Conference for
Global Transformation


May 17-19, 2024

Participate virtually from wherever you are.
Discover ways to make a difference in the areas of the world that matter to you. Be empowered to take on a commitment for the world or empower others who do.

Meet and connect with leaders and change makers. Learn from the experience of others who are impacting life on the planet. Discover ways to go beyond what you consider possible.

Being the Source of an Ever-Expanding Life

A Pre-Conference Session with Balvinder Singh Sodhi

Our Pre-Conference Session in 2024 will be a rare opportunity to have a two-hour, in-depth inquiry into the nature of expansion. What would life look like if you were the source of an ever-expanding life and ever-expanding results? What if you could infinitely expand?

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New Conference Previews

Please plan to attend at least one of the Conference Previews listed below.

These 90-minute Zoom calls will provide you with:
1) Advance access to this year’s virtual platform on Webex Events,
2) A detailed tour of this year’s platform, and
3) Ways to connect with people from around the world who share your interests.
You may find it worthwhile to attend more than one preview.
Conference Previews will be held on Zoom, Meeting ID: 415 321 2223.

  • Every Wednesday starting April 3rd through May 15th, from 12 noon – 1:30 pm US Pacific time
  • The following Saturdays at both 9 am and 3:30 pm US Pacific time for 90 minutes:
    • April 6th
    • April 20th
    • April 27th
    • May 4th
    • May 11th
  • Plus, the following additional dates, the week of the conference:
    • Tuesday, May 14, from 12 noon – 1:30 pm US Pacific time
    • Thursday, May 16, at both 9 am and 11 am US Pacific time for 90 minutes

In a Dance with Word — 2024 Conference Theme

When Word emerges from Being it is an expression of a created self. It evokes a response, elicits participation, creating a dance with the world. There’s an abundance of resources including all time and space. Our commitments occur as natural, necessary and achievable.

When we make commitments in order to be accepted, get by, look good, or to fix the world and anything that’s wrong in it, we turn the world against us. Such commitments often take on a note of being contrived, manipulative and unfulfilling. When we notice we are no longer empowered by our commitments, the opportunity arises to return to the dance with Word and what really matters to us.

Word expressed from Being ignites an original created Self, ongoingly. Engagement is natural; action is enlivening and fulfilling. Word arising from Being is an answer to what is wanted and needed, and what we will do, be or have (almost) anything to realize.

Journals of the Conference for Global Transformation

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Details & Registration

Prerequisites, tuitions, registration and more.
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Keynote Speakers

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Call for Papers & Contributions

Read about the conference theme and ways to contribute content to the conference.
2024 Call for Papers

Contribute Content

Lead a workshop, write a journal paper, present a poster, submit a Report from the Field,
artwork or collaborative video.
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Inquire Year-Round

Join our weekly Inquiries of the Social Commons held throughout the year. Fifteen inquiries on Zoom are held at various times each week and offer the opportunity to investigate aspects of six critical topics for someone with a commitment for the world.
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Learn about Inquiry Explorations, the program designed for conference participants who want to be in action all year long on their commitment for the world and develop conversations to launch or forward that commitment.
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