Conference for Global Transformation

2019 Poster Presenters


Presenters Poster Title Poster Summary #
Tony Allard & Catherine Derr The People’s Opera House Project Learn how you can bring the People’s Opera House Project to your community and create a 22
Jon Anderson  & Kelli Anderson On the Road to Global Connection Inspiring people to get out the door and follow their dreams as a family. Come play with us! 61
Bogdan Androne The Journey from Resignation to Being up to Something! Discover yourself by engaging in these questions: Am I doing what I like? What are my goals in life (personally and for community)? 52
Dorothy Annette A Wall, Really? To bring more awareness to the listening for our contributions to a world that works for everyone. 55
Paula Bass &
Myrna Nance
What Does It Mean to Be a Yes? I said yes to renting the Skid Row Marathon Documentary – an inspiring movie that changed my life and others I know of and possibly others. 57
Lenear Bassett-King What’s Your Legacy? What legacy are you causing and empowering others to play? Not for yourself, for them: Reach out, practice and play with others! Will you share? 80
Kim Black Dairy Farming as a Possibility Calf at Foot. The story of a micro dairy in the UK that is committed to making the world a better place for dairy cows. 76
Bernard Bleem Extraordinary Healing Through the Human/Animal Bond Expanding the capacity of our healing professionals outcomes with the use of animal-assisted therapy. 21
Susan Boeman What 1 Action Will You Take to Impact the Planet? Inspiring people to take new actions in their life that make a positive impact on the planet with structural reminders to take with them. 46
Carol Braford Pivot to Prosperity We can cause a world that works for all by being trimtabs that result in pivoting to a culture and economy in service to life. 28
Al Braun Would You Cause a Global Transformation? The New Culture Initiative is a network of forward-thinking people implementing a workable strategy causing a global transformation. 49
Maxine Brock Possibility Baby!! I have developed an audio, visual, tactile stimulation program using classical music, massage and range of motion exercises. 13
Nikki Brown Impact of Infections on Intimacy and Intercourse Millions are impacted by STI’s, which interferes with their level of intimacy in relationships. We want to transform how this occurs for all too many. 10
Gary Bryson Artists in Residence at Conference for Global Transformation 2020 Help create the opportunity for professional and amateur artists to exhibit their art at the 2020 Conference for Global Transformation. 89
Marilyn Burke What’s Eating You? An inquiry into the fads versus the facts about nutrition and health. 68
Hilary Burns Saying What Can’t Be Said – Pathway to Freedom Create a life free of constraints – by sharing and saying what can’t be said. Come create freedom for yourself and others! 4
Lavanya Challa 100-Day Games What gets accomplished and possible out of taking on something for 100 days? 18
Jean J. Chu Paradigm for Community Resilience: Factors for Transformation Wildfires, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, floods: Become resilient for any event, including war, by enhancing your community’s safety and security for now and the future. 50
George Tynan Crowley Shamanism Present Tense The current renaissance of plant medicine (psychedelics, et al) and shamanic trainings as visionary tools and means for transformation and creativity. 19
Lynn Darnton Healing Anywhere Heals the Planet Your yearning to heal the planet can be expressed personally, locally, and on any scale. Because everything is interconnected, healing anywhere heals the planet. 67
Kathleen Dickinson A Fulfilled Life Untethered by Geography Engage in the inquiries: “What would you do if you had an extra house?” and “Where would you go?” 7
Deirdre Donovan Homelessness in America: What’s So and What’s Possible Common mythologies about homelessness in America obscure the development of real solutions based on real data. We explore what’s so to get to what’s possible. 75
Renée Edwards Can Fulfilment Be Achieved Vicariously Through Characters in the Media? You’re invited to my poster to meet a character from the land of forgotten dreams. Can she bring fulfilment? Add your dream to the poster.  72
Wendy Eliopolo Family Preservation Technology Project To present a project that increases knowledge of parenting techniques, social services, parents connection to their children and improves job skills needed to increase employability. 66
Dr. Megan Evans Taking Responsibility for Whiteness What does it take to bring the distinction cause in the matter to “whiteness” inside a stand to end racism using art as a medium? 20
