Conference for Global Transformation

Inquiry Explorations

Inquiry is an access to the immediate transformation of reality. – Brian Regnier

Inquiry is a powerful practice for both discovering what is important to us and expanding our access to fulfilling on our commitments. When we practice going beyond knowing together, in this Social Commons of Transformation, we encounter unforeseen opportunities and invent new worlds of possibility.

Inquiry Explorations is the program designed for Conference participants who want to be in action all year long on their commitment for the world and develop conversations to launch or forward that commitment. It is comprised of five elements, as outlined below.

The intention of the Inquiry Explorations program is to have participants developed into people who are recognized, sought after and in demand as extraordinary people of contribution.

1. Four One-on-One Interviews. You will be assigned a Listener who will assist you in identifying or clarifying your commitment for the world and support you during the year in fulfilling your commitments.
2. Introduction to Inquiry – Workdays. There are four required Saturday workdays. Please see the dates below. These sessions, held on Zoom from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Pacific time, will be led by Tobin White and Julia Simms. In these sessions, we will explore the structure of inquiry and how to bring possibility to inquiry.  Again, attendance in all four workdays is required.
3. Introduction to Inquiry – Tuesday Sessions. . In addition to the Saturday workdays, the workshop series includes 12 optional Tuesday calls. These Tuesday sessions are also led by Tobin White and Julia Simms on Zoom from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm Pacific time. Please see the dates below.. Attendance in the Tuesday sessions is highly recommended but not required.
4. Inquiries of the Social Commons. There are six distinct Inquiries of the Social Commons hosted by Custodians of the Social Commons, who will invite you to practice inquiry and become known as your commitment. These calls are scheduled at various times throughout each week on 16 different occasions. Visit the Inquiries of the Social Commons page for the schedule.
5, The Fulfillment Report. Our program’s online database is designed for you to record measures and progress as your commitment emerges from creation to fulfillment.


Inquiry Explorations Schedule

Four Mandatory Saturday Workdays
June 18, 2022
September 24, 2022
January 28, 2023
March 25, 2023
All Saturday Workdays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Pacific time


Twelve Tuesday Sessions
June 7, 2022 December 6, 2022
July 5, 2022 January 10, 2023
August 2, 2022 February 7, 2023
September 6, 2022 March 7, 2023
October 11, 2022 April 4, 2023
November 1, 2022 May 2, 2023
Tuesday sessions from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Pacific time


Tuition is $5000


Inquiry Explorations 2022/2023 is open only to participants
in the 2022 Conference for Global Transformation.