Conference for
Global Transformation


May 20-22, 2022

Participate virtually from wherever you are.

Discover new ways to take a giant step beyond what  you had considered possible.

Investigate the nature of ongoing transformation.
Meet and connect with engaged leaders and change makers.
 Learn from the experience of others.
Invent new ways for your commitments to unfold.

Allowing Vision to Speak – 2022 Conference Theme

Here you are. At work on fulfilling a future that wasn’t going to happen, and expressing it. And then something happens – and everything stops. You, or it, have “hit pause.”

You don’t need to figure out who you are, or what your life is for, or what your vision or commitment is. You already know those. You are them, and they are you. Perhaps, pausing is the opportunity to distinguish your thoughts and feelings about what happened from what actually happened. In that moment you are returned to listening and looking, and the unfolding gift of living true to your vision or commitment.

What can you listen to now? Whose contribution or what resources might you now be able to include? Where do you see your vision wants to go next? What could you create for the fulfillment of what you now see is possible?

We invite you to play a part in the 2022 Conference for Global Transformation by submitting a contribution proposal – a journal paper, workshop, work of art, collaborative video, report from the field or poster – based on what you have discovered living in service of your vision and commitments for the world.

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