Conference for Global Transformation

2017 Breakout Session Presenters

The Breakout Session Presenters for 2018
will be released early in 2018.
Below are the Breakout Session Presenters for 2017.


S’ra Albion
S’ra Albion is a Wisdom Course leader apprentice in Australia/New Zealand, a former Landmark staff member and a Tantra consultant. She first did the Landmark Forum in 2013 and has studied the ancient art of yoga for almost 30 years. She holds a B.A. in visual arts and is a qualified yoga teacher. She lives in Sydney, Australia and this is her third Conference for Global Transformation.

Aliza Amar 
Aliza Amar is the 2016 winner of the poster’s “People’s Choice Award” for her shoe display, with each shoe representing a woman, girl or a child who has been trafficked for sex. She was instrumental in changing laws in Israel by breaking her own silence around her experience of being raped and trafficked for sex. She is committed to creating a similar change in the United States through the efforts of her nonprofit, “Breaking the Silence Together,” which exposes the harsh conditions that such violence imposes on our society. Her awareness activities include bike rides, public speaking and showing her display.

Ina Ames
Ina Ames is a semi-retired professor of communication studies and theory, mass media and drama with areas of concentration in listening, gender and interpersonal communication, film studies theory and media ethics. She was president of the Communication Association of Massachusetts and held two division chairs at the National Communication Association. She has been published and been on panels throughout her 30 years of teaching and research. She is the principal of Ames has been participating in Landmark since 1980 having been an introduction leader, seminar leader, and currently a facilitator for the Facilitated Wisdom Course.

Carla Barrow 
Carla Barrow is a native Floridian and counselor at law. Having litigated in courtrooms for more than 25 years, she is redesigning her career, integrating law and social advocacy into therapeutic arts that heal mind, body and spirit. Barrow travels cross country one weekend per month in pursuit of a master’s in integral psychology, with the support of her husband Steve, their Shih-Tzu, Mishka, and cats Sheena and Cinnamon. Her promise remains that by 2024, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are available for all: choice, opportunity and partnership rule the day.

Laura  Basha

Laura Basha, Ph.D., is an organizational psychologist, published author, and professional artist. For 37 years, she has taught workshops on transformation and leadership development to audiences in the public, private, professional, and corporate sectors. Co-founder of Quantum Spirit, LLC, a consulting organization, she is ongoingly engaged as the principal lead in the design and delivery of an advanced leadership development program for the executive leadership of a prominent international culture-shaping consulting firm. Dr. Basha is at work on her second book, elucidating through her original paintings of archetypal images what it means to be a human being..

Gunilla Birkestad
Gunilla Birkestad is a teacher of caregiving for nurses since 1970 in the areas of mental retardation and autism. Other education and training includes: dietitian, doctor of homeopathy, reflexologist, Rosentherapist, aromatherapist, 3A of the Radiance Technique, dreamtherapist and accountant. Birkestad discovered Touch: The Tactile Stimulation Method in 1984. She developed a method and course, based on oxytocin research, to be used for mental retardation and autism, together with professor Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg. This course has been given in The Netherlands, Norway, Fairy Island, Iceland, Finland, Brazil, Portugal and Japan and is an accepted method for Touch in Sweden.

Joan Bordow

Joan Bordow has been a program leader for Landmark since 1983. During this time, she led seminars for 20 years and the Wisdom Unlimited course since 1994. As a Wisdom course leader, she has led Transforming Yesterday’s Strategies, Structural Connections, and has managed the Year-end Vacation for 10 years. Prior to being a staff member at Landmark, Bordow worked for two non-profit organizations, World Runners and The Holiday Project, where she served as executive director. During her career as a writer, she published eight books. She has three children and three grandchildren.

Jeanine Bould 
Jeanine Bould is passionate about people discovering themselves and everyone around them as creators and that our destiny is ours to determine — a world where anything is possible. Bould shares her passion for transformation daily with her staff and customers at her yarn store, fashionknit, in Walnut Creek in northern California. Knitting and sharing the joy of knitting as a creative endeavor knows no boundaries — there are the yarn, the needles and the miracle of the human spirit.

Carol Braford

Carol Braford has participated in Landmark’s programs for more than 25 years and has led seminars and the Self-Expression & Leadership Program. She studied finance and international business and is a Certified Public Accountant. She designed and led workshops for the Conference for Global Transformation the past three years, served on the board of the Cohousing Association of the U.S. and is a regional coordinator with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. She and her husband are creating an Irresistible Ecovillage in St Louis, Missouri. Her promise for the world is: by 2020 all children know that they are loved and nurtured.

