Year-end Vacation

2020 Virtual Year-end Vacation Artist Project

Tributes to Humanity


These video presentations are the creation of collaboration groups comprised of Wisdom graduate artists. The videos were used to ignite conversations in the parallel track to the main course session at the 2020 Year-end Vacation.

Celebration of Humanity Tribute I

Adrian Bishop, Animator
Agnes Bourne, Poet and Narrator
Bruce Campbell, Artist
Andrea Fono, Artist
Murray Hidary, Composer, Pianist, Sound Editor and Engineer
Jenna Rae, Soprano

Celebration of Humanity

Laura Basha, Painter and Poet
Mari Harris, Singer and Songwriter
Barbara LaValleur, Photographer

My Vacation from Worry

Simcha Borenstein, Writer and Video Editor
Andrea DiCarlo, Collage Artist and Photography
Mary Glasser, Narrator and Voice Artist
Trish Longhurst, Visual Artistr

Live Love and Be Loved

Jim Fowler, Musician and Songwriter
Paul Freyermuth, Photographer, Video Editor, Voice Artist
Jeannette Lazet, Quilter
Sara Shai, Poet, Sculptor, Painter and Lyricist


Dawn McKenzie, Musician, Songwriter and Artist
Joe Ousby, Mathematician and Artist
Mary Ann Tate, Photographer and Poet

That Touch

Mary Alterman, Writer and Visual Artist
Antoinette Cooper, Poet, Singer and Photographer
Alexandra Isaievych Mason, Artist, Dancer, and Executive Producer
Lucy Pearce, Poet and Writer

The City and the Calm

The City and the Calm
Andrea Fono, Videographer
Frank Rocky, Listener
Amy Weinstein, Film Advisor

Mutable Patterns

Margot Ayer, Writer and Voice Artist
Corey Feist, Composer and Songwriter
Adrienne Fritze, Artist
Danica Lani, Choreography and Dancer

Humanic Celebration

Lynn Darnton, Harpist
Jenny Nilson, Dancer
Raul Phoenix, Video Editor
Pam Prosser, Weaver
Max Sokoleski, Musician
Joakim Stephenson, Choreography and Dancer

Spirit of Humanity

Craig Addy, Pianist, Composer and Video Editor
Vicky Hoffman, Artist
Diann Spicer, Vocalist
Lisa Zaharoni, Artist

Hummingbirds and Dragonflies

Bruce Campbell, Video Artist
Robyn Maitland, Video Director
Izzy Miller, Artist
Sean Potter, Composer, Songwriter and Vocal Artist
Dræyk Van Der Horn, Stop-Motion Artist
Mark Van Der Pol, Video Composer and Design

Human Warriors

Marcus Bell, Composer and Songwriter
Francine Lecoultre, Costume Designer and Video Director
Jennifer Meylan, Model
Tricia Rodrigo, Video Animator and Editor

Dance with Humanity

Pascal Benichou, Dancer and Video Editor
Maggie Davis, Artist
Dave Hoon, Musician
Lynnie Sterba, Artist

A Message

Scott Buch, Sound Artist
Angelina Cacciato, Storyboard Artist and Video Director
Meaghan Miller Lopez, Visual Artist and Author
Linda Munch, Soprano
Diane Paull, Visual Artist
Haans Peterson, Visual Artist and Video Animator
Corrina Sephora, Visual Artist and Producer
Rita Tucker Williams, Spoken Word Artistr

Nature as a Witness

Grant Lamora, Composer, Songwriter and Musician
Cindy Lee, Artist, Animator and Producer
Aldo Liclican, Creative Director and Editor