Wendell Fitzgerald More Than Enough Despite concerns or opinions to the contrary we, humanity, have more than enough of everything we need to solve all our problems. Let’s do it! 83


Jennie Fraine What Is Poetry If Not Digested Expression of Identity? Why I’m addicted to writing impromptu poetry for complete strangers anywhere and about anything. 58
Margaret Gillikin What Lines Aren’t You Willing to Color Beyond? Millions of people have vision problems. “See” the miracles we can create together, when community looks at the world with a “new pair of glasses.” 41
Tony Graddon Equality Matters Inequality is expanding in the USA, denying the opportunity of fulfillment to millions of people. What impact is inequality having on your community? 36
Glenn Greenidge How Can a Community Benefits Agreement Support Local Economic Development in Your Community? A Community Benefits Agreement is established with the surrounding community and the developer of a major project in that community. 63
Joanna Grimmond Woman and Technology – Beyond the Stereotypes and Selfies. Is technology a burden or blessing? Engage in an exploration of the opportunities and obstacles of existing and emerging technology in women’s lives. 60
Lynn Hellerstein How to Expand Your Vision Beyond Sight – More than 20/20 Millions of people have vision problems. “See” the miracles we can create together, when community looks at the world with a “new pair of glasses.” 81
Alan Herman A Look Beneath the Surface of Sex Trafficking…The Demand from Men What is the societal conversation that enables us to turn a blind eye towards or to ignore men who rape other men’s children? 64
Juaquin Hershman Biodynamic Horticulture The family in the home, in the garden, is the healthiest and the most environmentally sound way of living. 33
Lorrie Herzberg Emotional Freedom Techniques: Clearing the Past, Opening to a Possible Future with EFT EFT is a powerful, simple system of tapping on acupressure points to calm the nervous system. Release who you’re not, generate peace, transform the world.  2
Robert Hinton The Movement of Transformation Allow participants to look at the universal expression of the triangular form as seen in many manifestations in our world and beyond. 42
Alexandra Isaievych The Joy of Wholeness Discover and share what brings you joy. Let’s expand and deepen our experience of joy by exploring its infinite varieties with creative flair. 37
John Jensen
Why Politics? What drives us to complain about and criticize politics and government? What is the commitment in the background, for us, politicians and government officials? 48
Kirk Johnson Paradigms of Perception Life’s miracles often have mathematical footprints. Experience everyday miracles of color, emotion and time in a brand new way. 12
James Johnston &
Jay Carpenter
Exploring the Digital World: Personal and Community Authenticity Relating, understanding and creating oneself in the connected digital world presents new challenges for community and person alike. Challenge yourself in these new realities. 53
Deborah Kaplan What’s the Opportunity of Becoming (More) Plant-Based? Could becoming more plant-based be held in the context of adventure? What possibilities exist in the areas of health, planet sustainability, and social justice?  9
Kimberly Keese & Ginette Sauvé-Frankel What’s Gender Got to Do With It? An inquiry into the meanings and assumptions of pronouns, titles, and/or signifiers. 34
Annie Kempe “Can We Talk?” A Model for People with Contrasting Viewpoints to Communicate Constructively Trained volunteers knowledgeable about facilitating non-violent communication help small groups with differing opinions safely converse about controversial topics: Listening, learning, sharing, understanding and healing. 32
Amrit Kendrick Transforming Humans’ Relationship to the Natural World Standing in nothing’s wrong, and listening for fulfilment, where is the relationship between humans and the natural world being transformed? 45
Sue Koch How Can We Disrupt the Conversation About Ageism? How can we create aging as a stage of vitality, opportunity, and possibility versus the assumption that aging is about disengagement and decline? 29
Ned Komar Transformation Policy Project Using distinctions of transformation to resolve policy differences; really understanding how and why others see things differently; standing for causing breakthroughs in actual policy disagreements! 62
Maryann LaScala Estrogen Rising Women are empowered to discover, own and realize their leadership in the world as collaborators, community builders and peace makers.  6
