Conference for Global Transformation

2018 Breakout Session Presenters


The Breakout Session Presenters for the 2019 Conference
will be announced early in 2019.


Liz Allen
Liz Allen is a hospital chaplain whose work facilitates spirit for patients, families and staff at turning points of life and death. Previously on the faculty of University of Wisconsin Occupational Therapy School, Allen is a certified leader of the CareGivers Renewal Course and director of the project designed by Brian Regnier in 1989. She has presented workshops at the Conference for Global Transformation, including “Spirit: The 7th Vital Sign” in 2011 and “Spirituality and Well-Being; An Inquiry With Others” in 2016.

Owen Allen 
Owen Allen is an Australian physiotherapist with 36 years experience. Having been raised on a farm, he lives in the remote town where he was born. He sat on several rural health network groups advising the Queensland and federal health ministers from 1994-2009. He then returned to exploring the possibilities for performing arts in community discourse and health. Allen found a passion in community dance theatre and, with it, a fabulous network of professional dancers in Australia and the United States. While working with his local troupe, “Beautiful Chaos,” he is currently designing a training course for community dance theater facilitators.

Angela Amado
Angela Amado, Ph.D., has led transformational programs for more than 30 years and has been a Wisdom Unlimited course leader since 1994. She also leads the Partnership Explorations course and is the head of training and development for the Wisdom Course Area. She has worked professionally in the field of disability for more than 30 years in a variety of capacities, including national research, international consulting and government policy. She has authored key books on community inclusion of people with disabilities and conducted training across the United States, Canada, Australia and several European countries.

Ina Ames 
Ina Ames is a semi-retired professor of communication studies and theory, mass media and drama with areas of concentration in listening, gender and interpersonal communication, film studies theory and media ethics. She was president of the Communication Association of Massachusetts and held two division chairs at the National Communication Association. She has been published and been on panels throughout her 30 years of teaching and research. She is the principal of Ames has been participating in Landmark since 1980, having been an introduction leader, seminar leader and currently a facilitator for the Facilitated Wisdom Course.

Bonita Banducci

Bonita Banducci teaches gender and engineering in Santa Clara University’s School of Engineering Graduate Program. She is cause of a new discourse, a framework for understanding and skills to work effectively with gender differences as “competencies,” to “call out the brilliance of women and the greatness of men.” Women and men, across a gender spectrum and cultures, create new possibilities for partnership, contribution, collaboration and innovation. Beyond engineering, the framework will realize the United Nations’ Women’s Project Planet 50/50: 50/50 representation of men and women at every decision-making table to fulfill on the sustainable development goals by 2030.

Elaine Barry
With 28 years in management and consulting for various service-oriented, real estate, healthcare, nonprofit and manufacturing corporations, Elaine Barry knows how to prioritize the best utilization of resources and integrate the efforts of the whole organization towards effective progress on its goals. Her financial leadership has made bottom-line impacts in $5 to $350 million gross revenue firms, doubling them in size in three-to-five years. Barry took her first Landmark Forum in Los Angeles in 1989 and did the whole program again in Florida in 2008, making even bigger impacts on global projects all over the world.

Chloe Bird

Chloe Bird is senior sociologist at the RAND Corporation and professor at Pardee RAND Graduate School. She transforms women’s health and catalyzes breakthrough science on social and biological determinants of men’s and women’s health. Her research examines gender disparities in health and health care and how the contexts in which we live shape our health. Her book “Gender and Health: The Effects of Constrained Choice and Social Policies” calls decision-makers to work for everyone’s health. As senior advisor to the National Institutes of Health Office for Research on Women’s Health, Bird worked for a healthy world for everyone, everywhere.

Gunilla Birkestad 
Gunilla Birkestad has been a teacher of caregiving for nurses since 1970 in the areas of mental retardation and autism. Other education and training includes: dietitian, doctor of homeopathy, reflexologist, Rosentherapist, aromatherapist, 3A of the Radiance Technique, dream therapist and accountant. Birkestad discovered Touch: The Tactile Stimulation Method in 1984. She developed a method and course, based on oxytocin research, to be used for mental retardation and autism, together with professor Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg. This course has been given in The Netherlands, Norway, Fairy Island, Iceland, Finland, Brazil, Portugal and Japan and is an accepted method for Touch in Sweden.

Joan Bordow

Joan Bordow retired in 2017 after more than 20 years as a Wisdom Unlimited course leader. One of her accomplishments in this capacity was starting up the Elder’s Inquiry web courses and vacation courses with Brian Regnier. Bordow has enjoyed a life of adventure, miracles and wonder. She has published eight books, including “Bread: Making It the Natural Way,” and did a raft of writing for magazines, including Cosmopolitan. She served as executive director for The Holiday Project and led the Moscow Marathon Project for World Runners. She has been married to Robin Bordow for 45 years. They have three children and three grandchildren.

