Conference for Global Transformation

2019 Keynote Speakers


Brian Regnier has been working in the field of personal transformation since 1972. He is the creator of the Conference for Global Transformation and the courses and programs of the Wisdom Course Area, a Landmark Forum leader and, since his recent official retirement in January of this year, designs special projects for Landmark Worldwide.
Helen Gilhooly has developed and led courses with Brian Regnier since the 1970s and was the first Wisdom Unlimited course leader in 1990. She has led many of the now-retired Consulting Courses like Productivity, Service and Well Being; Mastery of Well Being; Nature of Reality; Power and Contribution, and Creation of Freedom. Helen led Exploring the Fulfilled Life vacation course and now leads the Transforming Yesterday’s Strategies vacation course. She will be retiring in January 2020.
Seamus Ford, thought innovator and Landmark’s Global Internet and Social Media Manager, will expose a phenomenon the world finds itself in the middle of, a phenomenon that is fueled by social media’s manipulation of content. He asserts that our world is stuck in a paradigm that if you are “for something,” you must be “against someone.” People argue online and unfriend their best friends because we don’t distinguish between being “for something” with being “for a person.” The result leads people to believe we have less in common than we do. In a timely keynote address, Seamus takes a stand that it is possible to be committed to an idea without being against anyone at all, no matter what your cause, political view or belief. Seamus will explore the roots of these divisions in language and the way declarations divide us.
Robin Quivers, arguably America’s most popular female radio personality, has sat on the other side of the glass as co-host and anchor of the Howard Stern Show for three decades…and has always done exactly what she’s wanted to do. She served as a nurse for two years in the United States Air Force and soared on to drive race cars, survive cancer and advocate for healthy eating with her book that won the NAACP Image Award. She even recorded an album after Howard secretly kept a log of her vivacious singing.  Robin’s powerful voice will roll through what it takes to fulfill on your dreams beyond circumstances. She will reveal her personal inquiry on being with stories of her provocative conversations that are transforming the world on the airwaves of America.
The Rev. Sarah Lammert is a parish minister, published author and tireless advocate for the revitalization of professional religious leadership.  Sarah recently completed a term as the first female chair of the National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces, which represents more than 150 faith groups. Fulfilling her vocation as an executive in the Unitarian Universalist Association, Sarah embodies an entrepreneurial spirit in ministry while empowering creativity and innovation in others.  She will deliver a keynote address on listening for your calling, and what it takes to stay in touch with this calling even when you encounter seemingly immoveable obstacles.

State of the World

Angela Amado, Ph.D., has led transformational programs for 30 years and has been a Wisdom Course Area leader since 1994. She leads the Partnership Explorations course and heads training and development for the Wisdom Course Area. She has worked in the field of disability for more than 30 years in various capacities, including national research, international consulting and government policy. She has authored key books on inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities into the community and conducted training across the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and Israel.
Dr. Khush Cooper is committed to a world where governments, organizations and communities fully support excellence and diversity for children and families. Following a highly successful career as a social worker and nonprofit executive, she began an entrepreneurial and thriving consulting practice which is committed to changing the human services landscape by providing innovations that cause organizations and communities to thrive. She teaches public policy and the Being A Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course at the University of California Los Angeles School of Public Affairs. She has been engaged in transformational work for 13 years and lives in Los Angeles.