Conference for
Global Transformation


May 21-23, 2021, Hollywood, California

Discover new ways to take a giant step beyond what  you had considered possible.

Investigate the nature of ongoing transformation.
Meet and connect with engaged leaders and change makers.
 Learn from the experience of others.
Invent new ways for your commitments to unfold.

Registering Accomplishment – 2021 Conference Theme

Accomplishment, when not ignored or discounted, calls for new language, new listening, and new actions. What we say about what has happened has consequences. We could use where we have fallen short as an excuse for stopping, or we could notice, by registering the accomplishment, that we now have even greater openings to act. In registering accomplishment, we become available to see things we were not able to see and say things we were not able to say; we have new opportunities to play, to add existence and membership, and to restore and create integrity.

This year we invite you to submit a paper, poster, Report from the Field, breakout session or artwork based on your experience living in the world where the commitments you have created are alive, unfolding and developing. Ideal topics are those that acknowledge, celebrate, and strengthen your creations, as well as share the possibilities and futures you can now see and develop.

Announcing Four Special Events Coming in September

The 20th anniversary of the Conference for Global Transformation, was unlike any other before. It was extraordinary!

In order to allow many more people to experience the impact of the 2020 Conference,  we have created a full-day event that has never been offered before. This special event will be offered in four different time zones to serve our Wisdom graduates all over the world. It is a one-day Conference at less than half the price of the unique three-day Conference we held in May.   Find out more

Journals of the Conference for Global Transformation

2020 Journal Read / Download PDF Purchase Printed Copy
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Details & Registration

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Keynote Speakers

2021 Keynote Speakers will be announced in early 2021.
Review the 2020 Keynote Speakers.


The 2021 Program of keynotes, breakout sessions, poster sessions
will be announced in the spring of 2021.
Review the 2020 Program.

Destination Details

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Call for Papers and Other Contributions

Read about the conference theme and ways to contribute content to the 2021 conference.
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Play a Key Role

Lead a workshop, write a journal paper, present a poster, submit a Report from the Field or
artwork for exhibition, or join the assisting team.
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Participate Year-round

Join our weekly Inquiries of the Social Commons held throughout the year.
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A look back on 2020 Conference for Global Transformation

Our 20th anniversary conference, find out more