Conference for
Global Transformation


May 19-21, 2023

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Participate virtually from wherever you are.

Invent new ways for your commitments to unfold.
Investigate the nature of ongoing transformation.

Meet and connect with leaders and change makers.
 Learn from the experience of others.
Discover ways to go beyond what you consider possible.

Announcing the 2023 Pre-Conference Session

Access to Being: Discover the Distinctions
of The Landmark Forum

With Drew Kopp, Ph.D., co-author of

Speaking Being: Werner Erhard, Martin Heidegger, and a
New Possibility of Being Human

Friday, May 19, 2023
8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. US Pacific tme
$249 US
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Creating a World of Belonging — 2023 Conference Theme

Perhaps the vision that we have allowed to speak belongs to all of us, and we are stewards rather than sole owners. Perhaps we all belong to that vision, not the other way around. Perhaps we belong to each other.

Belonging to a community of transformation, our attention can shift beyond “little old me” and “my” project. Together, we can turn off unnecessary suffering, and we can surrender into a joyous accountability for making collective possibilities real. Possibility becomes infinite. And the impossible becomes possible.

We invite you to play a part in the 2023 Conference for Global Transformation by submitting a journal paper, workshop or poster proposal, report from the field, work of art or collaborative video based upon what you continue to discover and create, living in service of your vision, inside of the possibility of a world of belonging.

Journals of the Conference for Global Transformation

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Details & Registration

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Keynote Speakers

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The 2023 program will be posted in April of 2023.
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Call for Papers & Contributions

Read about the conference theme and ways to contribute content to the 2023 conference.
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Play a Key Role

Lead a workshop, write a journal paper, present a poster, submit a Report from the Field,
artwork or collaborative video.
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Participate Year-round

Join our weekly Inquiries of the Social Commons held throughout the year. Fifteen inquiries on Zoom are held at various times each week and offer the opportunity to investigate aspects of six critical topics for someone with a commitment for the world.
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Learn about Inquiry Explorations, the program designed for conference participants who want to be in action all year long on their commitment for the world and develop conversations to launch or forward that commitment.
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A look back at the 2022
Conference for Global Transformation

Our 22nd Annual Conference, find out more.