Conference for Global Transformation

2018 Journal Article Authors


The Journal Article Authors for the 2019 Conference
will be announced early in 2019.


Coral Crew-Noble
A master consultant of a social enterprise in the global community, Coral Crew-Noble is leading a national collective impact project. She empowers collaboration and facilitates conversations among national leaders promoting support for an expression of leadership, the unquestionable birthright of the human experience. Born in London, England, Crew-Noble currently resides in Jamaica. She has a Bachelor of Science in management from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California and pursued her global executive master’s degree in business administration at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, studying on four continents during the program.

Dee Farrand
Dee Farrand is a long-time Landmark graduate, former staff member, Southwest Conference for Global Transformation champion and is currently transitioning to leader of the CGT Champions Team. She is a proud Army mom, dedicated to empowering soldiers and their families. Farrand has a bachelor’s degree in social work, a master’s in nonprofit management and is a well-known children and families advocate, trainer, speaker and fundraiser locally, nationally and internationally. She just retired from a 30-year career in social work and is excited for the new possibilities and future ahead of her.

Mike Ginn

While Mike Ginn was writing his paper, he discovered a sarcoma on his arm that historically has a 50 percent mortality rate within five years. His current practices include choosing, loving his friends and family and being open to being loved and sometimes being taken care of, and being in community inquiries. These inquiries include the nature of the identity, myth and narrative, discourse and the experience of being together and power and leadership. He is committed to the continuity of what the Wisdom Course Area provides and of other structures that provide access to intentional development by individuals and communities.

Tony Graddon
Tony Graddon comes from a family of high achievers. With a degree in food technology and a doctorate in chemistry, he spent the first part of his corporate career in Australia’s peak scientific and industrial research organization managing research information services. Graddon morphed into an information technology business analyst and data warehousing systems specialist, and, in the evenings, taught himself to invest in shares. As one who can turn his hand to almost anything, he’s often been concerned that he hasn’t mastered any one notable thing in his life. His newfound passion is the transformation of the global economic system.

Susan Maccoy

Susan Maccoy is the only practicing cosmetologist and forensic expert witness on beauty salon and spa products, processes, procedures, policies and standards. Maccoy assists the legal profession in litigation related to the cosmetology and beauty salon and spa industry. She is an accepted member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA) and an appointed member of its Chicago Chapter Board of Directors. In 2015, she became a CFLC, Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant: Cosmetology. Her expert opinions have been accepted in 37 states in the United States. She currently leads for FEWA, a nonprofit association, “Becoming a Forensic Consultant: Your Next Career.”

Sue Ellen Mann
Sue Ellen Mann is an accountant, yoga teacher and writer who lives and works with her husband in Virginia. She has contributed professionally through journalism, advertising, public relations and banking. She has a master’s in international business administration and speaks four languages. Mann is currently studying to become a Science of Mind practitioner. She also loves to travel, cook, hang out with friends, read, walk in nature and listen to music. She recently completed Service and Contribution and has loved assisting in various capacities in the Wisdom Course Area, having been active with Landmark since October 2014.

Lin McDevitt-Pugh

Lin McDevitt-Pugh is a leading expert in building and using networks as resources. Her passion for networks stems from her passion for communities and the idea that together we can accomplish so much more than separately. She works with schools, universities, entrepreneurs and nongovernmental organizations to coach people to get beyond the fear of involving others in the things they are up to, and organizations to acknowledge and use the networks of their employees. McDevitt-Pugh’s book “So You Think You Can’t Network: A Guide to Using Your Connections as Resources” was published in 2016.

Linda Rose McRoy
Linda Rose-McRoy graduated from Smith College, summa cum laude, in 1984. She has performed one-woman shows at The Marsh, Exit Stage Left and Shotwell Studios, all in San Francisco, and The Orchard Sanctuary in Santa Rosa, California. Rose-McRoy has been a law librarian, a tradeshow coordinator, a corporate training video salesperson, a closet designer, a software salesperson, a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) inspector and is currently the co-owner of The Orchard Sanctuary. She owns Spoken Survey: The Compassionate Voice for Sensitive Health Care Topics.

Fred Moss, M.D.

Fred Moss, M.D. is a psychiatrist who has been looking at best treatments for his patients for the 38 years he has worked in mental health. Moss has stayed on the forefront of the delivery of services to multiple populations and has more recently become an internationally respected thought leader in the area of telepsychiatric technology. He has an active private practice and is leading a course exclusively for psychiatrists to help them discover what may be possible in this arena. Moss also does expert witness work and travels around the world, teaching and learning from others globally.

Heather Shapter
Heather Shapter holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Master of Business Administration degree. For more than 25 years, Shapter has built the capacity of economic empowerment organizations to further her commitment to end poverty for vulnerable populations. She has held leadership roles in respected international nongovernmental organizations and foundations in the Caribbean, Africa, Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. As associate vice president with Bluedrop Learning Networks, her focus is on finding scalable technology solutions to empower women’s entrepreneurship and youth employment in developing countries. Shapter has been recognized nationally and internationally for leadership in service of others.

Ed Stroupe

Ed Stroupe spent 35 years as a software developer and designer. With Mary, his wife of 25 years, he co-founded Integritas, Inc. and led its development group to achieving five national certifications of their electronic medical record software. Since his retirement in 2013, he has devoted his time to a passionate study of philosophy, and, in 2017, he published his first novel, “Signaling: A Message from the Future.” Stroupe sees the “Discourse as Access” inquiry as a powerful way to forward transformation in the world. He and Mary live with their three cats in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ronnie Walker
Ronnie Walker has a master’s degree in counseling and has been a long-time participant in Landmark courses, including participation in the Consultants’ Training Program. She founded the Alliance for Hope, an online curated support community for those suffering grief from loss through suicide of a loved one. The site hosts close to 13,000 survivors on its community forum.

Lucian Warren

Lucian Warren is married to Sally Weaver and together they have taken numerous Landmark courses starting in 2004. Currently, they each assist in Landmark’s Wisdom Course Area. Warren’s prior education culminated with a bachelor’s degree and three years of graduate work in philosophy. He is retired from a career as a custom home builder and is creating a new career as a nonfiction writer. Warren is proud of helping to raise five healthy, creative, grown children. He is passionate about contributing to a world at peace where everyone has access to prosperity and fulfillment.