Deborah Bradford 
Deborah Bradford has been a community activist for more than 40 years. A graduate with a degree in psychology from California State University at Sonoma, a former Iyengar yoga teacher and entrepreneur, Bradford leads her life as a committed listener for the possibility for people, community, justice, equality and all people having access to transformation. She has gratefully assisted in Landmark’s Texas programs for 16 years, in the Center’s Division and Wisdom Course Area.

Chet Burgess

Chet Burgess uses a variety of communication technologies to support conversations that transform the quality of people’s lives, giving them access to worlds beyond their own. He engages in inquiries whenever he can, and one of his joys is hosting inquiries into discourse. He also brings the opportunity of inquiry to people as they develop themselves in being a leader as their natural self-expression. His commitment is that, “Everyone in the world be in touch with the joy and the miracle of life.”

Stan Carpenter 
An Omaha, Nebraska, native, Stan Carpenter earned a university degree in cultural anthropology, ceramics and architecture. Carpenter participated in the Landmark Forum in 1994, opening him to new possibilities that included living and working in England. Since retiring in 2006, he has been working and assisting in the Wisdom Course Area and participating in numerous Landmark developmental programs. His commitments are most recently being expressed by joining the Wisdom Facilitator program and in developing capacities for crafting conversation and conversational spaces where transformation may occur.

Gloria Christianson

Gloria Christianson studied sociology and political science and built a national business with her husband, Peter, before giving birth in 1983 to their son, Scott, who was born with multiple disabilities, including blindness and deafness. As Scott’s advocate, Christianson supported Scott to be present in his community, fighting alongside his friends for full integration into regular schools. Scott, who died at age 19, changed the world without speaking a word. Before and after his death, Christianson shared the impact of Scott’s life with teacher-education candidates, demonstrating the huge contribution he was to his community simply through being.

Owen Coffey 
As a Landmark consultant, Owen Coffey is passionate about transforming life. He first became a Landmark staff member in 2005 and holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Columbia University. In his current position at Landmark, he is a personal coach, leads the Facilitated Wisdom Course and advanced offerings of the Wisdom Course Area and is the source of the Wisdom Course Facilitator Program Orientation. Coffey and his wife, Rebecca, live with their three children in Dorset, Vermont.

Khush Cooper

Dr. Khush Cooper is committed to a world where governments, organizations and communities fully support excellence and diversity for children and families. Following a successful career as a social worker and nonprofit executive, her entrepreneurial and thriving consulting practice is committed to changing the human services landscape by providing innovations that cause organizations and communities to thrive. She teaches public policy as well as Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership at the University of California Los Angeles Luskin School of Public Affairs. She has been engaged in transformational work for 14 years and lives in Los Angeles.

John Corbiere 
John Corbiere has been participating with Landmark since 1975. He was an Episcopal priest for 33 years, graduating from the Yale Divinity School and serving parishes and church schools on the east coast. He is a past Landmark staff member. Corbiere participated extensively with The Hunger Project and the Mastery Foundation traveling to West Africa and Ireland in support of the transformational work of these organizations. He is currently part of the Listener Team in the Wisdom Course Area providing the “Conversation for the Difference You Make.” He resides in Salisbury, Connecticut.

Donna Costello

Donna “Dr. Dolly” Costello is an educational psychologist with a Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley. Her primary focus is students with ADHD, autism and mental health issues. She earned her “clowning around” certificate from University of Wisconsin, recreating herself as Dolly the Clown, or “Dr. Dolly,” offering an alternative to prozac and therapy. She declared herself as the possibility of outrageous fun and play, bringing her possibility to students and honoring flight veterans and others through the Patch Adams humanitarian clown tours. Costello’s promise is for children of all ages to live and play with a passion for life itself.

Coral Crew-Noble 
Recipient of the Editor’s Choice Paper Award at the 2017 Conference for Global Transformation, Coral Crew-Noble is a master consultant of the 21st Century. Born in London, England, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in management from Pepperdine University and studied on four continents during her Global Executive Master’s in business administration at Duke University. Crew-Noble tracks an initiative for world peace with velocity, empowering collaboration and furthering nationwide participation in the fulfillment of Jamaica’s national development plan—Vision 2030. Facilitating conversations among national leaders, she promotes support for an expression of leadership, the unquestionable birthright of the human experience.

Julia Dedere

Julia Dederer’s life is committed to transforming the quality of life for all people. For 28 years, she was a senior consultant and course leader for thousands of graduates within Landmark’s Wisdom Course Area. From the inception of The Hunger Project in 1977, Dederer promised to be responsible for the end of hunger. She advocates for The Hunger Project community-led development and empowering women to cause the end of hunger by 2030. In India, Dederer witnessed invisible and voiceless women transformed into being community leaders. Today, her passion is consulting people to discover their unique contributions and manifesting their greatness in life.

