Wisdom Unlimited Course Participation

For a Lifetime of Growth and Development

Below are several resources you may find useful, as well as some specifics about how to participate in preparation of, and to actually begin, your course.

Opportunities to Participate before Your First Session

  1. Community Gatherings of the current Wisdom Courses

You are invited to attend any of the Community Gatherings between now and when your course starts.

Anyone 15 years of age or older is welcome to attend these free gatherings that are part of each Wisdom weekend. Come be in the same inquiries and explorations as the people in the current Wisdom Course.

Information about current Community Gatherings

  1. One-on-one conversation to explore and build what you’d like to accomplish in the course

Schedule a time to speak with a senior person in the Wisdom conversation for personal attention on what areas of life you want the Wisdom Course to impact. Please contact your Wisdom Course Leader to request a scheduled call with a Fulfillment Specialist. If you do not know who your leader is, or do not know how to contact them, access the date sheet for your course here to find the information.

Planning to Participate

  1. Information for attending your first session

How to join your first session

Can’t make it to one of the dates of your weekend, and need to visit another city?
(For Wisdom courses other than Wisdom for the Arts and Wisdom for Elders)

If you have a conflict with any of the weekend dates for your Wisdom Course, you’re welcome to visit another Wisdom Course for the weekend you’ll miss. We highly recommend doing the entire weekend at one time.

Universal Schedule for all dates of the 2024 Wisdom Courses
Please note: The courses are delivered in the local time zone of the course location.

How to let us know you need to visit a Wisdom weekend other than the course you’re registered for:
Please fill out this Visitor Google Form: https://tinyurl.com/WisdomVisitorGoogleForm
You will receive a logistics email Wednesday evening before the weekend you are visiting.

  1. Complete your Legal Terms in your Landmark online account
  2. Pay a tuition balance
  3. Wisdom Course Area Video Conference Etiquette and User Guide
  4. Test your sound and video for being on Zoom

Recommended devices: We recommend using a computer to join your online sessions rather than a phone or tablet. Phones and tablets are limited in functionality, and we have found operating Zoom from them is more difficult. If you must use a phone or tablet, please use a stand to hold your device.

Wisdom Unlimited Bibliography

While not a mandatory part of the Wisdom Unlimited Course, these books offer a variety of perspectives that will contribute to your growth and inquiry while preparing for and actually being in the Wisdom Unlimited Course.

View or Download the Wisdom Unlimited Bibliography

2024 Special Interest Wisdom Courses Date Sheets

Wisdom for the Arts & Wisdom for Elders