Conference for Global Transformation

2018 Breakout Session Schedule


The Breakout Session Schedule for the 2019 Conference
will be announced early in 2019.

Saturday, 1:30 – 2:30 pm

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
How much of my pie am I willing to have?  Generating accomplishment through listening:  a workshop The purpose of this session is for each participant to leave having inquired into listening as inquiry, two primary barriers to listening and one barrier to the freedom to create so that each participant can accomplish, be, do and have with ease, grace and freedom. Ina Ames Spyglass I – II
The State of the World Scorecard: Inquiry into the Measures How are the measures selected for the State of the World scorecard? What do they reflect? Come discuss, question, inquire more deeply, and make recommendations. Angela Amado,
Khush Cooper & Laura Wolz
Big Sur I – III
Inquiry of the Social Commons:
Measures of a
Life of Accomplishment – What Are They?
What is it to be accomplished, to have lived a lifetime of accomplishment? How would you know? What would be the measures? Habib Khalafi & Mark Krauss Cypress I – III
Accomplishment and Failure – The Gift of Both. Or from Failure to the Moon and Back. Panelists tell their stories about their accomplishments in the areas of the arts, the homeless and wellbeing. How failure brought accomplishment and then what’s next. Liz Allen, Joe Hampton & Susan Liverpool Windjammer I – II
Listening as a Political Act Listen to others and yourself express what you really care about when it comes to politics. Linda Rose-McRoy Windjammer III – IV
Accessing the World of Accomplishment Through Technology, Following Your Heart and Just Being You What if accomplishment were not a function of doing, but instead arose naturally out of who we are being? Deborah Bradford, Gloria Cristianson, Sophia Olivas, & Rebecca Ward Pebble
Living the Dream: Accomplishment as the Source What if your dreams are poised to burst forth from where your accomplishment lives – right now? Would accomplishment speak to you in new ways? Owen Allen, Jeannette Lazet & Margaret Jones Beach
Illness as an Access to a Life of Accomplishment What if illness was not viewed as an unwelcome event in purposeful life? What if illness is a powerful access to a life of accomplishment? Guy Maytal Pacific
A Future of Extraordinary Accomplishment Participants transform their relationship to accomplishment. They are left in a new world where their access to accomplishment is now from an invented future. Armand DiCarlo & Larry Frantz Grove

Saturday, 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
You Can Talk the Talk – Now Walk the Walk!
Are You Your Accomplishment as a Structural Expression?
Seriously playful inquiry in the relationship between your structural expression and your vision for the world, using music and movements to empower your passion! Reinder Schonewille & Monique Sullivan Spyglass I – II
Provocateurs of Presentation Are you presenting your great life like a can of beans or a rich banquet of possibility? How do you speak accomplishment in your presentation? Joan Bordow & Pat Henderson Big Sur I – III
Inquiry of the Social Commons:
Accomplishment and Contribution – The Dance of a Lifetime
In this session we will explore the worlds of accomplishment and contribution. As we live from dreams and commitments, much happens along the way. Join us in this joyful adventure. Diane Dickey & Stan Carpenter Cypress I – III
I Am Giving Up Getting It Right A hands-on inquiry into creative thinking. More of the same? Disastrously wrong? Or delightfully different? You get to decide. Kathy Friend Windjammer I – II
Forgiveness as a Way of Life Participants will create an opening for a new world of accomplishment by inquiring into an area of their lives and seeing what forgiveness, as an act of will, provides. John Corbiere & Jane Grandbouche Windjammer III – IV
Keeping Contributions Alive Demystifying your vision’s path so it becomes real. Leading your plans to fruition. What is our access to staying in action when failure shows up? Elaine Barry Pebble
Accessing Accomplishment Through the Power of Reflection and Sharing Participants engage in a powerful inquiry regarding reflection as a tool that allows for more power and a greater experience of accomplishment inside their commitments. Dylan Stafford & Marisa Szem-Stafford Beach
Bringing Home the (Vegan) Bacon Is choosing what one eats an act of accomplishment? How does this act impact your life, community, humanity and life on Earth? Dræyk Hørn & Deborah Kaplan Pacific
Accomplishment: What Works? What Doesn’t? Explore what works and what doesn’t for you personally in accomplishing what you are committed to. What works and what stops you? Kirsten Hill & Curt Hill Grove