Tom Braford 
Tom Braford is co-founder of Irresistible Community Builders and has created Irresistible Ecovillage Solutions, a model for creating transformational settlements where people live and work cooperatively with their neighbors and in harmony with nature. He and his wife are creating an Irresistible Ecovillage in St Louis, Missouri. Braford led three past conference sessions, wrote one field report and presented four posters. His promise for the world is: by 2020 human being is safe and secure as a perpetual species, ubiquitous in the far-flung universe, living in Beloved Community NOW!

Chet Burgess

Chet Burgess has been exploring technology since the 70’s and transformation since the 80’s and is engaged in bringing those worlds together. He uses a variety of communication technologies to support conversations that transform the quality of people’s lives, giving them access to worlds beyond their own. He engages in inquiries whenever he can, and one of his joys is hosting inquiries into discourse. Through inquiry, he has recently thrown himself into the possibility of living a life of expecting miracles. His commitment is that “Everyone in the world be in touch with the joy and the miracle of life.”

Stan Carpenter 
An Omaha, Nebraska, native, Stan Carpenter earned a university degree in cultural anthropology, ceramics, and architecture. He has had military training in photography and sharply honed his computer skills on-the-job at American Airlines. Carpenter participated in the Landmark Forum in 1994, opening him to new possibilities that included living and working in England. Since retiring in 2006, he has been working and assisting in the Wisdom Course Area, participating in numerous Landmark developmental programs, and engaging in the Landmark Discourse Program. Carpenter has a strong appreciation for and practice with the power of language.

Maiysha Clairborne

Maiysha Clairborne, has one son, Delson Ari, and is an American Board Certified family physician, medical acupuncturist, life balance coach, and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming/Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy Practitioner. The founder of Mind Body Spirit Wellness Inc, Create Your Blueprint, and, most recently, DocSupport MD, she has facilitated her clients in achieving and maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Clairborne has authored many books and articles and has appeared globally on multiple television and radio programs. She hosts her own radio program once a week, The Wellness Blueprint, serves on four wellness center boards and boasts numerous other accomplishments.

Owen Coffey 
Owen Coffey is a Landmark consultant. He first became a Landmark staff member in 2005 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Columbia University. In his current position at Landmark he is a personal coach, manages and leads the Advanced Offerings of the Wisdom Course Area, and is accountable for the Facilitators Training Program. Coffey and his wife, Rebecca, live with their two children in Mariposa, California.

Khush Cooper

Khush Cooper, Ph.D., is committed to a world where governments, organizations and communities fully support excellence and diversity for children and families. Following a highly successful career as a social worker and non-profit executive, she began an entrepreneurial and thriving consulting practice that is committed to changing the human services landscape by providing innovations that cause organizations and communities to thrive. She teaches public policy and Being A Leader at the UCLA School of Public Affairs. She has been engaged in transformational work for 12 years and lives in Los Angeles.

Tom Corbett 
Tom Corbett has been a general contractor, author, expert court advocate, building inspector, and critic for more than 40 years. He plays passionately in the renovation and new construction industries. He has played and taught all over the United States and Internationally. Corbett is “old school”–learn from the trades before you learn to act like an architect. Before that, he taught elementary school and got a great education from the kids in a blighted urban area. After two years teaching, reading the “kids” taught him so much more than he could ever possibly teach them. He is eternally grateful.

John Corbiere

John Corbiere has been participating in the Landmark enterprise since 1975. He was an Episcopal priest for 33 years, graduating from the Yale Divinity School and serving parishes and church schools on the east coast. He is a past Landmark staff member and participated extensively with the Hunger Project and the Mastery Foundation traveling to West Africa and Ireland in support of the transformational work of these organizations. He is now part of the Listener team in the Wisdom Course Area providing the Conversation for the Difference You Make. He lives in Salisbury, Connecticut.

Coral Crew-Noble 
A master consultant in the global community of the 21st century, Coral Crew-Noble is leading a national collective impact project.  She is empowering collaboration and facilitating conversations among national leaders promoting support for an expression of leadership, the unquestionable birthright of the human experience. Born in London, England of Jamaican parents, she first visited Jamaica for six weeks and stayed for six months.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in management from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, and pursued her Global Executive Masters in Business Administration degree at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, studying on four continents during the program.