E. Chloé Lauer What Is the Potential of Travel to Transform Us? Rediscover the shifts of your journeys by engaging in conversation with others. Listen and share; then add a note to the poster of travel transformations. 40
David Lazaroff Awaken and Cultivate Your Inspiration – a Modern Ballet – Tomorrow’s Flowers: A Contemporary Story of Eternal Love Fifteen years from inspiration to performance. What inspiration do you love so much that you’ll never let go your commitment to bring it to life?  1
Francine Lecoultre Global Team Hollywood A visual presentation for fearless success, greatness, joy and passion. Let’s create a bright future: Diversity, equality, inclusiveness, innovation and extraordinary partnerships. 74
Avril Lochhead Is Handwriting About to Become Extinct? In a world flooded by technology – where we communicate in multiple ways – does simple handwriting live in the fulfilment of our children’s futures? 56
Dr. Nina Master Eastern Medicine Meeting Western Medicine Come join the inquiry into how Eastern Medicine (acupuncture) and Western Medicine (contemporary) could combine holistic strategies to improve your health. 54
Christine Merchant Entering the Healing Temple –  A Day of Sanctuary for Women Discover possibility in experiencing a unique form of layered, integrative, embodied, healing techniques. What is the listening for creating sacred space? Who hears the invitation? 38
Rain Warren What Would Be Possible if We Created a World That Listens? Engage in inquiry that allows you to distinguish and discover the power of listening. 31
Susie Miles The Power of Autobiographical Performance: What Becomes Available When the What’s So Is Distinguished from the Story? Inquire into the process of creating your own autobiographical performance – through visiting mine.  We are all performers, we all want to be acknowledged. 39
Chris Miller Together We Can Save the World To encourage new ideas and formulation for a greater collective. Gathering groups, nonprofits, individuals and organizations that create ways to improve life on the planet. 79
Fred Moss Mental Health Globally: Comparing and Contrasting Symptoms and Treatments Worldwide Synopsis of culturally specific definitions, approaches and interventions as contextually-based phenomena, subject to pre-existing, prevailing conversations and cultural norms. Preview of “Global Madness” documentary. 24
Michael Mussman Play Actin’! Grab a script and play along. It’s a spontaneous outbreak of theater! No matter who you are, you’re invited to come and perform. 17
Rosy Navarro
I Am Here to Listen to You Without Judgments What if we all listen to each other without judgments? What would you say to transform the world? Say it, write it and the Universe obeys! 69
Conrad Neblett
Gentrification – The “G” Word. How Do We TRANSFORM Ourselves in the Midst of This Present-Day Societal Change? Gentrification affects three types of people: new arrivals, those displaced and those remaining.  We’ll explore social and emotional effects of this phenomenon through dialogue. 85
Joe Ousby
A Project to Bring Joy and Passion to the Mathematics Classroom Students, teachers and parents are inspired by and actively engaged in the mathematical conversations being generated in schools worldwide. 31
Gavin Palmer &
Jeanette Lewald
A New Communication Model for Fulfillment Would you like to be more clear, authentic, effective and powerful with freedom and ease? Come and be a 10 out of 10! 70
Ron Perry
Hydrating the World – Sustainably More than 2.1 billion people globally don’t have clean drinking water. Technology companies are harvesting water from the air to generate clean, pure drinking water. 86
Maryl Petreccia
Has Your Contribution Been Thrown Off Course? Transformation has unexpected turns and tough transitions that throw us off track and “interfere” with our plans! Can the way through lie inside these stops? 43
David Potter
Heart of the Matter Meditation – Listening for Fulfillment Our heart’s desire opens waterways to the eternal. This three-step meditation features:  movement, screams, or prayers; calming with silence; thinking using Post-its or drawings. 88
Kamau Preston &
Phung Pham
Let the Children Play Jamaica Come learn about a mobile DJ school that is starting with underserved young people in Jamaica to provide them with futures in the musical field. 11
Lee Ramirez
What If YOU Could Alter Any Community and Have It Ripple Around the World? Discover how you can easily impact someone’s life with one simple act of kindness. Share this love with anyone in your life and begin today!  3
 Paul Ratoff What Is My Company Committed To? Is your company committed to something beyond profit? Does it inspire you? Does it inspire others? Let’s discuss. 51
