Conference for Global Transformation

2018 Keynote Speakers


The Keynote Speakers for the 2019 Conference
will be announced early in 2019.

Joseph DiMaggio, M.D., is a senior Landmark Forum leader and the executive accountable for Landmark’s Research, Development, and Design. DiMaggio has an extensive background in the material, abstractions and distinctions that underlie and are a part of Landmark’s offerings. A graduate of Yale University and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, DiMaggio was previously a director and senior cancer researcher at Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York City, where he coordinated major projects that combined clinical medicine and basic laboratory studies in the effective treatment of such diseases as melanoma and lung cancer. He also served as assistant director of the cancer treatment division of a multi-disciplinary medical group involving 128 physicians and a staff of nearly 200 people treating nearly 10,000 patients a year.
MaryJo McGrath, is an author, investigator, expert witness and attorney who is nationally known for her work in the areas of bullying and discrimination, sexual harassment, and principal/teacher communication and effectiveness. Upon graduating from law school in 1977, McGrath took the est Training and subsequently completed most courses at Landmark. She was a seminar leader out of the Los Angeles center for more than 25 years, leading to thousands of graduates. McGrath considers her Landmark education the source of all her personal and professional accomplishments. She served as expert consultant to the Office of the California Governor on teacher tenure reform and has been the featured legal expert on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, the 48 Hours programs, ABC’s 20/20 and many other national television shows. McGrath also served as chair of the United States Department of Education Safe, Disciplined and Drug-Free Schools Expert Panel.
Linda Anderson, is CEO of a consulting firm with global clients committed to transforming early childhood education. She is the retired vice-president of education at KinderCare, where her role impacted more than 150,000 children daily. Since 1974, Anderson’s work has spanned direct service, program administration and policy advocacy in the field of early childhood education. She has been featured on radio and television and has been cited in national publications as an expert in her field. In 2015, Anderson was recognized as one of the nation’s Exceptional Master Leaders by her industry.

State of the World

Angela Amado, Ph.D., has led transformational programs for 30 years and has been a Wisdom Course Area leader since 1994. She leads the Partnership Explorations course and heads training and development for the Wisdom Course Area. She has worked in the field of disability for more than 30 years in various capacities, including national research, international consulting and government policy. She has authored key books on inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities into the community and conducted training across the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and Israel.
Dr. Khush Cooper is committed to a world where governments, organizations and communities fully support excellence and diversity for children and families. Following a highly successful career as a social worker and nonprofit executive, she began an entrepreneurial and thriving consulting practice which is committed to changing the human services landscape by providing innovations that cause organizations and communities to thrive. She teaches public policy and the Being A Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course at the University of California Los Angeles School of Public Affairs. She has been engaged in transformational work for 13 years and lives in Los Angeles.

Closing Session Speakers

Chloe Bird is a senior sociologist at the RAND Corporation and professor at Pardee RAND Graduate School. Bird is transforming women’s health and catalyzes breakthrough science on men’s and women’s health. Her research examines gender disparities in health and health care and how the contexts in which we live shape our health. Her book “Gender and Health: The Effects of Constrained Choice and Social Policies” calls decision-makers to work for everyone’s health. As senior advisor to the National Institutes of Health Office for Research on Women’s Health, Bird works for a healthy world for everyone, everywhere.
Coral Crew Noble was the recipient of the Editor’s Choice Best Paper at the 2017 Conference for Global Transformation. Crew-Noble is a master consultant of the 21st Century. Born in London, England, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in management from Pepperdine University, and studied on four continents during her Global Executive Master of Business Administration program at Duke University. Crew-Noble tracks an initiative for “World Peace with Velocity,” empowering collaboration and furthering nationwide participation in the fulfillment of Jamaica’s national development plan—Vision 2030. Facilitating conversations among national leaders promotes support for an expression of leadership, the unquestionable birthright of the human experience.
Saeed Seyed has been a technology senior manager in Silicon Valley for many years and has worked for large corporations in telecommunications, computing and graphics, managing teams globally. He is a leader in innovation and holds 20 patents. He has been engaged in transformation for 30 years and has led and sourced transformational courses in the Middle East inside his commitment to peace. Seyed has a commitment to quality of life for all through innovative thinking and technology. He has been married for more than 30 years and has two daughters.