Armand DiCarlo 
Senior coach Armand DiCarlo works with executives, organizations, teams and individuals to produce breakthroughs in overall productivity and personal performance. In his coaching role, DiCarlo draws on 30 years of experience designing and leading group programs and one-to-one coaching that empower people to produce previously unimaginable results in their lives. He is a senior Landmark program leader and has led seminars for over 25 years. Before becoming director of Landmark Personal Coaching, DiCarlo managed Landmark’s New York operations. His rich background also includes experience as an entrepreneur, an educator in public schools, probation and parole officer and Peace Corps volunteer.

Diane Dickey

Life is a continual inquiry into transformation, power and contribution. Diane Dickey creates worlds and spaces of beauty whether with art or in conversations. She loves her family and is a wife, mother and grandmother, and a native Texan. Her promise for the world is: A World of Unlimited Growth and Development by the Year 2030.

Patricia Dougherty 
Patricia Dougherty, currently a senior facilitator of the Facilitated Wisdom Course, did the Landmark Forum in 1997 and has completed the Curriculum for Living, seminars, Wisdom Unlimited, Partnership Explorations, Power and Contribution, vacation courses and Mastering Your Humanity. She has one son, David, and two grandchildren, Isaiah and Breanna. Her professional life has been in public education, including more than 20 years as a teacher and an assistant principal in Chicago public schools. Her commitment is that all human beings experience a life of their own design.

Peggy Drew

Peggy Drew’s promise for the world is that by 2025, everyone is accountable for having an amazing life. She has been in the inquiry of accountability for many years, including looking at the role of the financial industry in the last recession as a financial services professional.

Gerhard Duschl 
Gerhard Duschl, who holds a Master of Science degree, is the founder and managing partner of Duschl Engineers, a company with 140 staff members, doing projects in Germany and internationally. He is also a lecturer at University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim, a member of his city council for 38 years and the head of a sports club with 3,100 members. Duschl’s impossible promise is transforming business life, such that in the future all organizations will:
• Save resources and operate both sustainably and profitably
• Provide a great space for development of human beings
• Produce excellent results in integrity, all done with joy, pleasure and love.

Sandi Eaton Richards

Sandi Eaton Richards is a chartered engineer, running her own practice in the United Kingdom for 20 years. Having been involved in development work in Tanzania and Ghana since the 1990s, she was instrumental in forming a charity supporting refugees and the homeless. She has set up an organization to educate volunteers and the public about refugees, and whose vision statement is “A world where refugees are treated with dignity.” Eaton Richards is practiced at bringing innovative solutions to problems and is committed to creating new ways to administer aid, interrupting the victim/support cycle and empowering refugees and volunteers.

Eileen Epperson 
The Rev. Eileen Epperson has been a college, hospital and hospice chaplain, as well as a pastor in several churches over the past 28 years. She is currently a hospice chaplain and bereavement counselor. Epperson designs and leads retreats and workshops on forgiveness and communication. For more than 30 years, she has been active in interfaith dialogue and presented at four of the five modern Parliaments of the World’s Religions. She has a private practice in spiritual counseling. Epperson created The Forgiveness Process® and has led more than 50 forgiveness workshops in four states over the past eight years.

Daniel Fiekowsky

Daniel Fiekowsky is a 28-year-old longtime Landmark graduate who completed the Landmark Forum for Young People at eight years old. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in physics. He was also a course supervisor for Landmark for four years, and is a software engineer by day. He is engaged to be married in July. Fiekowski is now stepping into his first Impossible Promise: Everyone and every group belongs in society. He’s currently inquiring into what that accomplishment could look like.

Maria Janet Figueroa 
Maria Janet Figueroa’s promise for the world is that by 2025, everyone is present to the magic of life and the power of choice. She is a computer software professional with a love for kaizen and transformation.

Andrea Fono

Andrea Fono’s passion for life is expressed through laughter and art that is collected around the world. Her paintings represent an inquiry of “what love looks like.” In 2008, she hosted Global
Coloring: Painting for Peace in which more than 1,200 people from around Europe, Africa and Ecuador participated in a community art celebration. Fono and her husband, Frank, a native Fijian, have co-founded the “Fiji Reads Project,” contributing art supplies and thousands of children’s books to schools in Fiji. Her joy is mentoring artists’ hearts. A television segment she produced on “inspiration” was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Larry Frantz 
Larry Frantz has been director of Landmark’s Personal Coaching Division since February 2017 and a personal performance coach since the division’s founding in July 2011. He is passionate about working with people and is fully committed to their success in realizing what matters to them. He has led Landmark’s programs since 2000, empowering graduates’ leadership and their commitment to contribute to others, and has trained thousands of people to fulfill their personal and leadership goals. He has founded successful businesses, been the director of training for a real estate company and real estate licensing program and a consultant for funding nonprofit organizations.

