Conference for Global Transformation

2020 Workshop Schedule

(The 2021 Workshop Schedule Will Be Announced In Spring 2021)


Saturday, May 16, 2020

London New York San Francisco Sydney
6:15 pm-7:15 pm
1:15 pm-2:15 pm
10:15 am-11:15 am
Sun 3:15 am-4:15 am
Title Synopsis Presenters Zoom Room
Living as a Created Self, Making a Difference
An Inquiry of the Social Commons
We will inquire into the “Art” of living as created self, making a difference.

Chris Kirtz &
Saeed Seyed
Being Accountable. For Humanity? Who, Me? You know what it takes to be accountable for your performance. What might be possible taking on accountability for the survival and flourishing of humanity?

Dederer & Peter Fiekowsky
Age and the City: What’s Attitude Got to Do With It? Old Age is a privilege not everyone gets. You can choose a gradually declining journey or an adventure that’s a luminous work of art.
Handout available here.
Liz Dietz & Candace Shivers Indigo
Taking a New Look at an Old Problem: Race What if inquiry were a muscle one could build? Is your conversation about race the one you grew up with? Have you discovered anything new?

Cynthia Gutierrez & Robin Quivers Teal
Don’t Just Sit There! Where are you stopped in making a difference? Inquire into what stops you and then get moving! Curt Hill & Kirsten Hill Violet
Making a Difference: The Power of Listening from Nothing Exploring: How creating the difference you are out to make in the world in the listening of another empowers what you are out to fulfill. Larry Frantz & Amy McLaughlin Crimson
Beyond Comparing. How Measures Empower You in Making A Difference. If making a difference is the direct result of commitments and promises, why do we shy away from measuring results along the way?

Dominic Scales Magenta
Making a Difference Through Autobiographical Performance An inquiry into the process of creating an autobiographical performance in six steps.


Susie Miles Purple
Game On: Let’s Play What If: Play was a consistent practice in our lives? Our life’s design was play and commitment? Play was our expression of making a difference?


Patricia Dougherty Goldenrod
Ain’t Gonna Study War No More.
2020: The 100th Anniversary of United States Women’s Suffrage
If something’s missing, how do you know? Women’s history, particularly the non-violent revolution to win the vote for women, bears exploration for all our futures.


Ellen Snortland Navy
Art and Making a Difference. (Please bring collage materials). Through inquiry and the art of collage we will explore “what are qualities of creativity?” and how that can make a difference in our lives.


Andrea Fono Plum
What If the Eternal Was Within Us? Workshop participants will access the presence and intangible awareness of the eternal and will leave experiencing a deeper connection to themselves and to each other.

Jorge Franco, Robyn Maitland & Gordon Martin Peach

Saturday, May 16, 2020

London New York San Francisco Sydney
Sun 12:05 am-1:05 am
7:05 pm-8:05 pm
4:05 pm-5:05 pm
Sun 9:05 am-10:05 am
Title Synopsis Presenters Location
The Secret Life of Embarrassment
An Inquiry of the Social Commons
Can a person who is recognized, sought after and in demand include being embarrassed in the fulfillment of their commitment for the world?

Julia Simms & Paolo Visentin Lime
The State of the World Scorecard: Measures of Making a Difference How can you use the Scorecard and other measures to reflect your commitment to making a difference? What are the best measures to reflect that?
Handout available here.
Angela Amado, Khush Cooper & Laura Wolz Scarlet
Who Will I Need to Be and What Will I Need to Do? An inquiry into the “Being” and the “Doing” that makes a difference in the world. How will you know if you make a difference?
Handout available here.  
Terry Kirtz Indigo
The New Reality – From the Authors of Three Top Journal Papers Who am I going to be when I’m faced with something and I have no clue what to do? Dolly Costello, MarySue Foster & Ruth B. Shields Teal
Storytelling: The Art of Altering the Discourse
(See description for what to bring.)
Stories are everywhere, shaping our occurring world. What if storytelling could be a leveraged action for shaping the discourse surrounding your commitment for the world?

You will be able to to create art – written, verbal, digital or video.
Please have tools or supplies at hand.
Handout available here.


Maureen Charles & Ana Krista Johnson Violet
Making a Difference – Give Me a BREAK!
An Inquiry of the Social Commons
You’ve made a difference, so what! An inquiry into the limits of what we see as possible, and what might be available beyond the limits.

Chet Burgess, Reza Razeghi & Rich Schuster Magenta
Keeping It Real and Fresh Have a stand, create possibility, commit, begin action…then what?

Fred Moss Purple
Well-Being for Transformational Junkies, Caregivers, People who Assist and Serial Volunteers! In the midst of making a difference in the world, are we present to being responsible for our own transformation and well-being?


Glenn Greenidge & Lorraine
“Dr. Rain” Warren
Can You Really Make a Difference? Making a difference is part of being human. We’ll explore what it means to intentionally live to make a difference and why we want to.

Pam Prosser & Lori Wostl Navy
Making a Difference: Exploring YOUR Story What if exploring was access to making a world-changing difference? Who are you as an explorer out to make a difference?

Cyndi Ortiz & Fiona Pelham Plum
Creating What Your Life Is About What if what your life is about was something to be discovered moment by moment? Come discover for yourself what your life is about.


