2020 Poster Presenters

Poster Presenters

Presenters Poster Title Poster Summary #
Larry Adams Is “Age Reversal” Possible for Human Being? Recent scientific discoveries are pointing to the possibility that human aging may be reversed by reprogramming the epigenome that has governed this process for eons.
Handout available here.
James Aldridge The Value of Direct Air Capture to Climate Restoration This poster will have a description of Direct Air Capture and how important it is to the Climate Restoration project.
Owen Allen Dancing after the Australian Bushfires When events leave us speechless and traumatised, dancing, and being in action like a dance, could help. Come along and share, where are you unmoved?
Handout available here.
John Bartas BioMoods: A Big Data Concept to Transform Mental Health Ever felt depressed, anxious, overwhelmed or just plain stuck? BioMoods, a free ‘Big Data’ app, will help you TRANSCEND. All (really IS) well. .
Rachel Barwell &
Rose Grant
Potent Climate Action: Parallels with Pandemic Responses The COVID-19 corona virus shows anything is possible. Ideas of the future can transform overnight. Then why not other seemingly impossible futures – like reversing catastrophic climate change?
Handout available here.
Gunilla Birkestad Touch – Making A Difference Intentional, therapeutic touch provides calmness and peace, making a difference in your well being, health, sleep, pain relief and awareness, healing your body and soul.
Handout available here.
Queen Ann Cannon An Exploration to Have a Longer
Healthier Life After 60 and Retirement
To change the cultural conversation from illness, drugs and pain to one of possibilities and contribution now that time and passion is available in retirement.
Handout available here.
Maureen Charles &
Doris Scott
How Do the Wisdom Tip Songs Contribute to a Life that Sings? RUNNER UP FOR PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD:
The late Jon Charles wrote/recorded 6 Wisdom Tip Songs – lyrics & melodies that stick in the brain. How has his contribution impacted you?
Greg Cotten Indigenous Relations: An Originating Relationship with the Power to Transform the Climate Crisis Transforming the climate crisis requires more than addressing the circumstances. It requires transforming our relationship with the original caretakers and the Earth itself.
Kathy Fedori  &
Julia Dederer
Climate Restoration Rocks A grand invitation to pull the plug on no possibility and rock our World.
Geoffrey Fenn &
Hooshang Mozaffari
Saving the Planet Half a Brick – One Bottle, Electronic Device – at a Time Sometimes our commitments can be overwhelming. BIG! Huge!! What can I do as an individual?
MarySue Foster This Made Me Happy Today Generate “happy” at the drop of a hat. A single burst of happiness can be amplified and sustained by others who are listening and sharing.
Jim Fowler The Troubadour of Possibility What if everyone had a song as unique as their fingerprints, expressing who they are and their commitment to the world? Come discover ‘Your Song’.
Handout available here.
Jill Gass &
Liz Inglese
Creating a Vision For Advancing Women’s Professional Cycling Worldwide Professional women cyclists have an exciting career path with recognition, fiscal security, and advancement opportunity, that inspires girls worldwide to become one. 14
Josephine “Jōs ” Hanan What Would Make the Biggest Difference for Women Entrepreneurs? Women are becoming one of the fastest growing segments of entrepreneurs. How can we support Women Entrepreneurs’ success and inspire more people to buy from them? 15
Lorrie Herzberg Making a Difference with Emotional Freedom Techniques Emotional Freedom Techniques is a simple, powerful process of tapping on acupressure points to release emotions and beliefs from the nervous system.
Handout available here.
Alexandra Isaievych Embracing the Unknown through the I Ching Bringing together visual art and 64 archetypal patterns of the I Ching as a powerful way to explore what lies beyond the visible realm.
Handout available here.
Deborah Kaplan Making a Difference by What’s on Your Fork Reducetarian? Explore how you might make a difference by consuming less meat, dairy and eggs. Improve your health and all life with play and ease.
Handout available here.
Fatima Kazem Detoxothon – A Race to a Better You. Community based challenges to develop healthy habits in health and nutrition in the lower socioeconomic communities and expanding to all communities.
Handout available here.
Thomas Klein Women’s Ordination: A Fresh Look at What’s Possible for Catholics Choose to join a grassroots MOVEMENT to support the spiritual, psychological,
and financial needs of the next generation of women leaders in the Catholic Church.
Tom Klein’s handout.
Ola Lagunju Could We Really Make Organizational Listening a Thing? Discover and explore what could be created by collective listening. Stop by to add ideas and dreams and contribute to the why, what, and how.
Fatima Lemus The Practice of Love If love is a function of communication, how do we practice? Inquire, be present and create your practice to being love. 22
Avril Lochhead Ending Illiteracy One Game at a Time – Children Laughing and Loving Learning Games that literally make a difference!  Five simple, blank word card games, children gain repetition making games, cutting up cards. “Let the games begin!”
Handout available here.
Beatrice Lozada Time Served on the Outside: Impact of Incarceration on Families Empowering conversations around incarceration and the impact on children, families and the community. Bringing awareness to the needs of incarcerated parents and family members. 24
Kate MacKinnon Women, Aging and Visibility Our society deems women invisible after a certain age and that is something we can change, so younger women never feel their light go out.
Handout available here.
Kristen Mangione Who Do I Say I Am: An Access to the Eternal See yourself as an expression of the Eternal. Meet yourself newly, through your own reflection and that of another. 26
Marie McNeal GNG Good News Global Imagine a world where people could choose good news or regular news.  “Good News Now” would focus on the positive impact on the world.
Handout available here.
Melina Mellor A Conversation for Living your Dreams We all have dreams that we’ve forgotten or haven’t been fulfilled. Come get reconnected with your dreams and speak them into a powerful listening.
Fred Moss Involuntary Hospitalization and Incarceration–Rehabilitation or Punishment? Comparing and contrasting these two similar societal responses to untoward behavior of its citizens. Where are we now? Where might we be in the future?
Rosamaria Navarro What If Making a Difference Around the World Is Fun and Exciting? Would You Be Committed to Do It? This poster will show participants that anytime is a great opportunity to make a difference around the world having fun and excitement being in community! 30
Karen Nelson How Can We Harness What Arises in Emergency in the Everyday? During the recent Australian Bushfire crisis, profound ways of being emerged that created connected, self-generative communities. How can we create this without the life-threatening emergency?
Joe Ousby A Project to bring Joy and Passion to the Mathematics Classroom Students, teachers and parents are inspired by and actively engaged in the challenging interesting mathematical conversations being generated in schools worldwide.
Handout available here.
Carol Redfield Computer Games Making a Difference See how applying the lessons of computer gaming transform educational and decision-making processes for individuals and communities.
Handout available here.
Paul Rippey Going Viral: What I Learned about Using Music to Help Ideas Spread Singing a song about highway widening to the Portland City Council had surprising results! Here’s how to write songs that make a difference.
Handout available here.
Valerie Salter &
Becky Ward
Being with Cancer How I chose to be with cancer, what the journey taught me, what I’m grateful for and how play showed up.
Handout available here.
Saj Shah JOY – Is This Our Untapped Renewable Energy Source to Create a World That Works for All? Stop by to discover and share your triggers of joy in life that can inspire others to create breakthroughs in their communities.
Ruth B. Shields “New” words – language invention and reinvention in the age of language revitalization and the Covid-19 pandemic Speakers of all languages – endangered or thriving – need to make up words for new things. Here are five ways ALL languages do this.
Handout available here.
Candace Shivers,
Meaghan Miller Lopez &
Liz Dietz
Aging: Say Something That Has Never Been Said Before PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD WINNER:
How does the existing network of conversations about aging shape our lives? Practice saying what’s never been said before as we co-create a new context.
Handout available here.
Rahbin Shyne The Play and Art of Doodling What if being an artist is as simple as releasing a unique expression into the world? Come doodle with me. Share it. Inspire creative communities.
Handout available here.
Natalie Sofer What does Equality Mean to You? Join the inquiry about what equality means to you, after viewing a collage of same sex married couples on their wedding day or celebrating their life together.
William Sparkes Making a Difference/Granting Being – The Fine Art of Talking to Strangers Photojournalism created by utilizing listening, granting being, and getting present to someone else’s world. Visually discovering the human being hidden behind the mask.
Lynnie Sterba The Force Of Love Participants will generate “who you are for me” cards with the intention of  sharing with the global community and watching the Force Of Love grow.
Handout available here.
Anne Swanberg Using Universal Human Needs to Guide the Heart of Our Solutions When we experience conflict, our feelings can be a window into the needs that we are trying to fulfill and that can illuminate more solutions. 43
James Taylor Artificial Intelligence Framing artificial intelligence so that participants can build relatedness by inquiring about strategies for generating action when they are stopped from being in action.
Sarah Thomas &
Susan Kralj
Africa Leadership Transformation: A Social Commons for a Million Leaders by 2030 Inspiring stories of Africans being leaders in social commons where everyone’s a leader and all self expressions make a difference for all Africans.