Susie Fraser

Susie Fraser has two principal global passions, transformation and stewardship. This is her 18th Conference for Global Transformation. She lives in Sydney, Australia, with Paddy Gaul and two small dogs, Zoe and Shell. She loves inquiry as practice, experimenting with generative speaking and listening in several inquiry conversations each week, managing the Social Commons Inquiries and editing the Wondering newsletter. Recently, in her global stewardship quest, focusing on legislation for managing greenhouse gas emissions, she has come to see political systems and politicians as resources – a radical transformation of her worldview that is proving valuable, fascinating and life-changing.

Kathy Friend 
Kathy Friend is in the leader body of the Listener Team, which conducts conversations on behalf of the Landmark consultants. She leads the team that trains new members and looks out for growth and development opportunities for team members. It is her fourth year on the team. She is an artist, film camerawoman and president of Glasgow Beekeepers. She lives in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom with 14 hives of bees and a few thousand humans. The Listener Team offerings are available to anyone who has completed the Landmark Forum. You can register at

Benny Gabin

Benny Gabin graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University in 2008 where he received his Bachelor of Arts in international relations. His work involves extensive human rights abuse research which he carried out in Santiago, Chile. Since returning to the United States, Gabin has worked as a Spanish and math teacher. His Landmark journey began in 2009 and he now participates as a facilitator for the Facilitated Wisdom Course. Inspired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Gabin stands for the transformation of what it means to be human.

Toby Goldberg-Leong 
Toby Goldberg-Leong holds a Master of Business Administration degree and is a social entrepreneur who has brought fiscal expertise and innovation to roles in the public, private and nonprofit sectors over the past two decades. She has consulted on a variety of research and strategic planning projects on topics including women’s poverty, social enterprise development and the establishment of women’s employment centers in the Moscow region of Russia. Goldberg-Leong has also taught financial literacy and self-employment courses. She currently works with the Ontario public service in Canada. There, she is engaged in the design, development and implementation of initiatives aimed at improving social and economic outcomes for refugees and newcomers.

Jane Best Grandbouche

Jane Best Grandbouche led courses and programs for Landmark for 22 years, including the Wisdom Unlimited course for 12 years. Her passions include the environment and yoga. She has planted more than 100,000 trees and has been a student of yoga and meditation for the past 45 years. Along with her husband, Brad, they have a wholesale book business and reside on 10 acres in Sarasota, Florida. She has two daughters and three grandchildren.

Joe Hampton 
With a master’s degree in social work, Joe Hampton has spent his life being of service. After completing the est training, he enrolled hundreds of people, mostly African-Americans, into the Landmark Forum. As a result, the Atlanta, Georgia, Landmark center is one of the most diverse in the United States. Hampton is an extraordinary listener. He founded the Institute for Creative Living and has been a champion for ending homelessness for over 30 years. His classes for the homeless community are based in transformation. His promise for the world: The oneness of mankind and the unity of spirit.

Pat Henderson

Pat Henderson has always been interested in how personal presentation can affect peoples’ lives. Henderson travels the United States with a pop-up store, providing artistic and cutting-edge styles for women who know themselves and what they want for the world. She is committed to people freely expressing themselves through art and creativity. She has worked in fashion, art and theatre for 40 years and has been a buyer for top New York fashion stores, Henri Bendel and Bergdorf Goodman. Henderson’s work is dedicated to people enjoying and enhancing their presentation and lives in ways they may never have thought possible.

Curt Hill 
Curt Hill is a long-time graduate and a former staff member of Werner Erhard and Associates and Landmark. He led introductions to the Landmark Forum for 31 years to over 13,000 people, led seminars for 25 years to over 10,000 people and was one of the very first leaders of Mission Control. Professionally, Hill is the CEO of a healthcare company which he built with his two partners from scratch to a thriving five million dollar company that employs over 50 people. He has been married to Kirsten for almost 26 years and is the father of two amazing and transformed children.

Kirsten Hill

Kirsten Hill is a long-time graduate who has participated in many of the programs in the Wisdom Course Area, been on staff with Landmark and was a Self-Expression and Leadership Program leader for 11 years. Professionally, Hill is the director of administration for an investment fund in the regenerative agriculture sector. In addition to her education with Landmark, she holds a master’s degree in early childhood education from Mills College. Perhaps what she considers her best accomplishment is the raising of her two children who are now young adults and contributing in the world in their own right.

Dræyk Hørn 
Dræyk Hørn is a graduate in landscape conservation, a self-taught vegan chef and micro-farmer. Hørn was previously a restaurateur and community activist, co-founder of Incredible Edible Lambeth, a food network for a million people in London, and start-up food network developer in the European Union and the United States, working on slow food, ecoagriculture, common ground and transition movements. Now he is director of Beyond Sauce, a food start-up developing food initiatives and a school for food innovation.

