Vacation Courses

Relating—Transforming Yesterday’s Strategies

Have a Breakthrough Vacation, a Week of Discovery.

In this seven-day vacation course, delivered at a spa or resort, you examine the conversations and strategies you’ve developed over your lifetime—how they’re shaped by gender and how the same patterns occur over and over again. These patterns and our strategies are embedded in every conversation.

In this course you’ll gain insight into the strategies you’ve used to relate to people of the same sex and of the opposite sex. You’ll see how your strategies determine your relationships, begin to relate from a place beyond your strategies, and create a new realm of possibility for relating.

Program Logistics

Relating—Transforming Yesterday’s Strategies is a vacation course that consists of course sessions held during a seven-day period and is offered in a variety of vacation spots. Course sessions vary each day depending on the other vacation activities scheduled. This is a vacation, yet we recommend that participants attend all course sessions.

Participants in the course can bring along family and friends, as space permits. The price for family and friends will not include tuition fees.

Prerequisites: Completion of, or current participation in, the Landmark Wisdom Unlimited Course.

Relating—Transforming Yesterday’s Strategies course
is not currently open.