Conference for Global Transformation

Join the Assisting Team

Assisting team members are a critical part of the conference and contribute their talents before, during and after the conference. Teams are currently seeking team members for the teams listed below. If you are interested in contributing to the conference in this manner, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.


Conference Assisting Teams

Let us know which of these areas interest you:

  • 2,000 or Bust Team – be a part of expanding the conference to 2,000 people in 2023 by sharing about the conference at events and with friends, family members and colleagues throughout the year
  • Administration & Conference Management – managing pre-conference correspondence, and assisting Conference Manager
  • Assisting Program Management – coordinating the Assisting Program, and supporting the team leaders in building their teams and supporting the people who assist
  • Content Team – supporting contributors in developing their content and staffing the Future Content Zoom room at the conference
  • Hospitality Suite – creating opportunities for conference participants to get together during the conference and staffing the Hospitality Suite
  • Journal – this editorial team reviews the papers and reports submitted to the Journal of the Conference for Global Transformation and provides feedback to the authors
  • Keynote Speaker Services – assisting conference Keynote speakers as they prepare and present
  • Posters – assisting conference poster presenters as they prepare their video posters
  • Promotions – promote the conference year-round via various social media sites and creating online promotional campaigns
  • Proofreading – proofreading and managing the production of conference collateral materials
  • Registration Fulfillment – causing registrations throughout the year and supporting participants prior to the conference
  • Registration Room – staffing the online registration Zoom room during the conference
  • Technical Support – supporting conference participants with Zoom and their personal technology
  • Webinar Team – managing all aspects of the production of the conference general sessions, including supporting keynote speakers with their technology — sound, cameras and lighting
  • Zoom Room Managers – create a space of workability in the Zoom rooms and support the workshop presenters as needed