Armand DiCarlo

Senior coach Armand DiCarlo works with executives, organizations, teams, and individuals to produce breakthroughs in overall productivity and personal performance. In his coaching role, DiCarlo draws on 35 years of experience designing and leading group programs and one-to-one coaching that empowers people to produce unimaginable results in their lives. He also led seminars for more than 25 years. Before becoming a senior coach, DiCarlo was the director of Landmark’s Personal Coaching Division and prior to that he managed Landmark’s New York operations. His experience also includes being an educator in public schools, probation and parole officer, and Peace Corps volunteer.

Deborah Dickerson 
Deborah Dickerson has been listening for miracles her entire life but only realized this as part of assisting on the Miracle Registration Team with the Landmark consultants. Her promise for the world is that by 2020 all people are present to miracles every day. Since creating this promise, she is present to miracles happening around her and has recently begun to explore what it is to expect miracles. She is in the process of starting a business that works with churches in creating their online presence. Dickerson has an MBA in sustainable business and lives in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Peggy Drew

Peggy Drew’s promise for the world is that by 2025, everyone is accountable for having an amazing life. She has been in the inquiry of accountability for many years, including looking at the role of the financial industry in the last recession as a financial services professional.

Sandi Eaton Richards 
Sandi Eaton Richards is a chartered structural engineer who has run her own practice in Chester and North Wales, United Kingdom, for 18 years. Having been intermittently involved in development work in Tanzania and Ghana since the early 1990’s she has recently become instrumental in the forming and operation of a new local charity, Share, supporting refugees and the homeless. Her commitment to the world is that everyone should have a safe place to live.

Beate Ebert

Beate Ebert is a clinical psychologist in private practice and an acknowledged trainer in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Her life is given by her vision that all human beings experience their natural love, relatedness and passion for each other’s greatness. One expression is “commit and act foundation,” an international project she started to bring psychosocial support to people in conflict areas by training local health workers. Her home base is her marriage with Alexander Ebert, a designated Landmark seminar leader, and her family, friends and colleagues. She presented at the CGT in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015.

Monica Elden 
As a facilitator, coach, therapist and corporate trainer, Monica Elden has worked with thousands of people to achieve their goals for personal and professional growth. Well-being Embodied, her international practice, focuses on cultivating wholeness through mind-body practices. Her passion is helping people to recover wellbeing through art, nature, and embodied inquiry. She is honored to have presented at the CGT in 2013, 2014, and 2016 and was the recipient of the 2013 CGT Best Paper Award.  You can connect with her at

Cynthia Evans

Cynthia Evans is committed to people living lives beyond their wildest dreams. Her passion is creating business environments as opportunities for adults to play and contribute in the world. She has participated in Landmark’s programs for more than 30 years. Living in a beautiful valley in Montana, Evans can often be found out on the trails with her dog, hiking, biking or skiing. She works for a software company out of her home and enjoys traveling for work, for fun, and for the Wisdom Area’s Year-end Vacation course!

Jim Faires 
Jim Faires has been an educator in the Sacramento, California, area for 25 years. Having been involved in this work since 1977 and having participated in the Wisdom Course Area since 1999, Faires is committed to bringing Landmark distinctions to his elementary school classroom and to education at large. A husband for 33 years with two stepchildren and three grandchildren, Faires is designing his work around creating a breakthrough in the areas of contribution and listening such that others can have unimagined results in the areas that are of most importance to them.

Kathy Fedori

Kathy Fedori is a filmmaker and writer who has both personally and professionally explored the survivor’s experience in grief after losing a loved one. Her artistic expression has included writing feature full-page obituaries for Canada’s national newspaper. Her filmmaking has taken her into the realm of spiritual places, traveling with a world expert on peace, and also dying, to build peace monuments in Myanmar, South Africa and Brazil. As a film producer, she brings people together for new conversations that will create happiness on our planet.

Peter Fiekowsky 
Peter Fiekowsky is the founder of the Healthy Climate Project. He is a physicist and futurist, leads Citizens Climate Lobby’s Healthy Climate group and founded its 100-year plan group. He has 30 years’ experience as a citizen lobbyist for poverty and climate issues. He also serves on the board of RePower Capital, an innovative renewables financing company, and is president of a software company providing critical software for computer chip production. He holds 27 patents, and lives in Los Altos, the heart of Silicon Valley.

