and may represent the missing piece to effective PTSD treatment. 45
Carline Chamberlain Transform the Lives of 300,000 Child Slaves I create fashion to share a part of the proceeds to end child slavery. 52
Sunny Chung #sunnygeographic Be inspired to lean into the unknown. Expand your network of connections and conversations by utilizing social media and the Internet. 58
Virginia Clair My Walk 2016 – Update Coast to coast. Step by step. What does it look, smell like to walk 2,600 miles, Florida to California? Not a pilgrimage, an adventure! 55
Deborah Cotter Where Is Spirit in Your Daily Life? How do you access the Eternal in your everyday life? Does creating joy and beauty inspire you? 88
Julia Dederer &
Lisa Zaharoni
The Next 30 Years; Your Life is an Open Road People are living longer and more productive lives. Instead of limping across the finish line, what if your next 30 years were wide open for design? 41
Lori Denman &
Brett Diamond
Wheel of Compassion Playing, people can see, choose, and take new actions that have a positive human, animal, and planetary impact. Surprising new futures are set in motion! 91
Susan Evans Sustainability – From the I for Today to the We for Tomorrow Sustainability is transforming our behavior from what’s convenient for me to do now to what’s respectful for us to do long-term for our community. 81
Kathy Fedori He Died: Now What? He died. Now what? Death of a spouse in the 60-is-the-new-40 world creates a shock wave for the survivor that could be transformed. 48
Charles Fisher Transforming Education: Access to Innate Wholeness in Every Child Failure in education is rooted in not seeing the truth in every child; the innate capacity for resilience, self-mastery and empathy begins before kindergarten. 16
Ada Frazier-Turner Origin: An Exploration/Explanation Shifting the conversation of complete health from one of complexity to one of simplicity. 76
Benny Gabin What is Your Banana? What are you not enough of? An inquiry into removing conversations from the network of conversations. 54
Carol Gallion Animals are Treated With Dignity & Respect As stewards of the planet, bring awareness to the importance of caring for all animals. 30
Isabel Halsey Transformation of Soil Through Composting All life honored for all time is the possibility that inspires me.  Encouraging households, schools and cities to compost is transformation occurring before your eyes. 59


Gunilla Hammarlund Are You Living Your Dream? I was meant to be the next ABBA. What dreams did you have? Did you fulfill on them? 78
Michelle Hastings Express Your Inner Consumer – Inquiries of Interest Play this game about consumer issues you care about, discover new possibilities for the world and something new about the issues, yourself and your passion. 56
Tracy A. Hunt Travel Brings the World Together Travel and vacation soothe the soul, inspire new ways of being and bring communities together. 7
Sel Hwahng Two Contemporary Matrilineal Societies: A Comparison of Indigenous Women’s Leadership A comparison of two matrilineal societies that have resisted patriarchy and colonization—Juchitán de Zaragoza, Mexico, and the Mosuo in Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces, China. 57
Edward Kalpas Transformation of the New York State Medicaid Program Overview of the five-year, $6.42 billion transformation of the New York State healthcare delivery system for low-income individuals and families. 32
Rami Katz Accessing Joy That we are each at the center of the expansion of joy in the world. 44
Shangwen Kennedy Creating Communities and Living Environments That Support Well-Being Sharing different avenues of actions empowering supportive co-living environment, including zoning advocacy, smart/green building technologies, and housing communities for families with young kids. 82
Kim Klein Completion for the End of Life We would like you to be able to offer the distinction completion to your friends and families who are dealing with the end of life. 71
Scott Kramer Expanding Men’s Work in the World What if masculinity meant honoring yourself  as a man and supporting other men to be their highest selves for their families and their communities? 28
Sukhee Kwon The Lotus Blooms for us All Rooted in icky yucky mud. Passing through icy cold water. The lotus blooms for us all. Amongst robust green. Community blooms. Powerful beauty. Miraculous joy. 43
Sarah Lammert Transforming the Military Through Chaplaincy What would be possible if military chaplains had access to the tools of transformation? What would transform in the lives of the warriors they serve? 21
David Lazaroff Expanding the Ontology of Health: Integral Health Coding for Electronic Health Records Coding for electronic health records defines the language and ontology of health. Expanding coding to include multiple health paradigms can improve healthcare research and delivery. 6
Diane Lorello The Intention, Design, Purpose and Destiny of the Human Race A dialogue based in mutual trust and respect to end gun violence. Enrolling all interested parties including the NRA to participate. 40