Tracy Hunt

Tracy Hunt is a business owner and coach whose promise for the world is that, by 2030, all people will be honored and recognized as family. Since taking the Wisdom Unlimited course in 2001, she has traveled the world in an effort to bring people together harmoniously through expressing their love. She considers herself an ambassador in the global community of transformation and is passionate about diplomatic relations, veterans’ causes and vacation courses.

Malou Jargarden 
Malou Jargarden is a third culture kid. Raised in the Middle East, she thrives in contradictions and melting pots. As a global citizen, she expresses her love for humanity by being a coach in the Partnership Explorations course for the past four years. As an enterprise architect, Jargarden unleashes and develops capabilities and information within the public sector in Sweden and Europe.

Margaret Jones

Margaret Jones read the “Born Free” trilogy when she was eight years old. In many ways, the rest is history. Her passion for Africa and wild cats was reignited years later when she left the corporate rat race to pursue her passion. She’s worked in the zoo and park industries and is active in animal ethics in Australia and Antarctica. Jones did the Landmark Forum 31 years ago and was part of an extraordinarily influential Introduction to the Leaders Program shortly afterwards. She now leads African wildlife safaris, works as an office wrangler, a simulated patient and Australian source person for the Wisdom Course Area.

Deborah Kaplan 
Deborah Kaplan took est with Werner Erhard at age 13 and has been involved with The Hunger Project since its launch. She combines passions of education and veganism in her retirement business, Ditch the Dairy, to educate that milk does not do a body good. A credentialed teacher and founder of Home Tutoring Plus, Inc., she received the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Tutoring Association. She unexpectedly became plant-based six years ago by taking the Complete Health Improvement Program. Kaplan is a vegan activist who shares the transformational benefits of veganism, including vibrant health, world peace and earth sustainability.

Habib Khalafi

Habib Khalafi is an Iranian-American architect and principal at Robertson Khalafi and Associates Inc., an architectural firm specializing in healthcare architecture and planning. His firm’s strategic vision is that healthcare projects be designed in such a way that considers dignity, integrity and respect for both patients and staff.

Charles Kirtz 
Charles (Chris) Kirtz did the first est Training in Washington, DC, in April 1975. He calls himself a lifer, starting to assist immediately after the training – washing toilets as DC opened its first center. He has been assisting, taking and leading est/Landmark courses ever since. Most recently, he completed the Developmental Consultants Training Program in 2016, Mastering your Humanity in 2017 and is in the Service and Contribution course. Of some 42 years with the enterprise, he counts being a custodian on the Living as a Created Self and Discourse Inquiries of the Social Commons as perhaps his proudest accomplishment.

Terry Kirtz

Terry Kirtz, a Certified Brain Injury Specialist, is committed to every person on the planet living in a loving, vibrant community where they contribute and allow others to contribute to them. To that end, she brings possibility to a number of organizations and groups. After completing a 32-year career in the public education sector, she is currently the president of the Brain Injury Association of Maryland. She is at work shifting the conversation about brain injury, one conversation at a time.

Mark Krauss 
Mark Krauss is a custodian of the social commons, a husband of 39 years, a father, an engineer specializing in environmental, health and safety of large scale industrial technology and a gentleman farmer. During his career as an engineer, he’s come to the realization that while technically challenging, the problems of engineering are easy when compared to the problems of being human. He’s discovered for himself the value of inquiry in having people expand their views of life and powerfully act on what they discover for themselves. He lives in Mariposa, California with his wife.

Sudha Kumar

Sudha Kumar’s passion lies in providing excellent care for patients. She works as a director of pharmacy for a 600-bed hospital in Houston, earned a doctorate in clinical pharmacy, is board-certified in oncology pharmacy and a pharmacotherapy specialist. She trains and mentors clinicians in pursing excellence in health care. She has been married for over 29 years and has two daughters. Kumar has been participating in this work since 1996. She is one of the custodians of the Social Commons Inquiry Calls.

Jeannette Lazet 
Jeannette Lazet moved to New Zealand with her family as a young Dutch immigrant. Fond of children from a young age, she found herself pregnant and partnerless at 28, and the pivotal decision that ensued seemingly carved out a destined life. Some years later, Lazet was instrumental in establishing Home Birth Aotearoa, a nonprofit organization promoting and supporting home birth. Now married with four sons ages 22, 20, 17 and 9, the world is Jeannette’s home and all people are her family. She is source person for the Wisdom Course Area for New Zealand and assists in the Family Division.

Susan Liverpool

Susan Liverpool is a published author, poet and songwriter. She was born and raised in Chicago. Liverpool is passionate about the arts and believes that the “arts are a ministry to the soul!” She has published three books of poetry and two books: “The Little Liverpool Diaries” in 2010 and “The Lion and the Porcupine” in 2014. She produced the companion CD for one of the books and wrote seven songs for the story. Liverpool has studied and performed improv for seven years. She is also a former program leader for Landmark.