Maria Janet Figueroa

Taking on being an intrepid explorer, Janet Figueroa has newly engaged in the inquiry around accountability, service and success. She is presently playing games within the courts of rental property management, sustainable finances and adoption of a new paradigm to complete work in any organization.

Janet Flaton 
Janet Flaton is a pediatrician specializing in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, completing her residency at University of North Carolina in 1990. In 2003, she opened the Flaton ADDept Center. Subsequently, she developed a unique approach to treating ADHD which has positively and profoundly impacted many lives. Celebrating co-existing innate gifts, she guides patients to access their full potential. She is committed to transforming the global listening of ADHD from label to leader. Dr. Flaton has ADHD herself and supports her college freshman daughter with her own challenges and triumphs related to ADHD. She resides in San Luis Obispo, California.

Susie Fraser

Susie Fraser has two principal global passions, transformation and stewardship. This is her 17th Conference for Global Transformation. She lives in Sydney, Australia, with Paddy Gaul and two small dogs, Zoe and Shell. She loves inquiry as practice, experimenting with generative speaking and listening in several inquiry conversations each week, managing the Social Commons Inquiries, and editing the Wondering newsletter. Recently, in her global stewardship quest, she has come to see political systems and politicians as resources – a radical transformation of her worldview that is proving valuable and fascinating.

Ada Frazier Turner 
Dr. Ada Frazier Turner is retired from a practice of integrative holistic dentistry. Her present work project is that of longevity consultant and health and wellness coach. She has three adult daughters in the medical arts profession, and eight grandchildren. She recently married Darrell Turner, a retired global project manager in Information Technology, with two adult sons. Travel and wellness are passions for both Frazier Turner and her husband. He now realizes his lifelong passion for photography and she assists as his creative director.

Jane Best Grandbouche

Jane Best Grandbouche led courses and programs for Landmark for 22 years. She led the Wisdom Unlimited course for 12 years. Her passions include the environment and yoga as well as transformation. She has planted over 100,000 trees and has been a student of yoga and meditation for 45 years. She and her husband Brad have a wholesale book business and live in Sarasota, Florida on 10 acres. She has two daughters and three grandchildren.

Pat Henderson 
Pat Henderson has always been interested in how personal presentation can affect peoples’ lives. Henderson travels the country with a pop-up store, providing artistic and cutting-edge styles for women who know themselves and what they want for the world. She is committed to people freely expressing themselves through art and creativity, having been in fashion, art, and theater for 40 years. She has been a buyer for top New York fashion stores, Henri Bendel and Bergdorf Goodman. Henderson’s work is dedicated to people enjoying and enhancing their presentation and their lives in ways they may never have thought possible.

Mark Hibbert

Mark Hibbert is committed that human beings are a long lived, space-faring species – explorers and adventurers all. Hibbert has worked in construction management and recently as a procurement manager in the renewable energy sector. He is a Landmark graduate of 15 years having completed many courses and assisted at various levels over the years. He is currently responsible for growing Citizens Climate Lobby in Scotland, where he lives with his wife, a fellow graduate. He has co-led and designed Conference for Global Transformation sessions in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Tracy Hunt 
Tracy Hunt is a business owner and coach whose promise for the world is that by 2030 all people will be honored and recognized as family. Since beginning the Wisdom Unlimited course in 2001 she has traveled the world in an effort to bring people together harmoniously through expressing their love. She considers herself an ambassador in the global community of transformation and is passionate about diplomatic relations, veterans’ causes and vacation courses.

Sel J Hwahng

Sel J. Hwahng, Ph.D., is a college/university professor and public health research scientist who has received grants, awards and fellowships from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, American Public Health Association, International AIDS Society, and Association for Women in Psychology. Dr. Hwahng’s publications include 30 articles and book chapters in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes as well as multiple public health reports. Dr. Hwahng has served on numerous advisory boards and boards of directors on health, LGBT studies, and national and international advocacy, as well as chairing programming for academic and research conferences.

Habib Khalafi 
Habib Khalafi is an Iranian-American architect and principal at Robertson Khalafi and Associates Inc., an architectural firm specializing in healthcare architecture and planning. He is a California registered architect and is LEED certified with more than 30 years of experience. His firm’s strategic vision is that healthcare projects be designed in such a way that considers dignity for both patients and staff. He is committed that care is given in an empowering space that prompts integrity and respect.

