Conference for Global Transformation

2022 Artists for Global Transformation

Information for the 2023 Conference will be posted in April 2023.

Artists for Global Transformation

Our art exhibit this year can be viewed on YouTube. Embedded in the name of each work of art listed below, is a link to a each YouTube video.

Artist Title Summary
Alexandra Isaievych
Seeing What Is Important
Looking Inward
Crossing Beyond
As a visual artist, my art is about what we can see if we are to allow our vision to go deeper, further, wider, or beyond what is ordinary and habitual. Revealing these deeper layers is the opportunity presented by going off the beaten track into inquiry and exploration presented by these colorful marks on canvas. Let’s expand and allow our vision to speak what needs to be heard.
Andrea Fono
Beauty and a Dare I realize my artistic and intellectual aspirations through a variety of modes and media, including writing, painting, and poetry. My paintings, mono-prints and photography are visual meditations that remind me of my connection to the rest of humanity, and, ultimately, the infinity of the cosmos. I hear a calling for a new kind of Eco-justice-artist whose function will be to bridge ideas, conversations and cultures. When we are able to see our relationships, and the earth as sacred, we will not want to exploit it, nor each other.
Andy Monks


Apperception Disturbance A definition of vision is the facility to see. To be able to see anything, eyes first need to process light. This enables us to fulfill the definition of vision – the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. Light in the world of a physical model is a wave, a disturbance that transfers energy. I wonder how our vision expressed through language disturbs what’s already perceived and transfers something, transforms something. I am exploring this through my art piece in this year’s artwork through 3D modeling and rendering to give some visual representation to this model.
Barry Pogorel


Self Portrait
Creating Vision is looking out into the Nothing and seeing the Emergence. I stand before the vastness of the restless sea—the foundation for being, the everything nothing. Behind me, clouds like turbulent thoughts. I look out into Vision, or perhaps I’m looking at you, clear-sighted, penetrating, asking “Who are you? What are you up to? What is the Vision for your life?” I have always painted, showing my work in a number of galleries and museums, including the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. I taught drawing at UCLA. I cannot imagine Life without Art.
Bruce Torquil Campbell
Dræyk van der Hörn
Scotland, Thrice Bound
The design of this piece is based on the triquetra, the Celtic symbol of eternal spiritual life, with a heart woven through. Dræyk and I had a vision of creating a new life for ourselves, for our relationship and our connection to the world. Moving to a community at Findhorn in Scotland, this piece is a celebration of the realization of our vision and our love of being here, and Tists being present to new creative possibilities.
Jeannette Lazet


The Fabric of All of It
I am a passionate quilter and collector of fabric scraps. This quilt combines different sized blocks and small scraps of fabric. I have embraced the notion that many tiny fragments of an idea come together to allow vision to speak. Old blocks I made a few years ago inspired the Allowing Vision to Speak theme and I discovered that there were blocks with a tiny piece of fabric in them that was replicated again in some way in another block. While seemingly an eclectic mix of fabrics, together the scraps allow for a vision to speak.
Lori Watkins


Sin When looking at participation, from practicing a sport, to creating the form and structure of the arts, there are many “ups and downs,” “bumps in the road,” and “one step forward, two steps back” moments. What if these moments were actually the prize? The painting, “Sin”, is inspired from the actual translation, “to miss the mark.” What can be discovered by missing the mark? I am an artist of impressionist and expressionist work producing contemporary art in oils on canvas and acrylics.
Lynnie Sterba
Eternal Beauty
Vision speaks through my painting because my paintings speak my vision. I have a vision of a world where people are connected to their shared humanity through the beauty and inspiration art provides. I begin each painting by grounding myself in the word “love” which I paint on the canvas. I am then drawn to my paintbrushes and paint to explore a world guided by vision and created on canvas. Each painting is a chance for me to be self-expressed and provide wonder. The paintings I am submitting are all inspired by the colors, beauty, movement and rhythm encompassing nature.
Michelle Lockert


The Gift: Past, Present, Future of Fem Power
The art piece is a symbol of the beauty, strength, and allure of the female reproductive system. The slight movement is meant to capture the twists and turns that women have historically and presently maneuvered through and persevered. “Allowing Vision to Speak” opens new conversations about what is possible for women (all over the globe), what is next for the woman’s reproductive system, and for women’s rights. When we allow our vision to speak for the protection and longevity of feminine empowerment, we expand the nexus of humanity.
Suzanne Burdon


Dancing with the World
I did Wisdom on the Web for the Arts in 2020, in a group of four people with my wonderful Participation Partner, Maggie Davis, the renowned abstract artist. Since the course, her group has been working on going to “NOTHING”, where words do not play a role, and where what is expressed is an expression of SELF. My two commitments for the world are: providing love and listening and having the programs of Landmark translated into all the major languages of the world. This painting is an expression of that vision.