Conference for Global Transformation

Breakout Sessions

Submissions closed on October 1, 2019

Proposals are invited for two types of Breakout Sessions: Workshops and Panels.

Workshops, typically led by one to two people, are intended to have people inquire into topics related to the theme of the conference as expressed in the Call for Papers and Other Contributions. Successful sessions tend to provide access to new contexts, thinking, ideas, practices and performance regarding matters the session leaders and participants care about, are committed to, or wish to make real in the world.

Panel sessions have three or more people giving short presentations on topics related to the theme of the conference as expressed in the Call for Papers and Other Contributions. The presentations may be followed by questions, discussion or inquiry.


Each Breakout Session presenter must be a Wisdom Unlimited graduate who has attended the Conference for Global Transformation as a registered participant at least once. Presenters are expected to register for the conference by April 1, 2019, and are required to accept and abide by the agreements listed on the worksheet and submission form.

Worksheet and Submission

Download the worksheet, from the link below to prepare your proposal before you submit it online. The worksheet has all the fields from the online form as well as guidelines and examples. We suggest using it so you have all the information you need ready to paste or enter into the online submission form. Submit your proposal by following the link below.

We select breakout sessions on your submission so please provide enough detail so we are clear how you intend to use the hour-long session. We need more information than just the concept of what you are thinking of doing. Please provide a timeline, including material you intend to present, questions you will ask, how you will engage the participants, and anything else you would like us to know.


If you would like support preparing your proposal before the submission deadline, please email There is a place on the submission form to indicate if you would like support if your proposal is accepted.

Notification of Acceptance
You will be advised whether your breakout session is accepted by November 18, 2019.

Submissions closed on October 1, 2019, for the 2020 Breakout Sessions

If you want to contact us, our email is