Trish Longhurst 
Trish Longhurst spent nearly 40 years as a secretary and personal assistant in publishing, working for, amongst others, Oxford University Press, Penguin Books and Harper Collins Publishers. In August 1998, she did the Landmark Forum and her life transformed. After doing the Curriculum for Living and the Team Management and Leadership Program, she met someone who introduced her to an adult art college in London and she did the Wisdom Unlimited course at the same time. Longhurst has never looked back, creating herself as an artist in 2007 just before the Conference for Global Transformation.

J.B. MacKinnon

Born in Chicago, Illinois, J.B. MacKinnon grew up in nearby suburban Glenview. In his freshman year, he attended classes at Glenbrook North High. Could he have met director and writer, John Hughes, also a freshman there, who made such movies as “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Maybe. MacKinnon has been a cabdriver, Maytag man and plumbing contractor, but art – drawing and painting – has been his passion since the age of nine. His other passion, since graduating from the Landmark Forum in 1989, has been transformation. Now, at age 68, he is very interested in ongoing transformation for elders.

Linda Marroquin 
Linda Marroquin, a visionary in the wireless industries in Latin America and partner in Telecom Financing Consultants, Ltd., served in prominent roles in business development in Latin America and the funding of infrastructure projects in Latin America. In addition, she was recognized for community leadership as a civil service commissioner and founding board member for the Small Business Development for the City of Houston, a founding board member for the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a United States Chamber of Commerce Business Woman of the Year and Minority Business Woman of the Year in Houston. Marroquin was also a Landmark seminar leader in the mid-1980s.

Stuart Todd Martin

Born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa, Stuart Todd Martin has participated extensively in Landmark’s courses since 1991. His college years began a pathway of dual focus on drug-free natural health care and performing arts and he became a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1996. Martin was an actor at an early age and, in keeping with this tradition of acting, has now acted in dozens of film and TV projects as well as live theater. In 1987, Martin was introduced to simple methods for enhancing vocal expression and has taught this knowledge in a workshop format for many years.

Guy Maytal 
Guy Maytal, M.D., is the director of ambulatory psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. At Landmark, Maytal serves as a designated seminar leader. Maytal’s clinical work focuses on complex psychiatric patients and on the care of patients with life-limiting illnesses. He lectures and publishes on topics that include the care of complex patients, medical ethics and physician-patient communication. He is committed that all people are free from the constraints of the past, creating their lives and living their creations.

Lin McDevitt-Pugh

Lin McDevitt-Pugh is a leading expert in building and using networks as resources. Her passion for networks stems from her passion for communities and the idea that together we can accomplish so much more than separately. She works with schools, universities, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations to coach people to get beyond the fear of involving others in the things they are up to, and organizations to acknowledge and use the networks of their employees. McDevitt-Pugh’s book, “So You Think You Can’t Network, A Guide to Using Your Connections as Resources,” was published in 2016.

Randy McNamara 
During his 45-year work career, Randy McNamara led transformational courses for 300,000 people in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. In addition, he trained 800 leaders to coach citizens in carrying out more than 100,000 community projects that impact the quality of people’s lives. McNamara now applies his leadership experience to empowering people to end human contributions to global warming and ensure a livable climate for the future of humanity and all living things. He delivers a riveting presentation that reveals hidden trances and provides three unique pathways that all citizens can take.

Deborah “DeArah” Robin Mech

Deborah “DeArah” Robin Mech has been an educator and consultant for more than 34 years with multiple teaching credentials. She holds two Master’s of Education in curriculum and instruction, and in special education, serving students and families across the full spectrum of ages, grades and abilities. Mech has served in the San Diego Juvenile Court system and community schools, working with incarcerated youth in partnership with the San Diego County Juvenile Probation Department and community organizations. She is an educational innovator, bringing restorative justice practices to further, and accelerate, the shift in paradigms of equity and inclusion in educational and global communities.

Fred Moss 
Fred Moss, M.D., is a psychiatrist who lives in Israel and the United States. He has been exploring, personally and professionally, what it takes to live life optimally and what prevailing conversations there are that can be transformed to optimize the lives of people that he impacts and the people they impact. He has written several articles for the Journal of the Conference for Global Transformation and is a trained member of the Sparkles, a charter group of course leaders that initiated the online delivery of the Wisdom Unlimited course. He loves to travel, discover and interact with people of all types.

Barb Odin

After a 48-year career in ICU nursing and management, Barb Odin retired twice and was stunned to feel “useless.” She repeated Wisdom and, with support from her Self-Expression and Leadership Program group, got involved with mentoring teens in Bright Futures, the current name of Youth at Risk founded by est in the 1990s. It became clear she needed to look to the future and not mourn over her lost past. Odin is now happily working very part-time in a clinic and subscribes to what someone described as, don’t retire, rather retool or rewire. Look for opportunities in your communities.