 Diego Robles Directing Cinema Through Listening What if you could experiment with how existence is written? What if by engineering characters and stories, you could model the movement of the cosmos? 77
Hal Rosen
Being Career Free What will you do with your one wild and precious life? 59
David Schwartz
Two Simple Paths to Better Heart Health Important research-backed lifestyle choices that most doctors can’t or won’t discuss with you about your heart health, and why they work.  5
Domenic Sedgwick
Darwin, Cloud Forests and Song…What Could Possibly Go Wrong? How can Darwin’s legacy expressed through music help us to deal with the challenges we face in our impact on the natural world? 73
Ruth Shields
Linguistic Diversity, Language Revitalization, and You This is the United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages. 2600 of 7000 languages are on the verge of extinction. Who cares? Why might you? 27
Shylaja Siddappa Enjoying Healthy Vegan Food Showing participants how to enjoy plant based food and have a conversation around the difference it makes. 78
Ellen Snortland
Beauty Bites Beast: The Missing Conversation About Ending Violence “Beauty Bites Beast” dismantles ancient structural language we inherit mindlessly – based on unexamined gender constructs. What if disappearing violence on the planet could happen? 26
Pamela Stambaugh
When Leaders Lead with Integrity and Love and Listen for People’s Greatness, What Fulfilment Is Available for Them, Their Teams and Their Stakeholders? In the United States, trust in leaders went down 37 percent according to the 2018 annual global Edelman Trust Barometer. Come bring your observations and suggestions. 25
Lynnie Sterba
Beauty Beckons Fulfilment An exploration of the emotions connected with fulfillment through participation in a community painting allowing for access to the eternal through beauty and community.  8
Caroline Stritzinger
The End of Alzheimer’s – A New Possibility Prevention strategies to decrease your risk of dementia, trends in research, traditional and alternative approaches including some surprising and lesser-known alternative-treatment successes. 82
Anne Swanberg
Using Universal Human Needs to Guide the Heart of Our Solutions When we experience conflict, our feelings can be a window into the universal human needs that we are trying to fulfill. This illuminates more solutions. 84
Laurie Sylla
What Would an HIV Cure Mean to You? Creating Meaning Through an HIV Cure Tree Explore what others around the world say an HIV cure would mean to them. Add your thoughts on what a cure would mean to you. 65
Christie Talbot &
Biff Euhler
Generous Listening: Planting a Seed to Heal a Nation Be fully expressed! Stop by to be held in a space of generous listening, love and gratitude by someone from the opposite political stance. 87
Sarah Thomas &
Susan Kralj
African Leadership Transformation—One in a Million One million leaders in 10 years. Africans being leaders fulfilling leadership as their own self expression out here right now. 71
Jerrie Ueberle
World Academy for the Future of Women An inquiry into what social justice, gender equality and human rights for women will generate. How  fully-expressed women will create leadership possibilities worldwide. 23
Simina Van Clief-Prohor
Spirituality as a Way of Being – Path of a Peaceful Coexistance Spirituality has existed since ancient times. Practicing spirituality or being a spiritual person creates an opportunity to improve our destiny. 30
Daniel Vasicek
Recognizing Fake News Automatic recognition of fake news can be done in three ways. We can use Bayesian statistics, linguistic distances, or Neural Networks. 16
Avena Ward &
Thomas Corbett
Can Student Exchange Change the World? Four aspects of transformation are examined — learning new language, adopting family, immersing in culture and reflecting on the experience — with one family’s experience with cultural exchange. 35
Lorraine “Rain” Warren &
Toby Goldberg
Listening for Fulfillment: Haiku Style! Can you Haiku? Yes, you can! Come create a display and mini-performance of Haiku about what fulfills and lights you up! Everyone welcome! 15
Rob West
The HSE: A Visualization of Carbon Dioxide in the Global Atmosphere The HSE is a novel means of visualizing the growing concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and provides a basis for discussing its impact. 47
Jason Winfrey
Don’t Wait for Your Deathbed! Say It Now with Love What difference do we really make in another person’s life? Our world alters when we start acknowledging people for the gift they are for us. 14
El (Elwyn) Wong
Eternity and Health Physical health is insufficient, based on survival. Let’s talk about the Italian romantic way! I lead you through a brief demo accessing you through Eternity. 44