Year-end Vacation

Frequently Asked Questions

Location and Hotel

Q: In what part of Mexico will the Year-end Vacation be held?

A: Dreams Natura Resort & Spa located in Riviera Maya, Mexico, south of the Cancun airport.

Q: What is this area known for?

A: Riviera Maya has 80 miles of white sandy beaches and is home to more than 2,500 cenotes, semi-open limestone caves or sinkholes, believed to be the entryway into the Mayan underworld. The area is known for Mayan ruins, modern resorts, and the second-largest barrier reef in the world.

Q: Is it an all-inclusive resort?

A: Yes! Your tuition includes all meals, drinks, taxes and gratuities.

Logistics and Travel

Q: How do I find specific logistical information about traveling, the hotel and tours?

A: After you register, you will receive a Welcome email from our travel agent that will have all this information. In addition, a packet will be mailed to your home in late October/early November with additional information about excursions and traveling to Mexico.

Q: What do I need to know about traveling to Riviera Maya, Mexico?

A: You will fly into the Cancun International Airport (CUN). Passports are required for travel. Participants are responsible for adhering to any requirements and being up to date on what those are.


Q: When does the Year-end Vacation begin?

A: There is an optional Orientation on Monday, November 27, 2023, at 6:00 pm local time. The first General course session is 10:00 am local time on Tuesday, November 28, 2023.

Q: When does the Year-end Vacation complete?

A: The final General course session is on Saturday, December 2, 2023. There is an optional Bye-Bye Breakfast on Sunday, December 3, 2023. You are free to schedule your return flight on Sunday at your convenience.

Q: What are General Course Sessions?

A: There are five General course sessions where we will directly engage in this year’s inquiry.

Q: Do I have to stay in the session the whole time?

A: No, you are free to leave at any time; however, we highly recommend that you plan to stay for the entire session.

Q: What if I miss a session?

A: If you miss a session, we recommend that you connect with a fellow Year-end participant and ask them to share with you.

Q: Can a non-course participant attend any of the events?

A: Yes, your non-course participant is invited to attend the optional Orientation, the Welcome Reception on the 1st night, the Welcome Dinner on the 2nd night, the Farewell Dinner on the last night, the Bye Bye Breakfast on the last day, and Evening Sharing held throughout the week.



Q: How can I find out who is registered?

A: There is a closed Facebook group just for registered participants: 2023 Year-end Vacation.

Q: How do I book excursions?

A: A packet will be sent to you from our travel agent at the end of October/beginning of November containing information for the excursions planned especially for the Landmark group. When you arrive at the hotel, you will be able to sign up for the excursion(s) you want.