Conference for Global Transformation

2017 Breakout Session Schedule

The Breakout Session Schedule for 2018 will be released early in 2018.
Below is the Breakout Session Schedule for 2017.

Saturday, 1:30 – 2:30 pm

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Inquiry of the Social Commons
The Other Side of Discourse
Starting with quotations from the philosopher Rumi and writer Mark Twain, we will engage in inquiry into what calls you into being and action. Reza Razeghi Rich Schuster Spyglass I
Inquiry of the Social Commons
Contribution – At the Edges of Expectation
In this session, we will explore possible relationships between expectation and contribution. Stan Carpenter
Jim Faires
Spyglass II
Kings and Queens, the Miraculous, Living and Dying – What Do They All Have in Common? Can we live honoring every second of our life, experiencing it one miracle at a time, and leaving it exuberantly complete? Jeri Passaro
Maria Zaharieva
Cypress I
I’m Too Distracted for Miracles!
Smartphones, social media, 24-hour news cycles, and online shopping with free shipping! How can we accomplish anything anymore, let alone discover miracles? Arlon Staggs Cypress II & III
Creating Games for What Matters How could you create compelling games that fulfill on what’s important to you in all areas of life and what difference would that make? Andy Monks Windjammer I & II
The Self-Assessment Tool: The Power, Freedom, and Joy of Expecting Miracles Living a life of expecting miracles with the freedom to be, act and discover joy – distinguishing possibilities that deliver on your contribution to the world. Laura Basha
Terry Kirtz
Barbara Plumley
Windjammer III & IV
Can I Also Have Miracles at Work? An inquiry into our relationship with workplace miracles. What limits miracles at work? What would allow for more miracles to show up there? David Ritscher Big Sur I
Can We Live a Life of Expecting Miracles? An inquiry into “Is it possible to live a life of expecting miracles?” Participants will explore this question and explore how to do that. Eroca Lowe Big Sur II
Receiving as Context, Generating Contribution We will explore ‘receiving’ as context for generating contribution, which expands the possibilities of contribution that occur on different levels and in different directions. Jeanine Bould
Sel J Hwahng
Big Sur III

Saturday, 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Inquiry of the Social Commons
What Matters in Our Social Commons? A Think-fast Experiment with Miracles
We will look at some things that matter, consider possible miracles and see if questions could be asked to encourage those miracles to happen. Owen Coffey Susie Fraser Spyglass I
Authentic Movement: Opening up New Futures If structural language was inconsequential to our circumstances, what miracles might show up? Explore authentic movement as access to the unpredictable, unexpected and surprising. Danica Lani Spyglass II
Completion Plus Forgiveness Equals Space to Create and Have Miracles Show Up Participants will create space for something new by inquiring about something in their lives and seeing what forgiveness, as an act of will, provides. Jane Best Grandbouche
John Corbiere
Cypress I
Expecting the Miracle of a Healthy Climate for a Healthy Planet Beginning with declaring the possibility of ‘zero degree warming’ above pre-industrial levels (a climate we enjoyed as children), how can partnerships address inevitable concerns? Carol Braford
Tom Braford
Peter Fiekowsky
Mark Hibbert
Cypress II & III
A Red Flag Inquiry: Access to Miracles Could we use our red flags in life to access miracles? Evangeline Pesca
April Shoemaker
Julia Wheeler
Windjammer I & II
Human Sex Trafficking, ADHD, and the Miracle of Belonging In this session we will engage in a unique perspective of these three topics and their impact on shared human values. Aliza Amar
Janet Flaton
Tracy Hunt
Jonathan Williams
Windjammer III & IV
Failure – How High Can You Bounce? Playing in a world of abundance, failure is inevitable. Discover your relationship to failure, the power of its opportunities and how high you can bounce. Sophia Olivas
Amy Weinstein
Big Sur I
Your Body as a Source of Transformation: An Experiential Inquiry Into Expanded Awareness. Learn to listen to the wisdom of your body and create a clearing for your promise fulfilled.  Generate an invented future rather than a past-based one. Beate Ebert
Monica Elden
Big Sur II
Miracles, Magic, Science and Reality – What Gives? If we live in a world defined by science, where is the space for the miraculous? Where does it live? We inquire and explore. Chet Burgess Big Sur III

