Conference for Global Transformation

2022 Video Posters

Information for the 2023 Conference will be posted in April 2023.

Video Poster YouTube Playlist

Our posters this year can be viewed on YouTube. Embedded in the name of each video poster listed below, is a link to each YouTube video.

Title Presenter Summary
13 Hours in a Car with Mom: Discovering Joy in the Process of Dementia Rick Allred Discovering miracles when caregiving for a family member with dementia and experiencing all our emotions including joy.

A World of Family Love
Peg Miller
Videos of the art of marriage and the joy of family, showing both out of Peg and Bob’s marriage of 56 years.

Allowing Images to Speak #1
Douglas Dunn
What makes vacation courses so memorable and valuable? I share my feelings through images of my trip to Lake Tahoe from San Francisco for the A Life That Sings course.
Come Be Inquisitive.

Allowing Images to Speak #2 Douglas Dunn This poster is a ‘tree trail’ created as part of my conference Report from the Field – “Allowing Presentation to Speak.” It was first presented in November 2021.

An Abstract Vision Expressed Through Painting
Lynnie Sterba
An artist demonstrates her painting process allowing vision to speak through artistic expression.

An Unending Cycle of Becoming – 1 & 2 of 5
Craig Addy
Kristen Mangione
Lynnie Sterba
Meryl Sher
Multiple artists create their combined vision in a video compilation of art, music, dance, singing and poetry based on the five Chinese elements.

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An Unending Cycle of Becoming – 3, 4 & 5 of 5 Craig Addy
Kristen Mangione
Lynnie Sterba
Meryl Sher
Multiple artists create their combined vision in a video compilation of art, music, dance, singing and poetry based on the five Chinese elements.

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Artist Inspires Artist and Vision Speaks
Craig Addy
Lynnie Sterba
Music spontaneously improvised from an abstract painting and a conversation about it. Bringing voice to imagery. Discovering a new way for vision to speak.

Belonging to and Living in a Landmark Community Holly Lila Hubert Consider creating and living in a multigenerational housing development which addresses our needs for belonging and community with a rich social atmosphere among Wisdom graduates who embrace Landmark distinctions.

Beyond the Sound of Silence 2 Rose Grant Is it better to forget or remember trauma? Time and truth-telling two hundred years after Tasmania’s brutal Black War.

Biological Reprograming and the Fountain of Youth Larry Adams Recent scientific progress regarding the possibility of age reversal is reported here with news of global science and technology leaders taking on the challenge together.

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Confident, Competent, Compassionate Children to Adult Learners
Joelle Gregorius Play is a child’s work. Through play they make sense of the world around them, which serves them extremely well in life and in society.

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Creating an Alternate Vision to Revalue Waste Through the Process of “Redesign”
Caroline Cumberbatch New ways of conceptualizing second-use items to recognize them as a resource for a form of interior design that makes a significant contribution to our personal, social and environmental sustainability.

Debunking Myths: Children and Homelessness Gina Jones
Jacqueline Matranga
Debunking myths provides facts and realities about children and homelessness and resources at the community, district and state level.

Empowering Vision in Pauses of Life with Inquiry Vicki Thorpe Walk with me down the yellow brick road of inquiry and use this pause to arrive at a new expression of your vision.

Festival of Possibility – Seeing a Difference
Catherine Green How do we tell our stories? Creating an online International Film and Integrated Arts-Media Festival for Landmark community filmmakers and artists.

Fiercely Bringing the “Being” into Education Curtis Aubry Being a stand for the future, fiercely teaching underserved middle school students to master themselves, their environment and life while learning mathematics.

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Good Global Vibes with Marie McNeal & Guests – Raising the Vibration of the Planet
Marie McNeal A national news station engaging the world on daily positive events. A world that works for everyone.

Happy Healthy Human — Deep Into Healing Dorothy J. Torrey Thriving while co-existing with cancer for 18 years.

History Unleashed: Bring a New Future by Building on the History and Power of the Past
Alex J Sosa Through actually looking at history we have an opportunity to create something new. Let’s create something new together.

How Do You Share Your Cookie?
Lori Watkins The cookie story distinguishes a relationship created between a brother and sister in preschool that lives and thrives today forty-two years later.