Dom Lovallo The Intention, Design, Purpose and Destiny of the Human Race Intention: transform transformation.  Design: 80,000-year audacious experiment.  Purpose:  Self manifests through 11-billion-member race as its authentic self-expression with unprecedented penetration and depth. 51
Peter Maestrey Love Is What; What is Love? Imagine if love were a choice; how would you choose it? 17
Vik Maraj How do you Transform a nation? Led by a handful of Landmark graduates, the transformation of a Slovakia is underway. Come be inspired and discover the possibility of your own leadership. 1
James Marques Are We as Transformed as We Say We Are? A proposal that we view ourselves very differently than the world views us in regards to transformation. 74
Gordon Martin &
Lecia Popadopoulus
Creating a Poem for the World Contribute your words, your voice, your possibility, your inspiration, your Impossible Promise in creating a poem for the world. Come play – let’s make art together. 33
Jay Mays &
Robin Mack
Expanding Our Conversation of Gender Creators of the Gender book, Robin Mack, Jay Mays, and Mel Hill, created a Gender 101 that leaves people with a color-filled forwarding experience! 67
Guy Maytal Inquiry vs Assumptions: Mental Illness as Possibility Mental illness is laden with meaning and significance. What if mental illness is an opportunity for inquiry and growth, for both ourselves and others? 75
Theresa McLaughlin What If… I have an image of someone passing unsheltered homeless on the street. They are tempted to turn a blind eye but don’t. 8
Lani Morris The Map of Meaning Latest academic research reveals that human beings agree on the key elements of meaningful work and life; these are captured in the Map of Meaning. 13
Fred Moss Racism, Civil Rights and Mass Incarceration–Have we Halted the Inquiry too Early? 1960s – Civil Rights Movement and the supporting constitutional amendments.  2015 – Prisons filled with a disproportionate population of inmates. Where did we get off the bus? 20
Valerie Mrak Lesson from Nobel Laureates and Former Gang Leaders: Creating Peace Where You Are Learn the six key components shared by Nobel laureates and former gang leaders for creating peace in your life, home, school, organization and community. 68
Myrna Nance Who do You Say You Are as Access to Peace in our World? We can each share our contributions with each other and our originating circles and this will start a wave that can access peace in the world. 38
Kathy Norman Space Travel: Who Will We Become? Today, we live in space. Tomorrow, we will live on Mars, and wherever else we choose. What communities will we create? Who will we become? 50
Sophia Olivas What Hope Means Hope combined with action can evolve humanity. The Hope Project provides awareness, insights and opportunities for global action to shift from complaints to resolutions. 79
Cyndi Ortiz Stories from Across the Country I have set out to break down stereotypes and bring people together through the telling of inspirational, human stories in video documentary format. 61
Richard Osgood Collaboration and Engagement for School Transformation The Vassar Haiti Project fosters sustainable development in Haiti, empowering the artists and artisans of Haiti and providing students an education in global citizenship. 63
Eva Ouaknine Let Your Pen Play A word can have you travel on the road of your mind. Discover what can be created when you let your pen flow. 89
Ouriel Ouaknine Inventing: A Creative Process The process of inventing takes you on a ride where hide and seek is the rule but where amazing and unexpected solutions spring from seemingly nowhere. 47
Lorenda Phillips Supporting Professional Athletes to Successfully Transition to Their Next Career When professional athletes retire, they lose raving fans, access and money.  They generally don’t make a successful transition.  What’s next for them after sports? 26
Maggie Rast World Peace Through Awesome Sex Shifting the conversation around sex can resolve underlying issues and humanity can live life with passion, freedom, abundance and full self-expression. 25
Jill Richards Weed Displays Displays can be in service of a person’s Impossible Promise, support the desire to make a difference and provide an opportunity for self-expression. 66
Bonnie Rose Understanding Hiding as Access to True Transformation We humans hide, don’t see it, and regret that we don’t have lives we want. Hiding is the unseen barrier to the fulfillment we crave. 22
Marion Rose Looking for Evidence of the World I Want to See… A Practice Looking for signs that it’s all working. Where or how do you see the evidence and what does it look like? 37
Martha Russell The Yoga of Money We will play the fun and interactive game to create sufficiency and flow around money, called the Yoga of Money! 5
Ruthie Shields Wanna Be Bilingual? Where to Start? The vast majority of people in the world are multilingual. If you’re among the monolingual minority, what can you do about it? 53
April Shoemaker Empowering Parenting Project Exploration of ways to foster self-reliance, a solid sense of self- confidence, and creativity by building a foundation for success in children that lasts a lifetime. 39
