Conference for Global Transformation

2020 Workshop Presenters


(The 2021 Workshop Schedule Will Be Announced In Spring 2021)


Leslie Agron
Leslie Agron did the est Training in 1972 followed by the Communication Workshop in the mid-1970s. In 1986, he took The Landmark Forum and had completed the Curriculum for Living by 2001. Agron took the Wisdom Unlimited course in 2004, the Partnership Explorations course in 2015 and attended the 2016 Conference for Global Transformation with a poster. He also participated in the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course in 2016. Since 2019, he has participated in the Tipping Point Project; since 2000, he continues to inquire into the conversation of our culture.

Liz Allen
Liz Allen is a hospital chaplain whose work facilitates spirit for patients, families and staff at turning points of life and death. Previously on the faculty of University of Wisconsin Occupational Therapy School, Allen is a certified leader and director of the CareGivers Renewal course designed by Brian Regnier in 1989. She has presented workshops at the Conference for Global Transformation, including “Spirit: The 7th Vital Sign” in 2011 and “Spirituality and Well-Being: An Inquiry with Others” in 2016.

Angela Amado, Ph.D.

Angela Amado, Ph.D., has led transformational programs for more than 30 years and has been a Wisdom course leader since 1994. She leads the Partnership Explorations course, the Structural Connections Vacation course and is the head of training and recruitment for the Wisdom Course Area. She has also worked professionally in the field of disability for more than 30 years in a variety of capacities, including national research, international consulting and government policy. She has authored key books on inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities into the community and conducted training across the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe..

Ina R. Ames 
Ina R. Ames is a retired professor of communication studies and theory, mass media and drama with concentration in listening, gender and interpersonal communication, film studies theory and media ethics. She was president of the Communication Association of Massachusetts and held two division chairs at the National Communication Association. She has been published and paneled statewide, regionally, nationally and internationally. Ames has been participating in Landmark since 1980, having been an introduction leader and seminar leader, and is currently a facilitator for the Facilitated Wisdom course and training to be a custodian. She is currently writing fiction and nonfiction works.

Jane Best Grandbouche

Jane Best Grandbouche led courses and programs for Landmark for 25 years, including the Wisdom Unlimited course for 12 years. Her passions include the environment and yoga. She has grown and/or planted over 100,000 trees and has been a student of yoga and meditation for the past 46 years. Along with her husband, Brad, they have a wholesale book business and consulting practice, and reside on 10 beautiful, lush acres in Sarasota, Florida. She has two daughters and three grandchildren.

Chet Burgess 
Chet Burgess engages in inquiries whenever he can, and one of his joys is hosting inquiries into discourse and living as a created Self. He also brings the opportunity of inquiry to people as they develop themselves in being a leader as their natural self-expression and bringing power, freedom and peace of mind in the face of everything in life. His commitment is that, “Everyone in the world be present to freedom and in touch with the joy and the miracle of life.

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell is an artist. He studied fine art in London, worked in various art galleries and managed a home decorating shop. He rebuilt a derelict farmhouse and olive grove in Tuscany and cared for his terminally ill partner. Campbell did The Landmark Forum in 2002 and has assisted ever since. He has also been a performance coach for Youth At Risk. He now lives with his husband on Dartmoor, United Kingdom, practicing art and running a smallholding.

Jay Carpenter 
Jay Carpenter has been an active member of the blockchain community since 2014 and is the founder of Desert Blockchain, the largest blockchain meetup in Arizona. He was an adjunct professor at University of Advancing Technology and has an extensive background in technology, entrepreneurship and finance. Carpenter has a degree in business from Arizona State University and a master’s degree in business administration from University of Southern California, both with an emphasis in finance. He is passionate about the emerging new realms of communications, finance and the societal possibilities associated with a blockchain-centric future.

Stan Carpenter
An Omaha, Nebraska, native, Stan Carpenter earned a university degree in cultural anthropology, ceramics and architecture. Carpenter participated in The Landmark Forum in 1994, opening him to new possibilities that included living and working in England. Since retiring in 2006, he has been working and assisting in the Wisdom Course Area and participating in numerous Landmark developmental programs. His commitments are most recently being expressed by joining the Wisdom Facilitator Program, being a senior facilitator and in developing capacities for crafting conversation and conversational spaces where transformation may occur. Stan is married with Jerry Baden.

