Vacation Courses

Landmark Wisdom Courses

Explore topics that transform—a breakthrough vacation adventure. Combine being on a  vacation with exploring and  deepening the distinctions of transformation.

Each  Vacation course focuses on a particular topic  designed to expand your facility with the  conversations for designing your life, your work,  and your contribution in the world.

Transforming Yesterday’s Strategies

See how default strategies determine relationships and begin to relate from a place beyond that to create a new realm of possibility for relating. Find out more>>

A Life that Sings

Explore and deepen the areas of life that are working, in the company of a group of like-minded people who are committed to having their life sing! Find out more>>

Models of All of It

Explore the nature of the reality we inhabit and the ways in which we are in an argument with that reality. Find out more>>

Structural Explorations

Recognize the influence of gestures, facial expressions, postures in your interactions. Explore what’s possible and generate new spaces in which you can grow and develop when you add new structural language to your repertoire. Find out more>>