Chris Kirtz

Charles [Chris] Kirtz holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia and a Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law. He had a successful career as a public interest lawyer pioneering a new way of Federal Rulemaking by Consensus, which became a model for federal legislation. He has participated in transformational education since the first est Training in Washington, D.C., in 1975 and continues to participate. He is trained in several fields of therapy and is a Nationally Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Along with his own consulting practice he actively volunteers in the brain injury community.

Terry Kirtz 
Terry Kirtz, M.Ed., CBIS, had a 32-year career in the public-school sector. Her focus was to transform classrooms so that every student received quality instruction. In 2007 she became a Certified Brain Injury Specialist. She is the founder of TBI Consulting Group, which educates, advocates and facilitates on issues related to improving the lives of survivors, caregivers and professionals impacted by brain injury. She is also the vice president of the Brain Injury Association of Maryland and serves on several statewide workgroups changing the conversation about brain injury. Kirtz is also a member of the Creation of Freedom team.

Mark Krauss

In his career, Mark Krauss does business internationally as an engineer focused on the environmental, health and safety aspects of large-scale advanced technology. Married for 37 years, father of two adult children, and committed to family, he and his wife are restoring a property and learning to “live organic” in Mariposa, California. Mark’s commitment to transformation is demonstrated in his engagements as an introduction leader for Landmark, his role as custodian of the Social Commons, and in the various other ways he participates in empowering others in life. Around Mark, people belong.

Danica Lani 
Danica Lani is a professional fun starter whose commitment is that people dance. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in dance and an Advanced Diploma of Yoga teaching. She is a singer/dancer/choreographer/model and a yogini who teaches tantra. She has worked for transformational companies such as Landmark, lululemon athletica and is currently with JMW Consultants. In her TEDx talk, she inquired into, ‘What if we were all gifts to the world?’ She is originally from Melbourne, Australia, and Wisdom is her favorite place to play at Landmark.

Eroca Lowe

Eroca Lowe is the founder and owner of Accelerated Outcomes, a consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay area specializing in executive and team performance. Lowe has more than 26 years of experience working as a consultant for national and international firms, facilitating extraordinary results both as an individual and with consulting teams in the telecommunications, consumer products, energy, lumber, and oil industries for international clients such as Weyerhaeuser, Bell Atlantic, Proctor & Gamble, Lasmo’s Venezuelan Oil and Pacific Gas & Electric. Lowe  holds a B.S. in biology and chemistry and has two years of graduate studies in business, oceanography, and physics.

Sandy Ludwig 
Sandy Ludwig is a music therapist who has designed and implemented music therapy programs for individuals and groups for more than 20 years. She is also a drummer and artistic associate with an award-winning performing arts company that presents to more than 35,000 students a year. She has been involved with Landmark programs since 2011.

Joann Lustig

Joann Lustig is a gold jewelry designer with her own company.  She created her business out of participation in est and GSLP in 1980. She currently does fine arts and crafts shows on the east coast, and is co-owner of the Sebastopol Gallery, a fine arts cooperative. Lustig has been a Tai Chi teacher and practitioner for 42 years. She reconnected with Landmark in 2010 in the Wisdom area and has completed Partnership Explorations and all the vacation courses. She was co-leader of the San Francisco Wisdom accomplishment team in 2016.

J.B. MacKinnon 
J.B. MacKinnon is committed to every person on our planet realizing the creative power we all possess as human beings. He most enjoys being out on the highway on his BMW motorcycle, and he is a talented artist who creates stories on canvas to evoke wonder. After living more than 30 years in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for the last six years he has lived in Oakland, California.

Deborah Robin Mech

Deborah has been an educator and consultant for over 33 years and holds the M. Ed. in curriculum and instruction, , and an M.S. in special education with multiple teaching and administrative credentials serving students and families across the full-spectrum of ages, grades, and different-abilities. Deborah has also served in the San Diego Juvenile Court and community schools working with incarcerated youth in partnership with the San Diego County Juvenile Probation Department, and local community-based organizations. Deborah is an educational innovator bringing restorative justice practices to further and accelerate the shift in paradigms of equity and inclusion in educational and global communities.

Andy Monks 
Andy Monks began his career as an artist 20 years ago, working on educational games, going on to become a 3D Artist with artistic and leadership roles on films like the Academy Award-winning “Happy Feet” and others. Monks has worked as a consultant with many creative and educational organizations. He was a full-time staff member for Landmark and has led the Introduction Leaders Program. He is the assisting program team leader and a Wisdom Course leader apprentice for Wisdom Down Under and runs his own creative studio working on a range of projects from games to traditional oil painting.