Maureen Charles 
Writer/editor Maureen Charles holds a master’s degree in fine arts focusing on writing for children and young adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts and assists on the Landmark Marketing Department Storytellers Team. She led graduate programs for Landmark for 27 years, including 21 years as a Self-Expression & Leadership Program leader, and served on staff in the Los Angeles Center from 1993 to 1998. She serves on the board of Aid Still Required, an international nongovernmental organization, teaches creative writing and co-founded Her commitment is that women and girls everywhere experience freedom, safety, autonomy, representation and self-determination.

Owen Coffey

As a Landmark consultant, Owen Coffey is passionate about transforming life. He first became a Landmark staff member in 2005 and holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Columbia University. In his current position at Landmark, he is a personal coach, leads the Facilitated Wisdom course and advanced offerings of the Wisdom Course Area, and is the source of the Facilitators Training Program. Coffey and his wife, Rebecca, live with their three children in Dorset, Vermont.

Khush Cooper, Ph.D.
Khush Cooper, Ph.D., is committed to a world where governments, organizations and communities fully support excellence and diversity for children and families. Following a successful career as a social worker and nonprofit executive, her entrepreneurial and thriving consulting practice is committed to changing the human services landscape by providing innovations that cause organizations and communities to thrive. She teaches public policy and the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course at University of California Los Angeles Luskin School of Public Affairs. She has been engaged in transformational work for 14 years and lives in Los Angeles.

John Corbiere

John Corbiere has been participating with Landmark since 1975. He was an Episcopal priest for 33 years, graduating from Yale Divinity School and serving parishes and church schools up and down the East Coast. He is a former Landmark staff member. He participated extensively with The Hunger Project and the Mastery Foundation, traveling to West Africa and Ireland in support of the transformational work of these organizations. He is presently part of the Listener Team in the Wisdom Course Area providing the Conversation for the Difference You Make. He resides in Salisbury, Connecticut.

Dolly Costello, Ph.D. 
Dolly Costello, Ph.D., co-leads the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course with Effective Action Consulting. Her commitment is to bring leadership to the worlds of addiction and recovery. She is an educational psychologist, earned her Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley, specializing in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, autism and mental health issues. Costello earned her “Clowning Around” certificate, recreating herself as Dr. Dolly, offering alternatives to Prozac and therapy. She plays with Patch Adams on humanitarian clown tours. Her Impossible Promise is: Children of all ages live life fully and play with a passion for life itself.

Lourdes Crabtree

Lourdes Crabtree has a background in computer science and education and is a former business advisor in the high-tech industry. As an entrepreneur, she is the founder of the nonprofit organization, The C.H.I.L.D. Alliance (Children Held In Love and Devotion), empowering children and adults in health, education and social integrity. Crabtree has specialized in personal development and strongly believes in advancing the potential within each person. She has presented on several occasions in the area of personal and spiritual growth. Based in Toronto, Canada, she has participated and assisted in Landmark programs for 10 years.

Julia Dederer
Julia Dederer is the director of organizational development for the Foundation for Climate Restoration. She advises on key initiatives and strategic relationship development and is responsible for the internal development of the organization. She brings to this role more than 40 years of transformational leadership, including as Landmark staff for 28 years leading the Wisdom Unlimited course and Partnership Explorations course, and being accountable for the training and development of Wisdom course leaders.

Liz Dietz

Liz Dietz has been participating, leading and assisting in Landmark programs for 20 years. She was an introduction leader for nine years and led the Self-Expression & Leadership Program (SELP) in Los Angeles for five years. In 2009, she led the inaugural SELP in Mexico City and trained a new SELP Leader and coaches. She also served on the board of WISE & Healthy Aging and is a co-founder of Professionally, Dietz has been a software executive for more than 30 years, working for large publicly-traded companies and fulfilling her promise to transform higher education through technology.

Chris Doonan 
Chris Doonan is a custodian of the Inquiries of the Social Commons and has been living in the inquiry of life for as long as he can remember. After graduating from art school, he worked as a potter in the United Kingdom (U.K.) and Canada before stumbling upon the est Training in 1980. He has explored life as a teacher, landscape gardener, Landmark staff member and home-schooling parent and homemaker. He has lived in Australia, the U.K. and New Zealand, and currently lives in Perth in Western Australia where he is discovering life as a contributing elder.