Cat Tews & Sarasai Yutuc Peach


Saturday, May 16, 2020

London New York San Francisco Sydney
Sun 1:30 am-2:30 am
8:30 pm-9:30 pm
5:30 pm-6:30 pm
Sun 10:30 am-11:30 am
Title Synopsis Presenters Location
The Social Commons: Making a Difference
An Inquiry of the Social Commons
Can the Social Commons make a difference? Or is it a phenomenon for individuals?

Owen Coffey & Susie Fraser Lime
Contribution and Making a Difference – What Are We Talking About?
An Inquiry of the Social Commons
As we set aside what we already know about contribution and making a difference, might we gain access to REAL contribution and difference making?

Chris Doonan & Mark Krauss Scarlet
The Beauty in Languages Do you know that languages are beautiful? That they are for connecting with each other? Come play and discover this for yourself REALLY!
Handout available here.
Ruth B. Shields Indigo
Unfolding a Transformed Conversation about Humans in Relationship to Nature What if life is more than the collection of 8.7 million species? How will we discover integrity in our discourse about other forms of life?

Amrit Kendrick Teal
I Don’t Make a Difference; I Just Work Here! An authentic inquiry into: Why bother with some new grand initiative when all these amazing people are already changing the world?

Dan Fiekowsky Violet
Exploring the Gender Sphere and Gender Sensitivity Through Self Expression Explore inherited conversations around gender and expression of gender identity. Engage in new conversations which impact and make a difference for ourselves and our communities. Susan Hoskins & Kimberly Keese Crimson
Can You Make a Difference, Given YOUR View of the World? There are models of life and “all of it” which use us. These interact with our relationship with making a difference. What’s the connection?


Janet Flaton, David Ritscher & Avena Ward Magenta
You Mean, I Am Making a Difference? But How? I Am Just Being Me. What are the invisible ways in which you make a difference in the world? What is the difference you make that you take for granted?

Maria Zaharieva Purple
Forgiveness and the Power of Being with What Is So Discovering and inquiring into forgiveness and the power of being with what is so as access to making a difference in the world.


John Corbiere & Jane Best Grandbouche Goldenrod
Examining Assumptions as an Access to Making a Difference Assumptions shape the world perceived. Many come from conversations we have been born into. Inquire into what difference examining your assumptions would make. Leslie Agron & Sophia Olivas Navy
Given You Are Always Making a Difference, What Difference Are You Making? To inquire into how to stay present to the difference you are making!


Liz Allen Plum
Letting Go – An Exploration Letting go. What difference does it make? What does it look like? How does it feel? Lourdes Crabtree, Maria Janet Figueroa & Denise Krauss Peach

Sunday, May 17, 2020

London New York San Francisco Sydney
6:15 pm-7:15 pm
1:15 pm-2:15 pm
10:15 am-11:15 am
Mon 3:15 am-4:15 am
Title Synopsis Presenters Location
Miracles Beyond Measures: Inquiring in Worlds of Difference Making
An Inquiry of the Social Commons
Fulfilling on a commitment will go beyond already familiar conversations, strategies and actions. In this session we will explore what is beyond what we know.

Stan Carpenter & Sudha Kumar Lime
RAW: Getting Intimate with Empty & Meaningless Stripping away layers of artifice to get to rawness. Ever deeper cuts in one’s relationship to empty and meaningless. A collection of short talks.


Sandi Eaton Richards,
Sel Hwahng, Deborah Robin Mech,
Martin Michaelis & Maria Stergiou
So You’ve Done What You’ve Done, and You’ve Learned What You’ve Learned. So What? The session will be an inquiry into where accomplishment lives. What is it that has something make a difference?

Reza Razeghi, Saeed Sayed & Rich Schuster Indigo
Liminal Networks Making a difference with transitory networks of conversations through archetypes and game play.
Handout available here.
Bruce Campbell & Dræyk van der Horn Teal
Listening: Atheists, Believers, and Anyone in Between Make a difference by listening and expressing these perspectives in our safe space.


Eileen L. Epperson, David Flattery & Judy Flattery Violet
Who Is the Digital You? A workshop to discover who I am for others from my digital on-line presence. Inquiring about life through different lenses of the internet.


Jay Carpenter & James Johnstone Crimson
Building Communities that Make a Difference In this workshop we will cover the basics of planning, hosting and facilitating conversations such as salons and how they can make a difference.


Dee Farrand Magenta
Reaching Up and Reaching Down: Making a Difference Between Generations We will inquire into making a difference in between generations – both with our elders/parents and our children, and how that occurs for each.

Sharon Fiekowsky Purple
Navigating the Straits of Truth-Telling Using an excerpt from “Speaking Being,” we will inquire into the many forms and levels in which we speak truth in our day-to-day lives. Mark Flashen, Mike Ginn & Ed Stroupe Goldenrod
Hats Off to Making a Difference! (Please bring collage materials.) Participants access growth in key roles in their lives by exploring the difference others make to them.

Toby Goldberg & Heather Shapter Navy
Listening for Art In this workshop, we will inquire into our relationship to visual and performing arts and how our perception of art expands or limits our life.


Ina R. Ames Plum
Resilience in the Face of the Pandemic What’s possible when you create a future for your health and well-being? Come inquire with three health care professionals. Monica Elden, Roland Hennes & Stefan Schroeder Peach

Key to the Inquiries of the Social Commons

Social Commons: The memory you forgot   
Living As A Created Self: Carving out new pathways for life
Public Persona: Who do they think I am?
Contribution: Why busy people listen
Measures: The art of comparison
Discourses: The building blocks of meaning


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