Sophia Olivas 
For more than 20 years, Sophia Olivas has owned a web development company putting her at the forefront of technological advances. She has backpacked solo in more than 30 countries, experiencing first-hand how technology impacts humanity. Out of her experiences, she advocates the use of technology, such as AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality), to enhance the capabilities of humans. Olivas is an author and public speaker, and utilizes cutting-edge technology in her nonprofit to empower women dealing with poverty, violence and mental health.

Dick Osgood

Dick Osgood is a cognitive and computer scientist devoted to applying technology to human problems with emphasis on improving learning. He has held leadership positions in academic computing at Yale University, technology development and marketing at IBM and course development for Accenture and UNext, an online university. Today, Osgood provides strategy consulting and technology services for education and business clients. He holds multiple degrees from Yale University and a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence from Northwestern University. He has participated at Landmark for 12 years, completing the Curriculum for Living, Team Management and Leadership Program and Wisdom Unlimited and Partnership Explorations courses.

Pam Prosser 
Pam Prosser is currently a senior facilitator for the Facilitated Wisdom Course. She did the est Training in 1983. She has completed the curriculum and center division courses. She is a former staff member, former Self-Expression and Leadership Program leader, former Wisdom Unlimited course leader apprentice and graduate of the Creation of Freedom. Prosser lives in Minnesota and professionally is a classical homeopath in private practice. She brought the Landmark Forum to Haiti twice as well as two Vanto leadership courses. Her commitment is that Haiti becomes a developed nation. Prosser has two grown children and an 11-year-old grandson.

Reza Razeghi

Reza Razeghi, executive of the Landmark Personal Performance Division, helps leaders clarify their vision and strategy for themselves and their organizations. His clients enhance their effectiveness, think more strategically, improve their communication skills, evolve how they think about leadership and understand how to optimize performance. Razeghi has been a coach and consultant, and worked in research for a major oil company and as an information technology director in the semiconductor and computer industries. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering and master’s degrees in computer science and organizational development.

Stefanie Reeves 
Stefanie Reeves is a pharmacist and amateur competitive ballroom dancer. She began dancing ballet, tap and jazz at the age of five and at age 33 discovered ballroom dancing. Participating in ballroom dancing brought her back to life after being burned-out with her career and not dancing for 10 years. She has participated in Landmark since 2015 and completed the Wisdom Unlimited course in 2016. She has a passion for growth and transformation, as well as dancing, and loves discovering how both worlds overlap and inform life.

Linda Rose-McRoy

Linda Rose-McRoy graduated summa cum laude from Smith College in political theory and has led numerous political listening circles across the Bay Area since the 2017 inauguration.

Adam Samuels 
Adam Samuels spent more than 15 years working in Silicon Valley at Apple, Intuit [and even Friendster] after being a staff member for Werner Erhard and Associates. He is a Crossfit Level 1 trainer. Samuels lives in Capitola, California.

Martina Scales

Martina Scales, who holds a master’s degree, has 30 years of training experience with companies focusing on a workplace that provides fun, performance and appreciation, training young leaders to create the space for it. She is also regional manager of a training company and accountable for several projects in the job market of Munich, Germany, supporting people on social care getting back into work that is adequate and reassuring. Since 2010, she has constantly participated in the Wisdom Course Area, and at the Conference for Global Transformation since 2011, and has taken the inspiration into all the areas of her life: profession, political work, family and social engagements.

Reinder Schonewille 
Reinder Schonewille stands for a world in which all people work happily and inspired. In his view, work is a result of a person’s passion and self-expression. In his projects, Reinder also introduces music and play to generate workplaces where people become playful and express structurally what they stand for. His motto is “Enjoy yourself, inspire others.”

Rich Schuster

Rich Schuster might be considered one of the elders of the Wisdom Course Area. He is committed that all people have access to the created dimension of being and they are thereby empowered to be up to great and challenging work. In addition to having had a productive career in physics and engineering, he is a student of, and has trained many people in, practices of communication to support aliveness and productivity.

Corrina Sephora-Mensoff 
Corrina Sephora-Mensoff began her lifelong interest in metalworking at the age of five in her father’s workshop. In 1995, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she established Corrina Sephora Studios. She has been an adjunct sculpture professor at University of Georgia, SCAD Atlanta, Georgia State University and Spelman College. Her work is featured at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Martin Luther King National Historic Site and Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia. Sephora-Mensoff has been a leader in the Wisdom Course Area since 2011 and is an introduction leader. Her mission is to foster creativity by awakening the artist in everyone.

Saeed Seyed

Saeed Seyed has been an executive for many years in technology and has worked for large corporations in telecommunications, computing and graphics. He has had responsibility and accountability for managing teams globally. He is a leader in innovation with 20 patents. Seyed has been engaged in transformation for about 30 years and has led courses and presented at conferences. Seyed has a commitment to the quality of life for everyone through innovative thinking and technology. He has been married for more than 30 years and has two daughters.

