Conference for Global Transformation

Call for Papers and Other Contributions

17th Annual Conference for Global Transformation, May 19-21, 2017 – Monterey, California

A Life of Expecting Miracles

When you are listening as a created self, authentic inquiry is not without consequence. In the presence of an expanded awareness, a miracle, you are left with a choice. You can think, speak and act consistent with the new awareness; or, more likely, you will explain away the new world in terms from the past. When one does allow for the unknown and unforeseen, new and often-times foreign futures initially come into existence for us like a staticky holographic image.

I am honored to author, with much support, this call for papers. Over the past 40 years, I have engaged in countless opportunities to inquire into matters associated with our work. Most recently, since May 2014, I’ve been engaged as one of the custodians¹ of the Inquiries of the Social Commons, co-hosting a weekly inquiry on the topic of discourse.

Out of my inquiry, it has become obvious that a new world discovered or invented calls for re-inventing ways of being and acting. One of the first things I recognized was that my life’s work could be having “the created realm of being” available to everyone. Along with that insight came the realization that I can no longer assume that anyone is irrelevant to that mission; anyone could become an agent for that promise. I now find myself confronting entirely new ways of being in the world where no interaction can be ignored or discounted.

I am now in a new inquiry. Or, better said, I have a big problem. A world made possible by a created self, living a created life, isn’t for who we are today. How can practices, skills, and inquiry be generated to realize the created future, without sacrificing the business at hand? It’s never been done, and it is beyond our current capacities. So, what does it actually take? How does one presence, more and more often, a world invented and not yet realized?

For the Conference for Global Transformation in May 2017, we invite you to submit a paper or other contribution addressing the matter of moving a promise, or a possibility you’ve seen, into performance consistent with a future in which the promise or possibility is realized. I look forward to a year of work on these investigations, and to your report on your research, in the Journal of the Conference for Global Transformation and at the conference next May. You might include the work of producing a paper as one of the structures you use to keep an inquiry and a promise in front of you for the year.

As a member of this commons, and with my heartfelt thanks for who we get to be together, I invite you to submit a paper or other proposal for the 2017 Conference for Global Transformation.

Rich Schuster

¹The custodians are a group of people who promise to continue to make available several topics of inquiry to people who have promises which extend them beyond their current capabilities.

We invite submission of Papers, Reports from the Field, Breakout Sessions and Posters which could address questions such as:

1 How do you generate an environment which is shaped by a future, not merely governed by circumstance?
2 How do you sustain yourself; how do you become reliable as a clearing for a future that includes a promise fulfilled?
3 How do you deal with being at the effect of what you’ve seen, of what happened for you in inquiry?
4 What are the means for moving a promise out beyond yourself so it is alive in the communities that are appropriate to the scope of the promise?
5 How have you used the social commons to be an effective reminder and demand to live as a clearing for a world that is not yet realized?