Conference for Global Transformation

2023 Keynote Speakers

The 2024 keynote speakers will be announced
early 2024

Drew Kopp

Drew Kopp, Ph.D, is the co-author of Speaking Being: Werner Erhard, Martin Heidegger, and a New Possibility of Being Human, an unprecedented study of the ideas and methods developed by Werner Erhard. Kopp is a professor of writing in Rowan University’s Writing Arts department. His expertise and research are in the areas of rhetorical theory and pedagogy and the practice of rhetorical and ontological inquiry. He is particularly dedicated to the implementation of these theories and inquiries in the development of curricula that looks at the role inquiry plays in transforming the understanding of self and world.

Louise Glaser

Louise Glaser , MD, was a pediatrician for 25 years and a medical school professor for four years when she was inspired to choose a new path. With a vision of medically, emotionally and spiritually supporting children with complex and life-limiting conditions as well as their families, Dr. Glaser completed a fellowship in hospice and palliative medicine. She now works for a major medical center in Sacramento, Calif., providing palliative care for children and adults of all ages. Her new role is a culmination of her training, experience and promise for the world — all people experience being empowered and nurtured, especially around their wellbeing.

Mick Leavitt

Mick Leavitt, president, Landmark Worldwide, has been on Landmark’s staff since 2001 and has served as president throughout that time. Prior to that, Leavitt was a designated seminar leader for Landmark over an 18-year period and led introductions to The Landmark Forum over three decades to tens of thousands of people. He became a Landmark Forum leader in 2014. A Tony Award-winning Broadway producer, Leavitt founded several theatrical companies. He has a bachelor’s of fine arts degree from DePaul University and also attended The Theater School conservatory.


Closing Address Speakers

Ibrahim AlHusseini

Ibrahim AlHusseini is an impact investor and philanthropist dedicated to advancing social and environmental change. The managing partner of FullCycle, he was an early investor in Tesla, Infinera, Bloom Energy, and Uber Technologies, among others. Recognizing the urgent need for a circular economy, he founded FullCycle in 2013 to invest in early-stage technologies that can revolutionize our relationship with waste. In 2020, FullCycle-Climate was launched to provide expansion capital to accelerate the deployment of gigaton-scale, climate-restoring technologies. He also sits on the boards of The Rainforest Action Network, The Biomimicry Institute and The Global Partnership for Women and Girls.

Myriam Carius

Myriam Carius is an attorney, entrepreneur, global leader and co-founder of Carius Krueger and Partners, an international law firm focusing on natural resources, infrastructure, and energy sectors in Africa. As a result of her participation in Landmark’s Team Management and Leadership Program, Carius relocated to Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, after working in international law in Paris and London. Carius advised the African Development Bank on the structuring of financial transactions in the natural resources sector and is actively involved in initiatives that aim to assist women in Africa become successful entrepreneurs. The ambassador for Côte d’Ivoire of the Women Entrepreneurship Day Organization, she was the recipient of the Women’s Leadership Achievement Award in 2015 in Mumbai, India.

Dr. Te Raukura Roa

Dr. Te Raukura Roa is a former center manager for Landmark’s Auckland Center. She is an indigenous Māori woman from Aotearoa, New Zealand, and a powerful stand for the empowerment and freedom of her people. She is passionate about the revitalization of her language and culture, and transformation for all people of Aotearoa. She has a Ph.D. in Māori studies and is Fulbright Scholar. She is a published author, and an owner and director of two Māori businesses, Roa Ltd. and ManaWhatuĀhuru Ltd., which are committed to the creation of Māori language resources, and the development of Māori knowledge-base programs.

State of the World


Angela Amado, Ph.D., a global leader in the field of disability for more than 30 years, has authored several books on the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and has conducted trainings on the subject throughout the world for people with disabilities, families, support agencies, and state and federal governments. For more than 30 years, she has led transformational programs, including the Partnership Explorations program, for Landmark’s Wisdom Course Area. In addition, she oversees training and recruitment of leaders in the Wisdom Course Area.
Khush Cooper, Ph.D, is the founder of an entrepreneurial consulting practice transforming the human services field,  which has contributed to social services organizations and communities thriving as a result of Cooper’s innovations. She is an adjunct faculty member at Luskin School of Public Affairs at UCLA where, among other courses, she leads Werner Erhard’s Being a Leader and Effective Exercise of Leadership course.