Sunday, 10:30 – 11:30 am

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Inquiry of the Social Commons:
Celebrating Our Accomplishments in the Social Common
We will unconceal limits of our current cultural discourse regarding accomplishment and “a life of accomplishment,” and investigate expanding beyond those limits. Owen Coffey & Susie Fraser Spyglass I – II
What Does Accomplishment Look Like in the Year 2050? Who do we have to be today to identify 21st century solutions for the rising water complications imposed on coastal cities by the year 2050? Linda Marroquin Big Sur I – III
An Unreasonable Commitment – Being Committed to Something Bigger Than Yourself To what are you committed in your life? In what area are you at work? Distinguish and articulate the possibility and actions that deliver on your contribution to your community and the world. Terry Kirtz Cypress I – III
Are Accomplishment and Wellbeing the Central Keys to an Extraordinary Life? What is accomplishment? What is wellbeing? How are these things measured and what is their impact on the quality and satisfaction in our lives? Fred Moss & Monique Sullivan Windjammer I – II
Having Challenging Conversations with Grace, Respect and Results Communicating disagreement, irritation or upset with grace, respect and results is no small accomplishment. Participants will practice honest speaking in such circumstances. Eileen Epperson Windjammer III – IV
What Is Accomplishment When It’s Bigger Than Me? In a context of accomplishment larger than self, what is it? How does it happen? Whose accomplishment is it (whose credit)? What does that matter? Daniel Fiekowsky & Mark Krauss Pebble
Completion and Touch – A Key to Accomplishment and a Life Beyond Miracles In this inquiry we will explore the power of incompletions and the magic of the invisible touch as access to accomplishment, miracles and fulfillment. Gunilla Birkestad, Tracy Hunt & Malou Jargarden Beach
A Restoration of Integrity through Fun, Play and Ease Being in integrity works. Playing big and accomplishing beyond our comfort zone challenges our integrity. Let’s inquire into restoring it with play, fun and ease. Coral Crew-Noble, Sandi Eaton Richards & DieArah Robin Mech Pacific
Sharing In the Physical Realm If you were to use art to create a new model for sharing, what would it look like? How are sharing and accomplishment linked? Benny Gabin & Corrina Sephora-Mensoff Grove

Sunday, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Inquiry of the Social Commons:
Gossip – The Forbidden Fruit
This is an inquiry into the nature of gossip, our public persona and a life of accomplishment. Diane Dickey & Paolo Visentin Spyglass I – II
Transformational Networking: Healing and Empowerment Through Community and Technology A session on strengthening your ability to involve community in your projects, with the authors of this year’s three top papers: Heather Shapter, Ronnie Walker and Lin McDevitt-Pugh. Lin McDevitt-Pugh,
Heather Shapter & Ronnie Walker
Big Sur I – III
Inquiry of the Social Commons:
Discourse: Whose Life Is It? Claiming Authorship
Discourse isn’t of concern until there is a challenge. We will examine this assertion and look at the nature of the challenge. Chet Burgess, Reza Razeghi & Rich Schuster Cypress I – III
The Art of Accomplishment We will explore ways to bring artistry to our accomplishments through collage and inquiry. Andrea Fono Windjammer I – II
The Elder’s Inquiry Most of us have assumptions and considerations about being an elder. What if elder were simply an empty space inside of which you create what elder is? Joan Bordow, J.B. MacKinnon, Barb Odin, Dick Osgood, Jade Young Windjammer III – IV
Your Unique Natural Sound Simple movement exercises combined with hydration and simple vocal scales give participants a deeper connection to their unique natural sound. Stuart Todd Martin Pebble
Everyday Accountability – An Inquiry What does accountability look like in daily life? Does holding ourselves to account give us access to accomplishment? How do we measure success daily? Peggy Drew & Maria Janet Figueroa Beach
Drawdown: A Plan for Reversing Global Warming This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to the Drawdown project, a plan for reversing global warming, and engage participants in discussion and planning. Randy McNamara & Linda VerNooy Pacific
Empowering Women’s Leadership Activists and professionals sharing their experiences being cause in the matter of gender equality and remarkable accomplishments in the world when women are empowered. Bonita Banducci. Chloe Bird, Julia Dederer, & Sarah Thomas Grove


Sunday, 2:30 – 3:30 pm

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Inquiry of the Social Commons:
The Dance of the Self
We will inquire into living as a “Created Self” as a dance which can generate a life of accomplishment. Charles Kirtz & Saeed Seyed Spyglass I – II
What Is the Matter With Cause in the Matter? When we live as being “cause in the matter” in regard to any matter of importance to us, how does our perspective and accomplishment alter? Stan Carpenter & Joyce Pike Big Sur I – III
Dancing as an Empowering Context to Create a Life of Accomplishment We often talk about getting in action as “getting on the court.” What if we were to get on the dance floor instead? Stefanie Reeves Cypress II & III
Let’s Get Physical! What could be accomplished when we discover new ways of being, speaking and acting around physical activity? Adam Samuels Windjammer I – II
Let’s Pretend… An inquiry into the accomplishment of living the created life as an artist creating and sharing. Trish Longhurst Windjammer III – IV
What Could Your Side Hustle Be? A New Pathway to Economic Empowerment for Yourself and for the World. What would it look like if you brought entrepreneurship to economic empowerment at the personal, community and global levels? Toby Goldberg-Leong & Heather Shapter Pebble
Accomplishment at Work Creating a space for accomplishment in your work life – for yourself and others – as the context in which you and your team operates. Gerhard Duschl & Martina Scales Beach
What Does It Mean to “Discover for Yourself?” The Facilitated Wisdom Course is about discovering for yourself. Using inquiry, you will discover for yourself. What will you discover? Patricia Dougherty & Pam Prosser Pacific
Let’s Play: Access to Miracles and Accomplishment Come play and upgrade your “PQ” (Play Quotient). What miracles and accomplishments might be available through play? Donna “Dr. Dolly” Costello Grove