Conference for Global Transformation

2020 Journal Article Authors

(The 2021 Journal Paper Authors Will Be Announced In Spring 2021)

Jean J. Chu

Jean J. Chu is an earth scientist trained in the United States in geology and geophysics. She has worked with the United Nations and local communities to implement approaches in disaster forecasting and preparedness. Her present focus is to integrate the most relevant advances in science and society to reduce the impact of natural hazards. Born and raised in New York, Chu has a U.S. passport and resides in New York, as well as in Beijing, China.

Dolly Costello, Ph.D.
Dolly Costello, Ph.D., co-leads the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course with Effective Action Consulting. Her commitment is to bring leadership to the worlds of addiction and recovery. An educational psychologist, she earned her Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley, specializing in students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, autism and mental health issues. Costello earned her “Clowning Around” certificate recreating herself as Dr. Dolly, offering alternatives to Prozac and therapy. She plays with Patch Adams on humanitarian tours. Her Impossible Promise is: Children of all ages live life fully and play with a passion for life itself.

Coral Crew-Noble

Coral Crew-Noble is a master consultant in the 21st century global community. Born in London, England, she recently led a systems change project empowering collaboration and facilitating conversations among national leaders in Jamaica. This led to transforming the culture of Jamaica’s maximum-security prisons and galvanizing an update of legislation for correctional reform. A human resources professional and change management practitioner for more than 15 years, Crew-Noble supports an expression of leadership as the unquestionable birthright of the human experience. Having studied on four continents, she holds a Global Executive Master’s in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in management.

Brigitte Deneck
Brigitte Deneck, a French citizen who has lived in London for 21 years, has studied and taught many areas of communication, such as languages, acting and psychology, and holds a British post-graduate certificate in education. She now specializes in Pneumaphonie®, a method which focuses on the power of breath and voice to be and communicate in the world.

Sandi Eaton Richards

Sandi Eaton Richards is a structural engineer who has run her own businesses for more than 20 years. She first participated in The Landmark Forum in London in 2007 and has been a stand for out-of-area communities since then. Her growth and development have gone hand in hand with causing transformation in her out-of-area community. Working with refugees in Europe has challenged her experience of happiness and making a difference. She has recently taken on causing a World Happiness Team and World Manifesto for Happiness, enrolling community and world leaders to propagate transformational happiness.

Wendy Eliopolo
Wendy Eliopolo is a special education teacher and associate professional counselor. Her passion is social emotional learning (SEL) and leadership. She brings SEL to every aspect in each of her careers, especially when working with children and their parents. She and her husband, John, live in Georgia and have been Landmark graduates for more than seven years. Eliopolo is actively involved in coaching the Partnership Explorations course and learning how to support the measures needed for successful courses in the Landmark Family Division.

Eileen Forrestal
Eileen Forrestal, a retired consultant anesthetist, now engages full-time in the business she co-founded in 2006 – producing transformational diaries, journals and events for adults and teens. She is committed to healing the suffering in the world, encouraging awareness and authentic self-expression. Having spent years putting “people to sleep,” Forrestal is now at work “waking people up,” inspired to make a greater impact on personal health and well-being with words than with one pair of hands. She is an author, speaker, coach and mentor who uses her experience, wisdom and insight to make a difference in the world.

MarySue Foster
MarySue Foster has enjoyed many years of living. She has been a nonprofit executive and fundraiser, teacher, entrepreneur, artist, trainer and author, and plays the piano medium well. She has participated since 1981 in various Landmark programs as a student and leader. She is a graduate, at 66, of the Starr King School for the Ministry, a Unitarian-Universalist seminary in Berkeley, California, earning a Master of Arts in religious leadership for social change in May 2010. Foster lives near her multicultural, multigenerational family of origin, volunteers widely, looks after her grandchildren and plays seriously as a mixed media artist.

Susan Hoskins

Susan Hoskins has more than 30 years of experience in the government sector, private sector and nonprofits delivering programs that promote economic self-sufficiency for disadvantaged people around the world. She provides coaching and designs trainings to expand the capacity of individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations. Hoskins founded the Coalition for Economic Empowerment in 1996 to provide economically empowering programming that supports parents and youth living in the District of Columbia. In addition to her extensive community work, she has been a staff member for Landmark for two years and has led the Self-Expression & Leadership Program for more than four years.

Robyn Maitland
Robyn Maitland has a master’s degree in organizational management and 25 years of cross-industry experience providing change and training consulting. She now believes happy, engaged workers are living their vision, mission and passion. Maitland is a public servant providing quality data assurance in the Department of Behavioral Health in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Gordon Martin

Gordon Martin is president of People Places & Things, a vacation rental and experiential tourism company in Newfoundland, Canada. He chose to do The Landmark Forum in 2003 out of his desire to quit drinking and has been participating or assisting with Landmark ever since. He uses the distinctions of both transformation and recovery as part of his ongoing growth and development. A poet who writes about his everyday encounters with God, he currently assists with Partnership Explorations. He will soon be publishing his first book of recovery poems entitled, “The In-Between.”