Dianne Morrison

Dianne Morrison has more than 30 years’ experience in executive coaching and leadership development. She has led seminars and workshops for thousands of people on the topics of leadership, communication, vision, commitment and business management, planning and executive strategies. She specializes in having people work well with others in such a way that brings out the best in each person. Morrison has participated in the work of transformation for more than 40 years and has served on the boards of The Holiday Project, Prison Possibilities and the Hoffman Institute.

Valerie Mrak 
Valerie Mrak is a documentary filmmaker, public speaker and storyteller. She has interviewed a wide range of people from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other Nobel Peace Prize laureates to gang leaders and former violent offenders, as well as an array of “everyday” people with fascinating stories. Her approach to her work has always been to find the nugget in a situation that alters a perspective of the world or oneself. Mrak leads the workshop, “Peace Inside/Out: Six Lessons from Nobel Laureates and Former Gang Leaders” for both youth and adults. She is also a TEDx speaker.

Sophia Olivas

Sophia Olivas is an entrepreneur, experienced in learning from failure. She raised $30 million in 28 days for a venture that failed. She successfully implemented internet banking for BankOne and then had to turn it over to a peer. After more than 15 years as CEO of GreyThorn Marketing, with a staff of 25 and a global portfolio, she underwent 98% staff layoffs. As founder of the nonprofit Hope of Hope, she withstood three failed attempts to film in Middle East refugee camps. An avid traveler and author, she speaks on hope in action and bouncing in the face of failure.

Dick Osgood 
Dick Osgood is a cognitive and computer scientist devoted to applying technology to human problems with emphasis on improving human learning. He has held leadership positions in academic computing at Yale University, technology development and marketing at IBM and course development for Accenture and UNext, an online university. He provides strategy consulting and technology services for education and business clients. Osgood holds multiple degrees from Yale University and a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence from Northwestern University. He has participated at Landmark for eleven years, having completing the Curriculum for Living, Team Management and Leadership Program, Wisdom Unlimited and Partnership Explorations.

Dylan Ozmore

Dylan Ozmore is a senior consultant at Vanto Group, the business consulting division of Landmark. Before joining Vanto Group, he worked on the trading floor at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York City and at Bridgewater Associates, the largest and most successful hedge fund in the world. He has expertise in creating a high-performance culture tied directly to breakthrough business results. He holds a B.S. in business administration from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jeri Passaro 
Jeri Passaro is a California native living in Santa Cruz where she has worked as an environmental planner for more than 20 years. She has been a participant with Landmark for more than 10 years and assists with the Landmark consultants on the Listener team. Passaro is a graduate of the Wisdom Unlimited course, Partnership Explorations, Power and Contribution, and Service and Contribution. Her promise for the world is a world where people are acknowledged for the gift they are and the difference they make. Her life is enriched by her relationships with Landmark graduates, her children and precious granddaughter.

Evangeline Pesca

Evangeline Pesca is of God, playing the game of being human. She is a human resources manager for BTX Intelligent Fashion. Living in Dallas with her partner, Davide Pesca, she is the mother of three powerful daughters, Arianna Baires, Gabriella Baires and Kara Baires.

Joyce Pike 
Joyce Pike is a senior Wisdom course leader who leads in New York and Washington, D.C. She also leads A Life That Sings. A long-time business owner, she works in the corporate setting, specializing in working with executives, high-performing teams and boards who are dealing with issues of getting along. Pike’s passions include cooking, gardening, skiing, reading and volunteering in her communities.

Barbara Plumley

Barbara Plumley’s passion lies in creating leaders in all areas of life. Her 30-year background in healthcare includes roles from faculty positions to vice president of operations. As dean of the Leadership Institute and director of talent development, she has led, coached, and championed programs committed to producing extraordinary leaders in healthcare throughout North America. Plumley was a contributor to the article “Physician Leadership in Organizations Undergoing Transformation” in the publication, Healthcare: The Journal of Delivery Science Innovation. As a Creation of Freedom team member, she has enjoyed supporting others with their audacious visions of what is possible for humanity.

