Conference for Global Transformation

2017 Journal Article Authors

The Journal Article Authors for 2018 will be released
early in 2018.
Below are the Journal Article Authors for 2017.


Antoinette Bumekpor
Antoinette Bumekpor is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in creative writing at Columbia University. Previously, she was the creative communications instructor at the Berkeley/Oakland AileyCamp and taught for 10 years in Oakland Unified School District. As a poet and spoken word artist she is fiercely committed to creating spaces of empowerment that can amplify the authentic voice of the human spirit. She currently resides in New York City with her husband.

Cecilia Burch
Cecilia has been an avid reader since age four and has been writing nearly that long. She is also a master gardener, an educator and a nonprofit manager. Her promise for the world is that “In community, people find their voice, passion and full self-expression.” She has participated in Landmark programs since 1995 and currently assists around the Partnership Explorations course and the Conference for Global Transformation. Cecilia is a third-generation native Californian and currently makes her home in Lake Elsinore near water and the mountains with her son, daughter-in-law, three grandchildren, all teenage boys, and assorted pets, mostly cats.

Chet Burgess

Chet has been exploring technology since the 70’s and transformation since the 80’s, and now engages in bringing those worlds together. He uses a variety of communication technologies to support conversations that transform the quality of people’s lives, giving them access to the worlds beyond their own. He engages in inquiries whenever he can, and one of his joys is hosting inquiries into discourse. Through inquiry, he has recently thrown himself into the possibility of living a life of expecting miracles. His commitment is that “Everyone in the world be in touch with the joy and the miracle of life.”

Sarah Clune
Sarah is a writer, traveler and avid music lover who continues to explore and imagine and observe. She is easily surprised and filled with amazement by what she sees and hears, including coyotes walking on the sidewalks of Pasadena, California, hummingbirds sipping nectar out of flowers on her balcony, interesting graffiti on sidewalks and walls and overheard conversations.

Coral Crew-Noble

A master consultant in the global community of the 21st century, Coral is leading a national collective impact project. She is empowering collaboration and facilitating conversations among national leaders promoting support for an expression of leadership, the unquestionable birthright of the human experience. Born in London, England of Jamaican parents, Coral first visited Jamaica for six weeks and stayed for six months.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in management from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, and pursued her Global Executive Master’s in Business Administration degree at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, studying on four continents during the program.

Diane Dreyfus
Diane E. Dreyfus, M.S.Arch., is a retired Wall Streeter and part time volunteer since 9/11.
Currently she lives in Guatemala coordinating for The Integrative Health Project of New York. This Non Government Organization is committed to developing community-based practitioners who treat stress, pain and Type 2 Diabetes. Her prior life spanned four decades in Lower Manhattan where she was active in neighborhood matters — cofounding TriBeCa Loft Tenants Association, Little Italy Neighbors Association, 9/11 Environmental Action and The Granny Peace Brigade. She has been engaged in street politics forever and transformational work since 1973.

Sandra Eaton Richards

Sandi Eaton Richards is a chartered structural engineer who has run her own practice in Chester and North Wales, United Kingdom, for 18 years. Having been intermittently involved in development work in Tanzania and Ghana since the early 1990’s, she has recently become instrumental in the forming and operation of a new local charity, Share, supporting refugees and the homeless. Her commitment to the world is that everyone should have a safe place to live.

Mike Ginn
Mike Ginn published a human perception and memory study in a leading academic journal, designed and implemented a major improvement in crane service in the Boeing 747 airplane factory, worked at a federal lab while it successfully drove a major culture change in our nation’s software-based systems development culture, and managed quality and metrics for Java and other software marketing efforts at Sun Microsystems. He now surrenders these and other past accomplishments as part of his completing, some days more successfully than others, his “smart guy” way of being. He loves his wife Carol Tisson and cats Mia and Grayson..

Diana Hagerty

Diana is fulfilling on a promise that all people are known and honored for their contribution. In her role as a project manager, she is an orchestrator of valuable and visible results that has organizations play nicely across the enterprise with compassionate tenacity. Contribution and self-expression is also being expressed through an emerging presence in the music world as a singer. Diana is a multi-generation San Diego native who currently lives with her family and three cats in a home designed for community and creativity to be expressed in Carlsbad, California.

Douglas Long
Douglas Long retired in 2015 after 41 years as a professor of political theory at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. He has written and lectured on the ideas of democracy, power, freedom and justice, and is a scholarly expert on the works and ideas of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) the father of English utilitarianism. Married with two daughters, he lives in London, Ontario, Canada. He completed the Landmark Curriculum for Living in 2001, the Wisdom Unlimited course in 2004 (and 2014), and the Partnership Explorations course in 2015

Sue Ellen Mann

Sue Ellen is an accountant, yoga teacher and writer who lives and works with her husband in Virginia, outside of Washington DC. She has been active with Landmark since October, 2014.

Deborah Robin Mech
Deborah has been a professional educator and consultant for over 33 years and holds the M. Ed. in curriculum and instruction, and an M.S. in special education with multiple credentials serving students and families across the full-spectrum of ages, grades, and different abilities. Deborah has also served in the San Diego Juvenile Court and community schools working with incarcerated youth in partnership with the San Diego County Juvenile Probation Department, and local community-based organizations. Deborah continues to be an educational innovator bringing restorative justice practices to further and accelerate the shift in paradigms of equity and inclusion in educational and global communities.

Evangeline Pesca

Evangeline Pesca is of God, playing the game of being human. She is a human resources manager for BTX Intelligent Fashion. Living in Dallas with her partner, Davide Pesca, she is the mother of three powerful daughters, Arianna Baires, Gabriella Baires and Kara Baires.

Gail Rae-Garwood
Gail Rae-Garwood has been a chronic kidney disease (CKD) patient since 2007 and an awareness advocate since 2011. This dovetailed nicely with her acting and teaching experience, but it wasn’t until she joined the Landmark family that her awareness advocacy became effective. Podcasts, writing for national kidney organizations, guest blogs, her own weekly CKD blog, and interviews by such publications as The Wall Street Journal became commonplace. Gail, the mother of two grown daughters, gained another whole family three years ago when she married Paul Garwood, who is better known as Bear. Most of the family lives in Arizona.

April Shoemaker

April’s 25-year old son asked her to write a book about how she empowered him, and together they wrote “Empowering Parenting” e-books, providing abundant resources and stories. Using her witty sense of humor, she sparks new ways of thinking that make a difference in the world. Creating a poster on the “Lessons of Workability from Villains”, she won 2nd place (2015) inspiring people to tap their inner villain, and then she won the editor’s choice award for her paper on “Parenting as an Inquiry” (2016) at the Conference for Global Transformation.

Ed Stroupe
Ed Stroupe spent 35 years as a medical application software developer and designer. With his wife, Mary, he co-founded Integritas, Inc., and achieved five national certifications of their electronic medical record software. Since retiring in 2013, he devotes his time to studying philosophy. The question that animates him is “How is it that we came to see the world the way that we see it, and not some other way?” He sees the Discourse as Access inquiry as a way to forward transformation in the world. He and Mary divide their time between the mountains of Colorado and Santa Fe.

Wendy Wasson
Wendy Wasson is a psychologist who has a psychotherapy practice with adults and has had the opportunity over many years to work with single and coupled adults. In addition, she has created workshops for both single people and professionals working with single people. She created a team and developed www.MySingleSpace: A Companion on Your Journey Solo through the Team Management and Leadership Program in 2009. She has found that the distinctions of Landmark and its community of people who value inquiry enriching (and enjoyable) both personally and professionally.