Patricia Dougherty

Patricia Dougherty’s life is used by two commitments: children and families and access to transformation. Currently a trainer and coach with the Illinois State Board of Education, her career began in St. Louis, Missouri and continued in Chicago Public Schools with 20+ years as a teacher and an administrator. Since 1997, when she completed The Landmark Forum, Dougherty has participated and assisted in many Landmark programs and recently completed the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course. She is a senior facilitator of the Facilitated Wisdom course and in training to lead the Regional Wisdom Unlimited course.

Sandi Eaton Richards
Sandi Eaton Richards is a structural engineer who has run her own businesses for more than 20 years. She has recently taken on causing a World Happiness Team. The team will create a world manifesto for happiness, enrolling community and world leaders to propagate transformational happiness. The manifesto will be a living inquiry – constantly moving – which is in itself an experiment in being in inquiry. Working with refugees in Europe has challenged her experience of happiness and making a difference. She believes that causing and spreading happiness is key to the survival of the human race.

Monica Elden

As facilitator, coach, and licensed marriage and family therapist, Monica Elden has assisted thousands of people in achieving their personal and professional growth goals. She uses evidence-based, mind-body practices with individuals and organizations. Clients include Anderson Consulting, American Bankers Association, Bank of America, Biogen, Kaiser Permanente, Oracle, and Wells Fargo. She is committed to a world transformed by love, where well-being flows from a profound connection to self, community, and nature. She presented at the Conference for Global Transformation in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017 and was the recipient of the 2013 best paper award. Connect with her at

Eileen L. Epperson
The Rev. Eileen L. Epperson has been a Presbyterian minister for more than 30 years. She lives in northwest Connecticut and serves as a hospice chaplain, bereavement counselor, the pastor of a Congregational church and a forgiveness coach. She created The Forgiveness Process® and has developed a certification process for facilitators. Epperson has been involved in multifaith and interspiritual dialogues and conferences for decades. She has given programs at most of the Parliaments of the World’s Religions since 1993. Her commitment is that everyone has the freedom and resources to uncover their unique interior life.

Dee Farrand

Dee Farrand has been a social worker for more than 25 years and a graduate of Landmark’s programs since 2008, including the Introduction Leaders Program and as a staff member in Phoenix, Arizona. She began participating in the Wisdom Course Area in 2013, attending the Conference for Global Transformation (CGT) for the first time. Farrand came back declaring herself CGT Champion for life and now leads two teams for the conference. During the 2013 Wisdom Unlimited course, she facilitated one salon a month for the entire year and witnessed how a salon can be a transformational experience for the participants.

Dan Fiekowsky 
Dan Fiekowsky is a 31-year-old longtime Landmark graduate. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in applied physics, and he writes software for his family’s small software business. He was a course supervisor for Landmark for four years, among many other assisting roles. He recently moved to Mountain View, California with his wife, Steph, and their dog, Jake. Fiekowsky is now grappling with an Impossible Promise: Everyone experiences being heard and accepted.

Peter Fiekowsky

Peter Fiekowsky is an entrepreneur, a physicist educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the founder and chairman of the Foundation for Climate Restoration, working to achieve a proven safe climate by 2050. He has 30 years’ experience as a citizen lobbyist for poverty and climate issues. He also is president of a software company providing critical software for computer chip production. Fiekowsky holds 27 patents and lives in Los Altos, the heart of Silicon Valley.

Sharon Fiekowsky 
Sharon Fiekowsky is a nurse practitioner with clinical expertise in intensive care, pain management and palliative care and hospice, and works as a pharmaceutical industry consultant. She sources a three-generation household and provides support and guidance to those navigating the needs of aging and infirm loved ones. Together with her husband, Peter, Fiekowsky is a co-founder of the Foundation for Climate Restoration and serves as chief relationship officer.

Maria Janet Figueroa

Maria Janet Figueroa loves to listen to stories, to dreams and to music as a venue to explore what’s so and what’s possible in the world. Her formal educational background includes computer engineering, technical management, process improvement and real estate property management. As a senior Landmark graduate, she continues to explore the areas of workability, accountability and letting go. Figueroa’s Impossible Promise to the world is that, by 2025, everyone is present to the magic of life and the power of choice.

Mark Flashen
Mark Flashen enjoyed a 12-year career in the rock n’ roll business. Yet, within six months of having completed the est Training in 1983, he sold his business and reinvented himself as a business coach. His current clients include artists, real estate developers and Wall Street executives. In 1990, he went on staff in New York to usher in the first Wisdom Unlimited course. Flashen is currently a facilitator for the Facilitated Wisdom Course for Elders and a senior facilitator-in-training for Wisdom offered online.

