Conference for Global Transformation

2019 Breakout Session Schedule


Saturday, 1:30 – 2:30 pm

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Inquiry of the Social Commons
Contribution – Discovering New Pathways to Fulfillment
Inquire with us at the boundary of possibility and action, where living and listening as contribution opens new access to fulfilling on your commitments. Stan Carpenter & Mark Krauss Hollywood AB
Accomplishment: Your Access to Fulfillment Participants transform their relationship to accomplishment as access to fulfillment. They are in a new world where access to fulfillment is accomplishing an invented future. Armand DiCarlo & Larry Frantz Hollywood C
The World Is Your Runway What happens when we step into a new world opened by our presentation of who we say we are? S’ra Albion Black, Joan Bordow & Pat Henderson Hollywood DE
Listening for Fulfillment from the International Black Summit Discover your relationship to the black community and the world. Lorraine RAIN Warren Doheny-Beechwood
The State of the World Scorecard: Inquiry into the Measures What are the best measures for the State of the World scorecard? What should they reflect? Come discuss, question, inquire more deeply, and make recommendations. Angela Amado, Khush Cooper & Laura Wolz Runyon-Laurel
Authenticity, Fulfillment, and Living an Invented Life What is living an invented life? An authentic life? A fulfilling life? This is an inquiry into what is possible with our life. David Ritscher Mt Olympus
Plain Talk Makes for a Fulfilling Life A practice session for real situations when you’ve been challenged in expressing disagreement, upset, disappointment, and/or appreciation and love. Can any conversation be fulfilling? Eileen Epperson Los Feliz
Forgiveness = Healing We will inquire into forgiveness, asking ourselves about being willing to forgive, completely, absolutely, unconditionally. Roland Hennes & Stefan Schröder Silver Lake
Listening for Collaboration: Partnering with Unlikely Allies to Build a Shared Future What does it take to turn adversaries into allies? Using inquiry and play, we’ll practice listening for shared commitments with previously unthinkable people and organizations. Toby Goldberg & Heather Shapter Echo Park

Saturday, 2:50 – 3:50 pm

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Inquiry of the Social Commons
What If Your Promise/Commitment Has Been Fulfilled?
To measure one’s participation in the world towards the fulfillment of his or her commitment. Habib Khalafi & Sudha Kumar Hollywood AB
Self-expression – Causing the World Realization of your self-expression could be community fully expressed, reliably generating life beyond what we know as possible. Saeed Seyed & Rich Schuster Hollywood C
Forgiveness as an Access to Living a Fulfilled Life We will explore and inquire into forgiveness as a way of life. We will look at how forgiveness is one of our greatest tools to live a fulfilled life. John Corbiere & Jane Grandbouche Hollywood DE
Listening for Each Child as a Fully Functioning Human Being An exploration into listening for the fulfillment of each child you interact with. Curt Hill & Kirsten Hill Doheny-Beechwood
Live Laugh Die Live, laugh, die explores secrets of dying well to discover the tipping point that dazzles and disrupts our cultural aversion to death. Kathy Fedori & Janet Lester Runyon-Laurel
Does Silence Speak? Listen, Discover and Empower Your Natural Wisdom to Fulfill Your Vision for the World Through movement, music and meditation we’ll invite you to expand your capacity to listen to your natural wisdom and your truth. Reinder Schonewille & Monique Sullivan Mt Olympus
Keeping Cool When Talking about Climate Change (and Other Tough Conversations) We’ll explore the occurring world and what stops us from having meaningful conversations around tough issues like climate change. How can we listen to all sides? Carol Bradford & Linda VerNooy Los Feliz
Living with Elderly Relatives – An Inquiry into Caring What conversations could make caring for elderly relatives an empowering experience for everyone involved? What is the nature of caring? What does caring make available to people? Cynthia Barnett & Mary Stroupe Silver Lake
Being Unstoppable in the Face of “No” A collection of short talks that explores our relationship to being limitless, and how being unstoppable alters our relationship to ourselves and the world. Dolly Costello, Jeremy Helm, Jose Herrera, Cyndi Ortiz, Fiona Pelham & Karim Raymond Echo Park

