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Structural Connections

Have a Breakthrough Vacation, a Week of Discovery

Everything we do and everything we communicate include “structural language”— ongoing, repetitive gestures, facial expressions, postures, and so on. Becoming aware of this and its influence lets us increase our effectiveness and can be crucial to the fulfillment of our commitments. In the Structural Connections course, you’ll explore what becomes possible when you access this aspect of your conversations. Like adding a new room to your house, adding new structural sentences to your repertoire generates new spaces in which you can grow and develop.

This course bypasses understanding and explanation and goes directly into practice. Existing, habitual conversations disappear and you’ll find yourself effortlessly shifting matters that appeared to be fixed.

Course sessions are approximately four hours per day.

Prerequisites: Completion of, or current participation in, the Landmark Wisdom Unlimited Course.

2023 Dates To Be Announced Soon!