Conference for
Global Transformation 2018

May 18-20, 2018, Monterey, California

Discover new ways to take a giant step beyond what  you had considered possible.

Investigate the nature of ongoing transformation.
Meet and connect with engaged leaders and change makers.
 Learn from the experience of others.
Invent new ways for your commitments to unfold.

A Life of Accomplishment – 2018 Conference Theme

You and I have certain commitments to a world that works, whether just for the people we love most dearly, or for entire populations. Sometimes what we do to fulfill these commitments works, and at other times the actions we take fail. If you are like me, you resist failing, and from time to time, give in to the young-aged conversation that we shouldn’t fail—only succeed.
Let’s face it, when you and I are at work on something bigger than ourselves, something that hasn’t ever been done before (at least by us), we are going to fail along the way. It is how we choose to relate to failure that makes the difference. How we are being in action and communication, how we respond to the breakdowns we declare, how we speak to build support and listen for what others offer us, how fully and authentically we forgive ourselves and others, how we choose to stand in each new moment of now—these choices, all inside our speaking and listening, may hold the keys to living a life of accomplishment and a life of fulfillment.

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