Conference for Global Transformation

2018 Poster Presenters


The Poster Presenters for the 2019 Conference
will be announced early in 2019.


Presenters Poster Title Poster Summary #
Dorothy Annette The Mood of America 2018 A view of life: Surviving in America as a person of color. It’s the context of the mood of the country then and now. 35
Monica Ballard #WhyNot? In 1992 searching for “sexual harassment training,” I found nothing in the United States that would result in adult learning. Why are current methods not working? 8
Jonathan Batres Waste Energy in Central America Waste energy technology will revolutionize how civilization deals with trash. Through Economics and Culture, the end of waste dumps and litter will be realized. 43
Andy Bayon The Nature Effect: How Nature Is a Catalyst for Personal and Global Transformation Creating a dialogue around awe, wonder, and our innate response to natural beauty as the key to preserving our planet for future generations. 44
John Beaudry Community Green: Helping Cities Incentivize Green Roofs Can everyone have access to nature? What if rooftops everywhere offered putting greens for executives, habitat for wildlife, and food for locals? 3
Gunilla Birkestad Touch: An Everyday Miracle To get in touch with touch. Is touch the answer to a question about compassion, pain relief, sorrow and happiness? 5
Danny Bloomfield Gossip in Action We have an agreement not to gossip. But how on earth do we not participate in gossip without causing upset? Come inquire and share. 45
Tom Braford &
Carol Braford
Living a Post Global Warming Lifestyle: How to Build Drawdown Communities One hundred ways to leave global warming, social fragmentation and lots of other seemingly endemic challenges behind. Stop by to add your ideas via Post-It Notes. 46
Bob Campbell Who Will You Be When There’s Nothing to Do? What could you accomplish if you weren’t caught up in the rat race and were living in a world that works for everyone? 7
Lavanya Challa Inquiry into Transformative Parenting It’s an inquiry into how Landmark graduates are bringing transformation to their parenting and the difference it makes. 12
Judy-Lee Chen Sang In the Raw: Beyond the Scars An open and honest conversation around breast cancer and mastectomy — to support and encourage people around healing and transform this disease for the world. 50
Peter Christianson & Gloria Christianson Scott’s Story: “An Accomplished Life Through Community” Overcoming disabilities and making a difference with nothing but a smile. Come watch Scott attending regular school and a tribute to his circle of friends. 10
Chris Doonan An Inquiry into Democratic Education Learning that is participatory and empowering is expected in adult learning environments. Inquire into how this idea is transforming children’s education. 39
Peter Fiekowsky & Julia Dederer We Can Restore the Climate! We get what we aim at. We can have anything we want for our lives that we’re willing to stand for having gotten. 22
Judy Flattery &
Dave Flattery
Let’s Talk About It: The Atheism/Theism Spectrum of Belief Explore a “religious spectrum” from fundamentalist to atheist; distinguish the possibilities we create for ourselves and the “already-always listening” we have of “others.” 19
Larry Gantverg Transformation of Youth Through Golf Golf provides access to integrity and respect, is physically rewarding and fun, teaches strategic thinking, playing within the rules, dealing powerfully with and quick recovery from breakdowns. 47
Andy Gonzalez & Jorge Franco Depths of the Divine All levels of consciousness existed even before the universe was created. How do we attain these higher levels of consciousness? 13
Susie Goodwin Is Recovery from Autism Possible? YES! Discover what is possible when parents pursue relationship with their children instead of chasing a cure for autism. Are the medications and therapies necessary? 23
Tony Graddon Poverty, Wealth and Taxes Explore the link between the Land Tax, poverty and prosperity in selected states. Is this the key to ending poverty and homelessness? 17
François Guay A “Touch” of Transformation Come find out how transformation can be experienced through the art of massage. How being in the moment is magical. 1
Beth Haynes Healthcare Clichés, Memes and Euphemisms Let’s upgrade our national conversation on healthcare by identifying terms used for purposes other than clarity and understanding. 48
Jeremy Helm How to Throw a Party for Everyone. Creating a Global Pull for Communication Through the Design of Digital Platforms. Any conflict can be resolved by being in communication, and any future created. This is a design proposal for matching skills and opportunities. 4
Michael Henscey The Transformative Power of Divorce — A Service to/for Single Dads Divorce presents one of the greatest opportunities for personal growth that life will ever offer a person. Most of us let it pass us by. 20
José R. Herrera Imagining an Augmented Reality System: “Landmark, Digital Angels 2020” A provisionally-patented communication device and curriculum, enhancing environments with virtual teleportation, transforming the way we exist. 15
Laur Hesse Fisher How Do We Bring Together a Divided Nation? Launched in a Self-Expression and Leadership program, the nonprofit Civic Series helps people understand, think for themselves, and connect with others about the most important issues of our time. 49
Gale Holmlund Opening the Door to Accomplishment Around Racism and Prejudice Stop by to hear how you can move beyond shame to ownership, play and restoration when your own version of Archie Bunker shows up. 51