Franziska Trauttmansdorff What’s on Your Bucket List? Come explore the game of what your bucket-list could look like, listening for something bigger than yourself, and declaring the impossible possible.
Jerrie Ueberle &
Vivien Young
World Academy for the Future of Women This session will describe the action leadership programs that have been operating in China, Nepal and Bangladesh enabling women to accelerate women’s leadership worldwide.
Handout available here.
Second handout available here.
Kaye Ure Leadership Gets Dressed – What Does a Leader Look Like? A leader looks like a charismatic version of themselves.
What are the keys to looking great and commanding attention while being authentic and self-expressed?
Carolyn Vincent The state of our world begins on YOUR street! Discover what YOU can easily do on a regular basis to recreate the “Village” – thus facilitating a sustainable network of support for everyone.
Handout available here.
Lori Watkins The Cassandra Project – Creative Arts in Mental Health Communities Learn how the Artwork of Lori Watkins represents a mission to expand appreciation of art, to improve the quality of life in public healthcare facilities.
Handout available here.
Richard Watson Investing for Better “Investing for Better” gives participants insight into the dynamics by which private capital can be allocated to fund initiatives designed to build a better future.
Handout available here.

Key to the Inquiries of the Social Commons

Social Commons: The memory you forgot   
Living As A Created Self: Carving out new pathways for life
Public Persona: Who do they think I am?
Contribution: Why busy people listen
Measures: The art of comparison
Discourses: The building blocks of meaning
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