Karim Raymond 
Karim Raymond is a multicultural citizen, born and raised in Colombia to a Haitian father and Colombian mother. Educated in Colombia and the United States, Karim holds a B.A. in clinical microbiology, and an M.A. in health promotion and human development. With 15 years’ experience as an international, professional athlete (volleyball), her passion includes living a health-conscious, active lifestyle. Her life’s purpose is being the possibility of power, leadership and self-expression. Professionally, she mentors individuals in personal branding to achieve powerful results. She serves as an introduction leader and leads classrooms for Landmark’s Introduction Leaders Program throughout Latin America.

Reza Razeghi

Reza Razeghi, executive of the Landmark Personal Performance Division, helps leaders clarify their vision and strategy for themselves and their organizations. His clients enhance their effectiveness, think more strategically, improve their communication skills, evolve how they think about leadership, and understand how to optimize performance. Razeghi has been a coach and consultant, has worked in research for a major oil company and as an information technology director in the semiconductor and computer industries. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering, and master’s degrees in computer science and organizational development.

David Ritscher 
David Ritscher is a scientist and inventor who holds 10 patents, has 25 publications, and has presented at numerous conferences. He is currently director of research and development at a startup which provides athletes with the feedback they need to train optimally. A two-time graduate of Landmark’s Consultants Training Program, he assists Tobin White and has been a team leader for the Conference for Global Transformation’s Content Promotion and Development team. He is a participant in the developmental Service and Contribution course and is on the Boston Wisdom City Team.

Bonnie Rose

Bonnie Rose’s life and credentials are intentionally impressive: master’s degrees, a beautiful home, cute clothes, a brilliant, a sweet daughter with whom she boasts an exceptional relationship, involved in transformation since a teenager, etc. As a highly-paid consultant, Rose has led hundreds of corporate workshops and presentations for which she has received rousing applause and exemplary evaluations. She’s so cool she even studied improv and performed at Second City in Chicago. But put herself out there to fulfill on her own promises? Alone, real and vulnerable? Nope. Not ever. Not until now.

Marion Rose 
Marion Rose has been on a creative path in all her endeavors, from managing a large group of dentists to having a business selling greeting cards and self-designed invitations while growing a family. She has been participating with Landmark as a Listener in the consulting area delivering the Conversations for the Difference You Make in Life and the Advanced Offerings of the Wisdom Course Area. She has been exploring the miraculous results of deep listening and developing her capacities to be present to life beyond her wildest imaginings. A graduate of 40 years, Marion lives in San Jose, California.

Bob Schaefer

Bob Schaefer is a lifelong resident and admirer of the city of Chicago. He has been a practicing architect for more than 30 years, and has had leadership roles in the design and construction of hospitals and other healthcare environments. Bob is active in the American Institute of Architects, and has been a speaker, panelist, and presenter at several conferences, specifically regarding the design of pediatric healthcare facilities. He has participated in Landmark programs since 2007. When he isn’t transforming the planet, Schaefer reads, journals, and listens to lots of music.

Rich Schuster 
Rich Schuster and his wife, Noreen, are longtime happy customers and sponsors of the work of Landmark and the Wisdom Course Area. Schuster is committed that people have access to the created dimension of being and self expression, that they are thereby empowered to be up to great and challenging work. For almost 40 years, he has been a student of, and trained many people in, practices of communication to support aliveness and productivity.

Saeed Seyed

Saeed Seyed has been a technology executive for many years and has worked for large corporations in telecommunication, computing and graphics. He has responsibility and accountability for managing teams globally. A leader in innovation in his company with 20 personal patents, he has been engaged in transformation for about 30 years and has led courses for Landmark and transformational events and presented at conferences. Seyed is committed to the quality of life for everyone, and beauty and self-expression through innovative thinking and technology. He has been married for 30 years and has two daughters.

April Shoemaker 
April Shoemaker has a pioneering spirit in everything she does. In 2012, her 25-year-old son asked her to write a book about how she empowered him. Together, they wrote “Empowering Parenting”, an e-book providing abundant resources and stories. Using her sense of humor, she sparks new ways of thinking that make a difference in the world. She is committed to all families being healthy, loving, joyful and creative as they hone their superpowers and take on life powerfully.

Arlon Staggs

For more than 12 years, Arlon Staggs has performed as a creative marketing strategist across multiple industries including fashion eyewear, shopping malls, diamonds, and biotech. He and his partner own one of San Diego’s most successful real estate businesses, which is ranked in the top one percent in San Diego County. When Staggs is not inventing new ways to keep their business fun and successful, he’s probably busy leading the Self-Expression & Leadership Program, something he’s done for nine years, writing his first novel, working on his nonprofit dedicated to ending stigma around mental illness, or planning his next vacation.