Sunday, 10:35 – 11:35 am

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Inquiry of the Social Commons
Listening for Fulfillment in the Social Commons – What Could That Be?
Join a conversation that begins to explore what could be possible when we experiment with listening for fulfillment of our commitments, concerns and promises. Owen Coffey & Susie Fraser Hollywood AB
Inquiry of the Social Commons
What Will The Neighbors Think?
This is a look into what everybody is thinking about, public persona and fulfillment. Diane Dickey & Paolo Vesentin Hollywood C
An Inquiry into Inventing Possibilty: A Healthy Sustainable Population A healthy, sustainable population has never been seriously considered. Can we generate that possibility together? Julia Dederer & Peter Fiekowsky Hollywood DE
Spirituality and Transformation – Different Contexts to Listen for the Fulfillment of Peace A group study of how listening is created by context and how listening produces (or is counterproductive to) what matters to you. Martin Bernd Michaelis & Jon Wright Doheny-Beechwood
What Can I Not Do? An Inquiry into Something Bigger than Oneself What is the one thing you cannot do in life? What will it take to fulfill on that commitment? Terry Kirtz Runyon-Laurel
Fulfillment and the Art of Collage Create a visual display to inspire the fulfillment of a promise. Andrea Fono Mt Olympus
Is Spirituality a Pathway to Extraordinary Listening? Exploring spirituality as a source for listening and a pathway to a fulfilled life. Fred Moss & Monique Sullivan Los Feliz
Fulfillment: A Function of Partnership How to bring fun, play, and ease to a life committed to a promise/commitment bigger than myself…and not necessarily by myself. Liz Allen & Susan Liverpool Silver Lake
Listening the Unlistenable: What If Our Refusal to Grant Listening Is Keeping the Unworkable in Place? This breakout session is an exploration of how our silences keep unworkable conversations in place and how listening the unlistenable is central to the fulfillment of our promises. Lalita Amos & Kathleen A Barry Echo Park

Sunday, 12:50 – 1:50 pm

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Inquiry of the Social Commons
A Frog and a Scorpion Walk into a Bar…
Following Aesop’s Fable, come and be with frog and scorpion discussing a puzzle. Chet Burgess, Reza Razeghi & Rich Schuster Hollywood AB
Listening for What the Earth Wants or No Healthy Earth, No Impossible Promises! To have the participants stop long enough to hear the feedback the earth is giving us and begin to inquire into what actions they can take to respond to that feedback. Curt Hill, Kirsten Hill, Ed Kennedy & Mara Mann Hollywood C
The Elders’ Inquiry Rather than being a thing, what if elder were a space inside of which YOU get to create being an elder? Joan Bordow, Barb Odin, Dick Osgood & Lily Starr Hollywood DE
Community Listening for Fulfillment Discern the voice of community – listening for, and hearing a choir for fulfillment in community. Ida-Meri de Blanc Doheny-Beechwood
An Inquiry into Participation for Fulfillment in Health for Ourselves and our World What if fulfillment in health (for self, family, community, our world) were not a destination but a journey of participation? How would you participate? Liz Williamson & Martyn Williamson Runyon-Laurel
Ship Shape or Shapeless Participants will inquire through drawing and discussion the shape and size of their promise, and discover new ways of fulfilling both themselves and their promises. Bruce Campbell & draeyk horn Mt Olympus
What If It Were Easy? As we listen for fulfillment, we may or may not be present to an empowering context. We’ll inquire into one–what if it were easy? Adam Samuels Los Feliz
Breakdowns as Fulfillment Exploring breakdowns as an unavoidable pathway towards fulfillment. Maria Zaharieva Silver Lake
What Unlearning Provides – The Power of Unlearning Creating the future: Accessing the outrageous, the ridiculous, the audacious – or – unlearning the familiar, the obvious and the safe. Elisabeth Lehmann & Maria Stergiou Echo Park


Sunday, 2:10 – 3:10 pm

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Inquiry of the Social Commons
Living as a Created Self
Fulfilling your dreams, carving out new pathways for life. Charles Kirtz & Saeed Seyed Hollywood AB
What Is So – Listening With Power and Ease Come and resolve the paradox of being interested and stopped in impacting fulfillment of what you are up to in the world. Stan Carpenter & Joyce Pike Hollywood C
Embracing the Unembraceable Come engage with the three top authors and discover what’s possible when we are willing to embrace the unembraceable. Fred Moss, John Robert Niec & Rain Warren Hollywood DE
Access to Listening for Fulfillment: Being a Fool, Forgiveness, and Connection Go ahead and play the fool, connect, and forgive. Your world fulfilled awaits! Join us for a collaboration of short talks to play and explore. Carol Braford, John Corbiere, Jane Grandbouche, Lavonna Longwell, David Ritscher & Annie Rose Stathes Doheny-Beechwood
Speaking and Listening for Intimacy: A Workshop for Fulfilling Our Commitments and Intentions. We will explore fulfilling our commitments and intentions through creating intimacy in our speaking and listening. Ina Ames Runyon-Laurel
What’s Your Cultural Discourse? What if the network of conversations constituting your culture are holding you back? Come discover your blind spots in this global inquiry. Benny Gabin & Corinna Sephora-Mensoff Mt Olympus
Being Your Promise Fulfilled, Accessing the Eternal Let’s inquire into the relationship between the eternal and the fulfillment of your promise. What could accessing the eternal or the eternal accessing you provide in the fulfillment of your promise? Deborah Dickerson Los Feliz
Embodied Language An active workshop with Owen Allen, dancer and physiotherapist. Participants create a community without spoken words. Owen Allen Silver Lake
An Inquiry into Fulfillment in Parent-Child Relationships In this session we’ll inquire into what fulfillment might look like in our relationships as parents and as children. Dan Fiekowsky & Sharon Fiekowsky Echo Park