Lawrence Hui Toward A Bigger Conversation about Poverty in the United States The U.S. conversation is dominated by the notion of poverty as individual failure. But poverty is instead a societal phenomenon, a system failure. 16
Peter Johnson How Can Blockchain Technology Assist Refugees? How can the blockchain assist refugees? There is more to the blockchain than cryptocurrency; let’s open a discussion on refugees and uses of this technology. 24
Deborah Kaplan What’s Accomplished by What’s on Your Fork? Planet sustainability, world peace and vibrant health are directly influenced by what we eat. It’s easy to transition into eating more plant-based foods. 25
Jennifer Kenning Bridging Abundance and Scarcity with the Capital Markets We have enough capital to solve the world’s biggest problems both socially and environmentally. We must allocate capital so it is a force for change. 52
Ankie Kooy Intimacy and Sexuality Amongst Elderly People: A Taboo Worth Talking About! An inquiry into what we think while speaking about intimacy and sexuality of elderly people. 33
Jennifer Kraakevik Shine the Genius Within Discover how you want mental illness to look in your community, where you thrive. Let’s shine the genius within a new context of love! 26
Susanne Mähler To Be in Touch with Compassion and Love for a Healthy World To build self-love, you have to be in touch with your self-compassion. Then you can support other people to grow. 6
Robyn Maitland & Donna Novak Awakening the Depths of the Divine Through Pleasure Discover the depths of divine in self-realization that we truly are in spiritual consciousness as an aspect of being human. 14
Marc Malamud
Fun, Play and Ease in Death! An inquiry into how people want to live the end of their lives. Looking for an extraordinary end. “A study of palliative care.” 27
Terrence McClain Are You a Joy Fanatic? Joy Fanatic Foundation is a global catalyst promoting joy in all people. Annual events and programs are designed to empower all people in pursuing their creative passions. 18
Deborah “DeArah” Robin Mech Teaching Spiritual Diversity in Education: A Lifetime Commitment What would our world situation be if we taught spirituality in our schools? Would this accelerate global transformation for peace? Come see the impossible accomplishment! 9
April Moales
CryptoCurrency, Blockchain and the Future Blockchain is an emerging technology primed to revolutionize the way digital assets are valued and used on alternative payment systems for goods and services globally. 28
Mary Moga A New Standard American English Knowing Standard American English is essential to succeed. What if Standard American English reflected and honored the diversity of people in the United States? 11
Krishna M. Nair Storytelling: The Best of Father/Child or How I Failed to Get My Children to Go to Sleep The best stories start “Once Upon a Time, a Long Time Ago.” Hindu legends, warriors, gods, swords and magic. 42
Joe Ousby The Transformation of the Teaching of Mathematics “If you want to build a ship, don’t…divide…the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” 40
Jeri Passaro &
Marion Rose
The Art of Listening: What is a Conversation Worth Having? Engage in an inquiry about listening and create a possibility for new conversations. Discover a clearing where something new can be seen and said. 30
Merav Richter The Unsung Sheroes Project A reclamation of women’s “her-stories:” our deepest desires, unknown ambitions and hidden motivations. Because – we cannot be what we cannot see. 53
Elena Rulseh Food Security in the West Indies and the World We illustrate the expansion of locally grown and produced food on the small island nation of Barbados. Our Earth is an island too. 54
Bob Schaefer Transformative and Personal Experiences with Art What books, films, songs, paintings, plays or buildings have transformed how you engage with art? 34
John Severson Creating Environments That Satisfy Your Aims Environments make more of a difference than most people think. Creating the right environment pulls actions from you and others to meet your objectives. 2
Ruth Shields Promising 1000+ Languages Revitalized by 2030 Half the world’s languages will have disappeared by 2050. What is happening in the world of “language revitalization” worldwide and right here in California? 29
Shaul Shtock &
Katia Shtock
Freedom: A Global Conversation A conversation about freedom, its history, what it means today and what it can look like in a world that truly works for everyone. 55
Addy Smith The Eternal is Calling. What are You Hearing? You are committed to global transformation. How will you contribute? Exploring the Eternal’s call (Spirituality, Goodness, or Beauty) gives you your personal GPS. 56
Lynnie Sterba The Power of Community in Accomplishment My passion for painting and sharing it with others arises from embracing the spiritual, creating the beautiful and being supported by a foundation of community. 41
Christie Talbot Honoring Our Gifts: ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Schizophrenia (in order of global prevalence) Celebrating mental illness by upgrading the conversation, transforming our context and expanding our capacity for acceptance with love and magnanimity. Come play with us! 57
Sarah Thomas African Leaders Being in the Global Social Commons Did you know the 2015 United Nations Assembly unanimously adopted A Global Agenda to Transform Our World for Everyone? Africans are being leaders causing that future. 58
Franziska Trauttmansdorff The Journey of the Little Plastic Cup How one little plastic cup to sample free food builds up to 11.5 billion cups a year in just one store around the world. 59
Rain Warren What Would Be Possible if We Created a World That Listens? Engage in inquiry that allows you to distinguish and discover the power of listening. 31
Sally Weaver & Lucian Warren Peace on the Inside and Outside Engaging in conversations that transform the lives of incarcerated individuals by empowering them to access their inner resources. A world that works begins within us. 32
Angela Williamson Do We Experience Accomplishment Differently as We Grow and Develop? Participants will explore Adult Development Theory and what it might suggest about how we experience accomplishment at different stages of our growth and development. 38
Martyn Williamson & Liz Williamson “Let Medicine Be Thy Food” – Plant-Based Whole Food Eating for Best Health Prevent and reverse heart disease and diabetes and achieve a healthy weight. Share or discover fun in cooking and eating really yummy foods made from plants. 36
Laura Wolz What is important? How do You Measure That? We claim matters of importance. How do we measure what is important? What are measures that might point to a world transforme0d? 37