Conference for Global Transformation

2017 Poster Presenters

The Poster Presenters for 2018 will be released
early in 2018.
Below are the Poster Presenters for 2017.


Presenters Poster Title Poster Summary #
Judy Aburmishan Creating Miracles Through Laughter Come engage in the notion of how laughter can impact your life and where you can add laughter to the lives of others. 35
Daniel Ager How Can a Coloring Book Shift Our Conversation About Victims of Mass Incarceration? California state inmates and children of the incarcerated teamed up to create a coloring book to help other children with incarcerated loved ones. 34
Gunilla Birkestad & Susanne Mahler Touch – An Everyday Miracle What do you find in the skin? Love? Life? Pain relief? Fields? Seemings? Meaning? Language? Colors? Fingerprints? Possibilities? Breaking throughs? Birth? Touch? Warmth? Closeness? 14
Danny Bloomfield An App to Measure Integrity? The app you re-e-e-e-ally want – no, need! – as a coach. Keep track of promises, see when your integrity is out, measure your “kudos.” 22
Susan Boeman Take One Action – to Impact Our Planet What to do when overwhelmed with global warming, climate change, water scarcity and other planet health issues? Take one action at a time. 32
Meredith Boyles Meet My Depression Monster Without drama, depression is a manageable condition like diabetes. Come and find your own depression monster and upgrade the conversation with fun and play! 16
Tom Braford &
Carol Braford
The Campaign Transforming civilization and the planet, one reformed and terraformed community at a time. 6
Marilyn  Burke Teaching With Distinction An inquiry into what distinctions would make a difference for students in public schools. What would be the legalities and how to introduce them? 49
Elise Cheval Thyroid Health: A Balancing Act Discover the link between gluten and thyroid health. Stop by to share your experience and add to the balancing act. 31
Julia Dederer The End of Hunger: Idea to reality 1977, Werner Erhard promises the end of hunger. 2015, world agrees hunger can end by 2030. Miracle!  What happened from “impossible promise” to reality? 24
Jan Doggen What Is ‘Plan B’ for Your Country? With sea level continuing to rise in the next century, what will you do in affected areas? Move or stay? 46
Sandi Eaton Richards A Structure to Change the World Conversation About Refugees Participants can interactively inquire into their experience of the current conversation and how a more empowering conversation could be propagated and maintained. 44
Norah Edelstein How Can I Be a Stand for a World at Peace If I Cannot Get Along With My Roommate? How do we pull threads of unity through the frayed seams of conflict? How have you applied the distinctions of transformation to bring about peace? 29
Lisa Elliot-Rosas Master the Flow of Life Tools to help you stay on course in areas of life that matter most. Create your life in a balanced way. 13
Jorge Franco How Reading “The Order of Things” Can Lead You to Have Breakthroughs in Your Life Not knowing as an access to breakthroughs 53
Carla Gibson & Lynnette Lambert Transformation in the Re-organizational Healing Paradigm Participants can discover the re-organizational model for physical healing. How do the mental and emotional aspects of transformation affect the physical body? 30
Shani Goldgrub What Does Hearing Loss Mean to You? Impossible Promise: Eradicate the stigma hearing loss has in the world. First step is understanding what people think about and how they view hearing loss. 21
Ranu Gupta Appreciating Millennials and Embracing the New Economy Millennials, the largest economic force by 2018 and technology-driven innovation are the forces shaping our future. Are you prepared? 17
Jerry Haber Listen! How Can We Transform Differences Into Possibilities? Discover how to achieve a breakthrough in empowering others with your listening to create a future worth living into. 43
Rich Hallett Childhood PTSD: “Choose, Embrace” Conversations with my community source and cause access to possibility, trust, safety and dreams. 33
Gunilla Hammarlund What Makes You Play? Children play as a way of exploring and learning in life. What do you need to continue to expand and connect to play? 8
Jose R Herrera Architects of the Future We demonstrate “Digital Angels 2020,” a new portable holographic communication system combining actual environment with virtually projected people and objects. See how real it feels! 2
Paula Horning  Horse Rescue and the Opportunities It Provides! Increase the awareness of horse ownership commitments and how pharmaceutical companies contribute to an increasing plight for horses in the U.S. and Canada! 12
Larry  Hui Hunger in New York City An inquiry into causes of hunger in New York City and solutions. 39
Tracy Hunt Global Love, Connection and Transformation People around the world experience profound connection with one another in an instant. 7
Paul Hurlbut Are Energy Savings Only for the Rich? Compare and contrast energy savings, labor savings, house tightness, and costs between structural insulated panels and conventional stick-built housing. 61
Vidya Iyer What If Being Responsible for Health and Wellness Is Just a Conversation? I had a breakthrough in disappearing multiple sclerosis after being diagnosed 12 years ago when I took responsibility for my total wellbeing. Anything is possible. 47