Brian McFadin
Brian McFadin, certified professional coactive coach, is a master-certified professional coach and business consultant, helping solo-preneurs, executives and entrepreneurs to clarify the soul of their mission and accomplish it with passion, ease and joy. McFadin lives in Boise, Idaho and Costa Rica.

Susie Miles

Susie Miles teaches courses in equality and diversity in education at University of Manchester. She began her career as a teacher of deaf children working in England and then in Swaziland, southern Africa, where she became a mother of two children and a global networker on issues of disability and education. Since 2017, she has been performing her autobiography inside a context of children growing up in a world without discrimination and raising awareness about apartheid. She is committed to bringing the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course to universities in the United Kingdom.

Fred Moss
Fred Moss is a nondiagnosing psychiatrist, committed to transforming the narrative of mental health and mental illness. He has been in the mental health field for more than 40 years and has promised to create a world where each and every person will know that their voice can be heard and that who they are and what they do matters. Finding ways to unify humanity using communication pathways that are either overlooked or unrealized is a high priority in his life’s work.

Kathy Norman

Kathy Norman lives with her dog, Bella, in San Jose, California. She is a collection of contradictions. For example, she loves and avoids writing, and she embraces and avoids people and relationships. She believes everyone makes a difference to the planet and great technologies enable people to make the difference they want to make. Blockchain is one of those technologies. Norman is happy and honored to be part of blockchain. Until recently, she believed that “words matter,” that a communication works because specific words form an intended meaning. Now, she is not so sure.

Ruth B. Shields
Ruth B. Shields is a linguist working in the area of endangered language revitalization. She has been working with the last living speaker of Xay Tsnu (Southeastern Pomo), a language that has been spoken around Clear Lake, California, for more than 14,000 years. She is creating a board game for people to teach each other their languages. Shields has been participating in Landmark’s programs for 27 years and in the Wisdom Course Area for 26 years. She currently lives in Santa Rosa, California.

April Shoemaker

April Shoemaker was on staff at Landmark World Headquarters from 2006-2012 and went on to author “Empowering Parenting and One-Hour Potty Training.” After assisting at her first Conference for Global Transformation in 2014, she published various articles in the journal: Workability and Power: Lessons From Villains (2015), Parenting as an Inquiry (2016) and Dancing in the Clearing (2017), and won an award for her poster on villains. She empowers parents to create their unique style of parenting and to gain confidence as a parent, and inspires people to reinvent themselves with her wild adventures and engaging sense of humor.

Gordon Starr
Gordon Starr, CEO of Starr Consulting Group, empowers visionary business leaders through the delivery of the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course, Werner Erhard’s cutting-edge leadership program. He has worked in organizational transformation since 1985 prior to which he was a senior executive in Silicon Valley. Starr has a master’s degree in business administration from Stanford University. He is on the Pachamama Alliance board and on the faculty for Mastery Foundation’s School for Leadership. Starr and his wife, Lily, have been married 50 years, live in San Francisco and have participated in Landmark’s work since 1973.

Ed Stroupe

Ed Stroupe spent 35 years as a software developer and designer. With Mary, his wife of 28 years, he co-founded Integritas, Inc. and led their development group to achieving five national certifications of their electronic medical record software. Since his retirement in 2013, he has devoted his time to a passionate study of philosophy, and, in 2017, he published his first novel, “Signaling: A Message from the Future.” Stroupe sees the “Discourse as Access” inquiry as a powerful way to forward transformation in the world. Currently, he is a graduate student. He and Mary live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Jessica Tishue
Jessica Tishue is an entrepreneur, environmentalist and foodie who is committed to inspiring one billion people to go plastic-free.

Melinda Voss

Melinda Voss was a 26-year staff writer for the Des Moines Register and Tribune, a co-founder and executive director of the Association of Health Care Journalists and public relations director for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system before retiring. Her book, “From Mango Cuba to Prickly Pear America – An American’s Journey to Castro’s Cuba and Back,” was published in 2018. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in public health. A 2001 graduate of The Landmark Forum, Voss has taken many Landmark courses and assisted in various accountabilities. She became the journal editor in 2018.

Marcos Wilson
Marcos Wilson is an immigrant father, known as “Yoda” to his granddaughters. Born and raised in Panama of Jamaican grandparents, he followed his dream to the United States to study engineering at Cornell University. An information technology executive coach/consultant and recovering “startup junkie,” he loves creating teams to build the impossible. This includes the transformation of leadership in Latin America and the West Indies. Wilson took The Landmark Forum in 2006 and served as an introduction leader and Introduction Leaders Program coach for eight years. He is the source person for the Wisdom Course Area in Washington, D.C.