Mary Stroupe 
Mary Stroupe was co-founder with husband, Ed, of an electronic medical records software company that they sold in 2013. She is now “retired” and pursuing her love of fiber arts and leading transformational inquiries. Stroupe has been an active volunteer with the Mastery Foundation for 14 years and has coached participants in the Mastery School for Leadership. She has participated with Landmark since 1989, led the Communication courses, and completed many programs in the Wisdom Area, including Creation of Freedom and numerous vacation courses. Stroupe recently completed the Developmental Consultants Training Program and the developmental course: Service and Contribution.

Sarah Thomas

For over 40 years, Sarah Thomas has been a practitioner of transformational technologies in corporate management development, organizational effectiveness and social activism. She earned B.A. and M.A. degrees in special education from University of Michigan. In the 1970’s Sarah’s leadership in the feminist movement expressed her passion for equality, and activism for the end of world hunger in The Hunger Project defined her global citizenship. Currently, Sarah is sourcing a community of East African leaders of integrity. Hundreds of leaders are causing women’s equality, good governance, community and youth leadership, and food security.

Mary Thorp 
“By 2022, I promise a world where all people are fulfilled, fulfilling the promise they are for the world, living lives designed from their heart.” ~ Mary Thorp
Thorp deals in the realm of promises and created the “I Promise Bank”©. Her promise guides her in living a designed life. In 1997, living from “joy” led her to become a world expert on the sculpture of Harry Bertoia through documenting his work worldwide. Besides lecturing nationally on art, design and architecture of the mid-20th Century, Thorp masterfully works with people in revealing their promise for the world.

Dræyk van der Hørn

Draeyk van der Horn was born in Yorkshire, England. After being trained as a landscape conservation architect, working with non-government organizations and as a government advisor, van der Hørn re-invented himself as a self-taught chef specializing in historical and plant-based food. Now he runs an organic heritage apple orchard and smallholding with his partner on Dartmoor. With a past steeped in writing, he is now working on a book and has launched a new business. “Getting a great story and brand out there is like creating a miracle machine, one that sparks with possibility.”

Amy Weinstein 
Amy Weinstein has been around the Wisdom Course Area for 12 years. On her farm and in her creative expression, she inquires about stewardship, sustainability, and social issues. Her interest is in what challenges and what’s breaking open for us. She is committed to people growing, developing, and transforming themselves so that we all can make a difference for our human society, the flora and fauna, our earth. She is committed to healing and nurturing our present and future. She’s grown through being a single parent for three children to finding passion for making a difference as an earth steward.

Julia Wheeler

Julia Wheeler is the director of church and interfaith relations at the University of La Verne in Southern California. While she is rooted in the peace-oriented Church of the Brethren, Wheeler has ventured into fruitful exploration in Qigong, energy, healing and meditation. Her newest adventures include motorcycling and prayer.

Jonathan Williams 
Jonathan Williams is an entrepreneur committed to utilizing the power of connection to drive business and life. He is a master collaborator and is sought out as a catalyst for bringing together diverse groups and views in working and partnering together inside a common vision. He has performed both standup and improv comedy professionally, and is a former Landmark staff member and program leader.

Jade Young

Jade Young was a registrar with the est training and fundraised with The Hunger Project in the 80’s and 90’s. She has more than 40 years’ experience as a consultant to businesses, executives, and nonprofits focusing on excellence and high performance. A graduate of the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, California, Young earned a Master of Divinity in 2004. Currently, she works as an interfaith hospice educator and chaplain providing spiritual support to families and patients who are terminally ill, helping people approach death as a sacred and transformative process. She enjoys swimming, yoga and connecting to the Divine.

Maria Zaharieva 
Originally from Bulgaria, Maria Zaharieva has been living in Sweden for the past 16 years. A clinical psychologist, she has been working at homes for elderly people and hospice units for many years, doing everything from being a caretaker to providing minister services. She has more than 250 hours of Psychodrama and has been participating in countless trainings at Landmark, including working on staff between 2002 and 2004, and in the courses of other educational organizations since 1995. For the past couple of years, she has been the team leader of the Partnership Explorations’ champions in Europe.