Jerrod Kerr Access to a Superior Quality of Life Committed to presenting people with disabilities as resilient, powerful and resourceful, and having them show up in the space grants everyone the freedom to be. 62
Ned Komar Climate Transformation Concerned about climate? Consider: “carbon emissions benignly impact climate.” If true, what new areas of concern would you be freed up to address? 36
Kirk Lackey Don’t Worry, Keep Smiling Travel and vacation soothe the soul, inspire new ways of being and bring communities together. 10
Jodi Lane A New Way of Seeing: Regenerative Systems-Thinking Process LENSES Framework initiates a dialogue and a process, cultivating the capacity and capability in people, communities, and other natural systems to renew, adapt and thrive. 23
Stefanie  Lein &
Kim  Trinh
The World of Nourishment: An Inquiry We propose that nourishment extends far beyond our physical needs. What would a fully nourished life look like? 60
Wouter Lenis Off the Grid – Make Room for the Unknown The offline peace of mind experience! No smartphone. No notifications 🙂 Using time to create new out of nothing. Connect and share with the world! 59
P Mary Manrod Art as a Source Language of Healing, Support and Unity for the World Inquiring into ways in which everyone can bring art into their lives and have that aspect of play alive and well supported in their communities. 1
Randy McNamara Citizens’ Climate Mobilization A call to action in response to the clear and present existential threat of global climate change. 40
Marie McNeal
Discovering Your Ulitmate Fear Discover the fear, learn how its noise lives undistinguished. Let go and create more love, joy, abundance and peace in your life. 37
Martin Bernd Michaelis World Peace Process Develop your individual key for de-escalation – your individual peace process in 100 days supported by a text message a day. 51
Amanda Ming Inquiring Into the Nature of Healing; Altering the Way We Perceive Health An exploration of what others have experienced with their own healing and opening the dialogue of alternative and allopathic healing options. 41
Andrew Miser
An Enduring, Fulfilling Marriage: What Does It Take? For married couples today, true partnership is more important than ever. The kinds of conversations you have significantly impact the quality of your life together. 38
Mary Mitchell The T.E.A.M. Project Teens Engaging As Moms is my creation to encouraging teen mothers to build a foundation for their lives based on integrity, commitment and empowerment. 19
Valerie Mrak Where Is Peace? Most people think of creating peace “out there,” not with someone in their actual lives. Where in your life or community can you affect peace? 4
Pat Nolin The Wisdom Exhibit: A Miracle Project How a simple photography project turned out to be a miracle. Discover or rediscover a sense of wonder through distinctions of the Wisdom course. 42
Sophia  Olivas Is Hope Humanity’s Demise or Salvation? Engage in the inquiry of victim and survivor. Come participate in The Hope Effect – what hopelessness generates and how hope in action transforms. 48
Linda Summers Posey Creativity Is for Everyone! This interactive session makes tapping your natural creativity – even if you think you don’t have any! A miraculously fun, playful, easy possibility. 25
Gail Rae-Garwood Sharing: Causing a Miracle in Chronic Kidney Disease Awareness Globally, 200 million people have chronic kidney disease. Not all will know they do until it’s time for dialysis or a transplant. Sharing can help. 50
Maggie Rast World Peace Through Awesome Sex “Awesome” sex – health of body, mind, spirit, authentic communication, acceptance, respect, vulnerability, trust and contribution. The same conversations required for world peace! 27
Bonnie Rose Yes I’m Transformed, But Don’t Ask Me to Stop Hiding! We humans hide, don’t see it, and regret that we don’t have lives we want. Hiding is the unseen barrier to the fulfillment we crave. 26
Bob Schaefer &
Tom Corbett
Generative Space, Generating Lives We can create the built environments that make a difference for us and for communities. 9
Jana Scholten Mindfulness Healing Our World Mindfulness practice can access the deepest aspects of what it means to be human and bring the better parts of yourself into the world. 15
April Shoemaker Creating Miracles With Villain Power Exploration of how to free yourself to use the villains’ ability to create big visions and master plans by tapping the field of all possibility. 58
Lynnie Sterba New Explorations of Art, Spirituality and Community This game explores what art, spirituality and community could be when we step outside preconceived notions. Observe, generate curiosity, and engage with what’s possible. 3
Hans Suurmond Making the Dream Come Through How to change a whole region? By creating a dream and building a community of early adopters. Find out more and get inspired! 52
Marcia Tappin-Miller Participation and Contribution: To Bring Clean Water to the People of Haiti The New Life Community Project of Thomazeau, Haiti, is committed to improving the quality of life for the people of Haiti by building wells. 18
Sarah Thomas The Africa We Want: Leaders Being Bigger Than Themselves Meet Africans being leaders and exercising leadership effectively as their natural self-expression. They share how integrity and authenticity looks in action creating unimaginable success. 45
Mary Thorp What’s the Promise You Are for the World? I’ve had a promise for the world for many years. This year I realized I am a promise for the world. How about you? 57
CL  Tian Fulfilling on Your Promise for the World: A Case Study on Transforming Aging What does it take to alter a national conversation? Learn how we are creating a new paradigm for aging and how that impacts people’s lives. 28
Erik Van Sinderen End Violence Project A 21-week program which we present to incarcerated citizens using Landmark distinctions. Become a volunteer, make a difference inside prison walls. 56
Daniel Vasicek Abundant Energy Economical space travel, abundant natural resources. Explore other stars. Produce the singularity. 20
Katherine Vellinga &
John Vellinga
One Together One Together is the Impossible Promise our brand has for the world: celebrating the diversity of humanity and the uplifting optimism that unites us. 11
Linda VerNooy How Do Carbon Taxes and Rebates Reduce Pollution? Participants will learn about where carbon taxes and rebates have reduced pollution, and learn about proposals for Washington, D.C. 5
Amy Wallace
Death: The Biggest Elephant in the Room – Let’s Talk About It! If “the fear of death underlies all fears,” how come we don’t engage with it? Let’s enjoy an enlivening conversation about our fears around death! 54
Pinchas Zohav A World Given By Yes, Mutual Honor and Respect Train yourself to say, “Yes, and.” Effortlessly and gracefully move from reacting to responding, engaging your intelligence, choosing who you will be in any relationship. 55