Stella Shu Umbrella of Promise Orphanage Founded in 2012; currently 22 orphaned children, ages 2-19. No immediate family members to support; lacking  nutritious food, clothing, medical and education assistance. 86
Melanie Sievers Customs – What do you have to declare? We carry with us customs, values, traditions, stories and beliefs.  Bringing these to consciousness allows us to spread what is good and worthwhile around the world.  40
Barry Simon Conversations for Peace / Can Cooperation Work? Engage in a global conversation starting with voices from all communities in Israel.  What would be possible if there was peace/cooperation in your neighborhood? 36
Bobbe Smirni Being the Wind Beneath Your Wings: Listening for Anything Is Possible for Ourselves and Our Lives in Costa Rica Global communities inspired and in action for the empowerment and transformation of Costa Rica and Central America. Let’s play! 18
Elizabeth Smith Creativity – What’s in it for You? People discover their creativity in spite of their beliefs that they’re not. A new world opens. 12
Kaer Soutthard Nourishment / Nutrition? Out of my experience of making healthy choices and learning I was malnourished, I wonder about nutrition versus nourishment. Art? Science? Same? Different? What’s up? 2
Linda Stier A Global Inquiry: Creating a Society That Works: Holding Accountable Those Who Govern In any community, how can we: realize what we value, individually/collectively; empower/hold accountable those granted the right to make decisions on our behalf? 73
Noreen Sumpter &
Michael Blocker
One Love Two Love Me Love You Love Conversations on love, dating,  future. Do they work or not? Views on commitment, affection, truth, appreciation, sex and sensuality, communication. What makes relationships? 62
Stephen Sye Habitat for Humanity: 1,000 Homes Closer Houston Habitat for Humanity, with thousands of sponsors and volunteers, has worked hard to help build homes for low-income Houstonians. 15
Mark Thielen Minimalist Apartments Creating a sustainable and connected community through well-designed minimalist apartments under 480 square feet using shipping containers or pre-fab construction. 14
Mary Thorp iPromise Bank Come create or share your promise for the world. How will you keep your promise in existence? 10
Sylvie Tremblay From Uncluttering to Peace of Mind: How Organization can Contribute to People who Have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Organization for people with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) gives them peace of mind, a sense of freedom, a feeling of accomplishment  and  better self-esteem. 49
Sunita Trevino &
Abhijeet Vaidya
Making Meaning on Purpose for Purpose Despite the inauthenticity, could we choose making meaning to give us a life of purpose? Now meaning is a design as a matter of choice. 90
Victor Valleau Los Angeles Film ( LA Film Expo is a new synergistic networking film conference  for independent film creators, writers, actors, directors, producers, financiers and distributors. 46
Dræyk van der Horn The Adventurer’s Story Access the hero through the call to adventure. Seek the elixir that is your gift to the world. 77
Gloria Waldman Singin’ ‘n’ Swingin’ Your Way to Transformation You can have anything in your life that you express through song and enroll others in. Sing a possibility that touches, moves and inspires you! 87
Otis Washington Dentistry in the Maasai Bush An inquiry into the significance of the findings from two dental missions to serve the Maasai in the bush near the Kenyan-Tanzanian border. 29
Wendy Wasson MySingleSpace: A Companion on Your Journey Solo Changing the conversation about being single from “there is something wrong here” to appreciating the opportunities available in the space of being single. 60
Bill Weber Avery’s World – Transforming the World Through Children’s Television Children create peace by learning about other cultures, sharing personal stories, and making friends. Avery’s World teaches communication, cooperation, and cultural diversity to pre-schoolers worldwide. 11
Julia Wheeler &
Maryl Petreccia
Let Grief Serve You Come sit at our table and see how grief can serve you.  Grief may come in the form of death, loss, depression or change. 84
Jeanne Whittle Human Touch as an Expression of Love What would it be like to be held safely and lovingly? What is the immediate impact on a person? What is the impact on someone’s day? 83
Jeff Wilcox Veterans Creating New Futures We would like you to be able to offer a process to our veterans, where they are empowered to create new futures. 70
Kathleen Winn Societal Breakdowns That Fuel Sex Trafficing My poster will detail the current societal breakdowns that are fueling sexual exploitation and will open a dialogue on this topic. 85
Joanna Wood  &
Bill Wood
Transforming Lives Worldwide Through Education Giving hope through education… Education lights every stage of the journey to a better life, especially for the poor and the vulnerable. 24