Sunday, 10:30 – 11:30 am

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Inquiry of the Social Commons
Have You Had Your Miracles Today?
How do we notice the miracles in our lives? How could we notice the miracles in our lives? Khush Cooper
Habib Khalafi
Spyglass I
How Can You Be So Sure? This session will inquire into being certain, how we know we are certain, and the impact of being certain in our lives. Mary Stroupe Spyglass II
The Empowering Path of Expecting Miracles Through inquiry, participants explore the possibility of creating empowering context(s) in their lives that could lead to openings for actions while expecting miracles. Deborah Dickerson
Marion Rose
Cypress I
Dress Your Future Self – The Power of Presentation What can happen when your presentation reflects the future that your soul yearns for? Joan Bordow
Pat Henderson
Cypress II & III
Why Aren’t You Who I Say You Should Be? Generating Miraculous Relationships Through Listening: An Inquiry This workshop will provide you with both distinctions and listening skills to generate miraculous relationships. Ina Ames Windjammer I & II
Living an Abundant Life Let’s explore from a world of abundance, and see what we have, do, be. Let’s discover a new way of living from expecting abundance. Dianne Morrison
Saeed Seyed
Windjammer III & IV
Four Ways You Can Cause Miracles Every Day 1. Tapping In to Your Creativity – J.B. MacKinnon
2. Automatic Miracles in a Life Without Hiding – Bonnie Rose
3. What Touch Can Do – Gunilla Birkestad
4. Expecting the Unexpected
Gunilla Birkestad
J.B. MacKinnon
Bonnie Rose
Chris Kirtz
Big Sur I
Hiding in Plain Sight: Reaching a Tipping Point in Recognizing the Status of Immigrants Immigrants and refugees live among us; do we really know their journey? If we can connect to their humanity, what miracles can we create? Carla Barrow
Karim Raymond
Big Sur II
You Think You Are Being Accountable, Now What? This session is a facilitated conversation on accountability and generating miracles. Can accountability facilitate generating miracles? Can accountability unlock passion, purpose and drive? Peggy Drew
Maria Janet Figueroa
Big Sur III

Sunday, 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Inquiry of the Social Commons
Discover Your Miracle Headline
When you fulfill on what you’re here for, what will the world be saying about you? Mark Krauss
Diane Dickey
Spyglass I
Why Have a Promise for the World? What value is a promise? How do you use your promise? Does it use you? Does it give you a life of expecting miracles? Mary Thorp Spyglass II
Peace Inside/Out: Conflict as Possibility What are our presumptions about peace? What are our preconceptions about conflict? What if conflict is a space where peace resides? Valerie Mrak Cypress I
Our Future’s So Bright, You Have to Wear Shades! Each and every participant discovers for themselves the availability of an invented future where miracles abound. Armand DiCarlo
Reza Razeghi
Cypress II & III
Expecting Miracles in Business An inquiry into what’s possible in organizations. What if miracles are expected? How would that impact results and quality of life for the employees? Dylan Ozmore Windjammer I & II
Three Top Papers: The Global Magic of Transformation Through the Wisdom of Commitment, Courage and Collaboration Authors from three seemingly different worlds meet on an intriguing journey showing how we are all one, connected inside of ourselves, and in community outside. Coral Crew-Noble
Sandi Eaton Richards
Deborah Robin Mech
Windjammer III & IV
Instrument of Miracles What if miracles were like music? What would you be the instrument of? Let’s play! Sandy Ludwig Big Sur I
A Journey of Unexpected Miracles Archetypes are the playthings of any great story. How could you breathe freedom into these archetypes and make them your own? Dræyk van der Hørn Big Sur II
Are Good People Prejudiced? Everyone has prejudice embedded in attitudes, bias, and opinions. You can be free from their constraints and have prejudice be an access to human connection. Sarah Thomas Big Sur III

Sunday, 2:30 – 3:30 pm

Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Inquiry of the Social Commons
Created Self: Being Given by Something Bigger Than Yourself
We act like one character in life. What if we begin to dance with life like it is poetry? What miracles may appear? Saeed Seyed
Amy Weinstein
Spyglass I
The Elder’s Inquiry What if ‘elder’ is an empty space, inside of which you get to create what it is to be an elder? Joan Bordow
Joann Lustig
Dick Osgood
Mary Stroupe
Jade Young
Spyglass II
Return to the Eternal What if people were your access to the eternal? Experience the power of listening for and seeing the divinity in everyone around you. S’ra Albion
Danica Lani
Cypress I
A Life Expecting Miracles – A Community Phenomenon In this session, we will explore the social and community aspects of living expecting miracles. Stan Carpenter
Joyce Pike
Cypress II & III
The Embodiment of Presence: Being What Is Seeking to Emerge How could humanity transform if we embody, individually and collectively, the authenticity of presence? How can you be a conduit for the miraculous? Laura Basha Windjammer I & II
Miracles Created Through Sound and Color The session includes sound exercises, through listening and singing, demonstrating how to create a wellbeing state; also demonstrated are homogenous therapeutic effects of color. Maiysha Clairborne
Ada Frazier Turner
Windjammer III & IV
Are Miracles Necessary for Living a Miraculous Life? Or Is It All Just a Bunch of Hooey? Are miracles necessary for living a miraculous life? Cynthia Evans
Habib Khalafi
Big Sur I
Creating the Future of Built Environments – Introducing Generative Urban Spaces We will use Chicago past, present and future as context for introducing participants to generative spaces that heal, renew and empower themselves and their communities. Tom Corbett
Bob Schaefer
Big Sur II
Your Grande Finale Is Alive and Well 100% certain, you will die. No wonder the conversation stops dead. What if it didn’t? Could we plan death just like a wedding? Kathy Fedori Big Sur III