How Does Love Measure in Your Life?
Lynn Underhill Expansion of understanding of love through the exploration of my own and others’ experiences of generating love to enhance the experience of living life.

I Am Humanity – Allowing Vision to Speak Susan Hoskins I Am Humanity – Allowing Vision to Speak captures the expressions of the flourishing of humanity in a collage of voices capturing their commitment in a mosaic.

I’m Hungry! Is Anyone Listening? Community Responds to Teen Hunger
Dorit Edut Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network organizes Snack Packs Program for teens facing food insecurity via urban high school.

Just Love People
Jolien Connor Just Love People is about giving compassion, empathy, and love to people we have made wrong.

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Mental Malware – Disinformation and the Erosion of Societal Integrity
Mary Manrod
Mike Manrod
While disinformation has been around since the age of antiquity, in recent years it has taken centerstage as a highly disruptive force.

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My Two-year Journey in Measuring Education – the Art of Comparison
Gisele Larose Explore of the art of comparison in measuring educational attainment. I distinguished I had passion collapsed with righteousness.

News Broadcast (May 20, 2032)
Myriam Carius What would be the content of the news broadcast if we were to allow our vision to speak?

Point of LIght
Adrienne Coulter Bringing together music, art & spirituality to evoke a presence of the eternal.

Presenting Art Online – Challenges and Opportunities
Alexandra Isaievych When presenting art online, where so many things distract our attention, how do artists support their viewers into a deeper experience with artistic creations?

Remain Stopped
Bill Paul Video is about a traffic condition in which motorists do not tend to stop, and remain stopped, behind school buses while loading or unloading children.

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Sahel Girls Empowerment: Addressing the Need for Menstrual Hygiene Products and More
Fatimata Sanogo Sahel Girls Empowerment (SAGE) project promotes the retention of adolescent girls through secondary school by providing menstrual hygiene product, scholarships and Vocational trainings.

Speaking a Vision into Existence: The What, Why, and How of Allowing Vision to Speak
Wendy Keilin How do we language a vision that has the power to transform the world? What does it take to fulfill on such a vision?

Transforming African Women’s Leadership to Create an Africa that Works for Everyone
Jennie Fraine
Susan Kralj
Participants in the African Women’s Leadership and Mental Wellbeing Course share about the course. Course slides and clips from the course leaders are shown.

Visions for Regenerative Futures Meral Doe Renée Sarper What’s possible if we co-create a truly accountable and transparent economy? Can we harmonize the three pillars of sustainability and manifest a regenerative future?

Welcome Home! You Are the One You’ve Been Waiting For!
Oreeia Mizrahi What would be possible if people lived life knowing themselves as miraculous creators, and allowed vision to speak?

What About Miracles?
David Novell An introduction to the idea of inquiring into miracles, punctuated by an original song titled, “What About Miracles?”

What Happens When They Are Gone?
Franziska Trauttmansdorff 12 month photographic journey by Conservation Wildlife Photographer Franziska Trauttmansdorff inviting you to discover the wildlife and plants in your neighbourhood and protect them.

Imagine if we all protect our neighbourhoods the difference we will make.

The time to act is now.

What Stops Vision From Manifesting?
Leslie Agron
Sophia Olivas
Given our reality, the truth doesn’t fit. What is vision and what stops it from manifesting? Why do we find ourselves playing different games? What has us rowing in circles?

World Peace Through Awesome Sex
Maggie Rast Sex connects us as human beings on a foundational level. If we were having awesome sex, then the world would be at peace.

Writing Your Heart Out – Memoirs That Change Lives
Avena Ward
Diana Page Jordan
Do you have a book in you waiting to be released? The story of your life? Let’s explore memoir as the genesis for sharing your transformation.

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Zambia as an African Climate Action Leader – Sharing a People’s Vision
Rachel Barwell Zambian leaders share how they are creating a future where Zambia’s people, environment and economy are thriving, and how the conversation for climate action is transforming.

Key to the Inquiries of the Social Commons

Social Commons: The memory you forgot   
Living As A Created Self: Carving out new pathways for life
Public Persona: Who do they think I am?
Contribution: Why busy people listen
Measures: The art of comparison
Discourses: The building blocks of meaning
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