About Us

Landmark Wisdom Courses

We are committed to a life of transformation.  We offer courses, conferences, and an active community designed for people like you who want to discover themselves in a social commons dedicated to wisdom. Participating in these activities opens up new  avenues of exploration in your personal and professional life and in the world at large.

The Team

Angela Amado
Valerie Andrews
Christine Arbor
Cynthia Barnett
Kerry Berry
Joan Bordow
Helga Christian
Owen Coffey
Andrea DiCarlo
Marci Feldman
Jerry Fishman
Helen Gilhooly
Emily Humphrey
Judy Owens-Manley
Marjie Parrot
Joyce Pike
Brian Regnier
Julie Reynolds
Julia Simms
Linda Rose-McRoy
Kelly Spiegel
Lily Starr
Peri Steffenhagen
Monique Sullivan
Catherine Tews
Megan VanSinderen
Tobin White