Heather Shapter 
Heather Shapter holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Master of Business Administration degree. For more than 25 years, Shapter has built the capacity of economic empowerment organizations to further her commitment to end poverty for vulnerable populations. She has held leadership roles in respected international nongovernment organizations and foundations in the Caribbean, Africa, Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. As associate vice president with Bluedrop Learning Networks, her focus was on finding scalable technology solutions to empower women’s entrepreneurship and youth employment in developing countries. Shapter has been recognized internationally for leadership in service of others.

Dylan Stafford

Dylan Stafford is an assistant dean at University of California Los Angeles Anderson School of Management and a host committee leader for the 2018 Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course at UCLA. As an author, keynote speaker and self-proclaimed “luckiest husband,” Stafford brings 22 years of transformation to his marriage, parenting, career and impossible promise of a world of organizations that work for everyone.

Monique Sullivan 
Monique Sullivan has been a Wisdom Unlimited course leader since 2005. She first started co-leading in Los Angeles, led Wisdom courses in Toronto and is now the Wisdom course leader in San Diego. Sullivan’s commitment in the world is that all people discover their passions and dreams, true Self/Soul’s expression in the world and fulfill that using the tools of Landmark and the Wisdom Unlimited course. She also has a commitment that people with mental illness are not only honored but celebrated for their unique contribution to society and humanity.

Marisa Szem-Stafford

Marisa Szem-Stafford is a high-energy executive who applies 20 years of training and operational experience to developing leaders. Her background at Hilton Hotels Corporation and HealthCare Partners gives her the business acumen to facilitate and coach business leaders from various industries. She is known for her ability to connect with executives, creating an environment for rapid learning. As a senior director of learning and talent development for the Americas at Hilton Hotels, Szem-Stafford led an international team, supporting the needs of 50,000 team members. As a consultant, she is fulfilling her impossible promise in the work she does with her clients.

Sarah Thomas 
Sarah Thomas has been a social justice activist for more than 50 years. Pioneering the women’s movement in the Northern California Bay Area fueled her passion for women’s equality. She declared herself a global activist at The Hunger Project 1977 launch. Her promise is: “transformed African leadership ending their own hunger and poverty by 2030.” Thomas sourced the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course in Africa. She enabled women causing the Kenya We Want Initiative, women elected to government and professors leading the Being a Leader course. The 2018 course will transform leaders in nine African countries.

Linda VerNooy

Linda VerNooy has worked on climate change since 1998. She worked with a team that successfully passed the first bill on climate change in the State of Washington in 2002. In 2006, she founded the carbon-offset company, NetGreen. She was one of the key volunteer leaders of the campaign that successfully closed down the Harding Street coal plant in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 2014. Currently living in Washington, DC, she is working on a carbon tax in the District of Columbia and volunteers with the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. She has presented workshops six times at the Conference for Global Transformation.

Paolo Visentin 
Since he started to walk, Paolo Visentin has been wondering, “What’s it all about, Alfie?” Visentin has always been involved with customers, family members, neighbors and anyone else wondering what brings forth a transformation, what makes great real estate and what makes a great film. He is known as a successful business owner, a Landmark graduate and an unstoppable swimmer.

Ronnie Walker

Ronnie Walker has a master’s degree in counseling and has been a longtime participant in Landmark courses, having participated in the Developmental Consultants Training Program. She founded the Alliance for Hope, an online curated support community for those suffering grief from loss through suicide of a loved one. The site hosts close to 13,000 survivors on its community forum.

Rebecca Ward 
Rebecca Ward is a Canadian psychologist with more than 30 years experience in serving people diagnosed with autism and developmental disabilities. For nine years, she was assistant professor at Brock University in the Center for Applied Disability Studies, created a transition to adulthood program called “My Life as an Epic Win” and is now part owner and clinical director of the Phoenix Center for Learning, an autism intervention center in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Ward’s experience with people with “dis-abilities” has led her to value and teach from the contribution people of diversity make in our lives and the world.

Laura Wolz

Laura Wolz grew up in Italy and came to the United States when she was 21 to attend school after living and working in Israel and Germany. She received a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship and served in the Army for four years, achieving the rank of captain. Her undergraduate degree is in math, physics and French, with her Master of Arts in education and teaching credentials from Mills College in Oakland, California. She works with children of all ages, from six months to 18 years, being fascinated with how beings develop thinking and how to facilitate the process. Wolz is married and has three grown sons.

Jade Young 
Jade Young, M.Div., is an interfaith hospice chaplain who engages terminally ill patients and their families such that they get to discover that dying and death can be a sacred, transformative experience. She was a registrar in the early est days and for the Six Day courses. She worked with The Hunger Project managing high level fundraising events. During this time, she launched her image consulting practice coaching executives about the power of presentation. Young has participated in recent Year-end Vacations, the Consultants Vacation course and Elder’s Inquiry course, and currently is a facilitator-in-training for the new Facilitated Wisdom Course.