Janet Flaton, M.D.

Janet Flaton, M.D., is a board-certified pediatrician specializing in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). After completing her residency at University of North Carolina Medical School in 1990, she served a rural community in a practice ranging from general to intensive care pediatrics. In 2003, she refined her practice to caring for children and teens with ADHD, and, later, adults. She founded the multidisciplinary Flaton ADDept Center in 2009, providing empowerment and personal transformation through a combined holistic/traditional medical approach. Dr. Flaton maintains a clinical practice along with writing, speaking and producing online programs for a greater global community.

David Flattery
David Flattery is a senior manager at a Fortune 100 company with a background in chemistry and statistics. Together with his wife, Judy, he led a poster session at the 2017 Conference for Global Transformation titled, “Religion & Spirituality: What it Provides and Where it Divides,” that invited participants to inquire into their own stand in the area of religion and discover what possibilities were thereby made available to themselves and their communities. Flattery is a secular humanist with a commitment to prosperity and equality in all our communities.

Judy Flattery

Judy Flattery is the current president of the Humanist Society of Santa Barbara and has been its publication editor since September 2017. Humanists can be defined as “atheists who care about the world.” She has been participating with Landmark programs since 1981. Raised Catholic, Flattery came to see her beliefs as inherited conversations worthy of inquiry. She is now an ex-Catholic atheist humanist. Her Impossible Promise for the world is: People, grounded in reality, free to think for themselves, fully express themselves, and express their leadership in a world that works for everyone with no one left out.

Andrea Fono
Andrea Fono’s passion for life is expressed through her laughter and paintings that are collected around the world. Her 30-year art career is an inquiry into “what does love look like?” In 2008, she founded Global Coloring: Painting for Peace in which more than 1,400 people in Europe, Africa and Ecuador participated in a community art celebration. Fono and her husband, Frank, a native Fijian, co-founded “The Fiji Reads Project,” contributing art supplies and thousands of children’s books to villages. Her joy is mentoring artist’s hearts. A television segment she produced on “Inspiration” was nominated for an Emmy Award.

MarySue Foster

MarySue Foster has enjoyed many years of living. She has been a nonprofit executive and fundraiser, teacher, entrepreneur, artist, trainer and author, and plays the piano medium well. She has participated since 1981 in Landmark programs as a student and leader. She is a graduate, at 66, of the Starr King School for the Ministry, a Unitarian-Universalist seminary in Berkeley, California, earning a Master of Arts degree in religious leadership for social change in May 2010. Foster lives near her multicultural, multigenerational family of origin, volunteers widely, looks after her grandchildren and plays seriously as a mixed media artist.

Jorge Franco 
Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Jorge Franco is a retired mechanical engineer. He went to University of California, Berkeley, and resides in San Francisco, California.

Larry Frantz

Larry Frantz has been director of Landmark’s Personal Coaching Division since February 2016 and a personal performance coach since the division’s founding in July 2011. He is passionate about working with people and is fully committed to their success in realizing what matters to them. He has led Landmark’s programs since 2000, empowering graduates’ leadership and commitment to contribute to others, and has trained thousands of people to fulfill their personal and leadership goals. He has founded successful businesses, been the director of training for a real estate company and real estate licensing program and a consultant for nonprofit organizations.

Susie Fraser 
Susie Fraser’s commitment, a sustainable future for Earth, has three pillars – transformation, stewardship and the elders. She loves inquiry as practice, experimenting with generative speaking and listening regularly. Through focusing on legislation to reduce carbon emissions, she has come to see politics and politicians as resources – a transformation of her worldview that is valuable and fascinating. As a facilitator in the Facilitated Wisdom Course for Elders, Fraser has come to see elders as extraordinary resources for society. She lives in Sydney, Australia, with Paddy Gaul and two small dogs, Zoe and Shell. This is her 20th Conference for Global Transformation.

Mike Ginn

Mike Ginn recently left his pedestrian adult life behind to become a standup comedian and has performed at the Denver Improv and the Laughs Comedy Club in Seattle. He brings humor and transformation to death and life-threatening illness, child molestation and alcoholic family life, fascism and white supremacy, homelessness and the coming environmental catastrophes. Ginn is a songwriter, for example, the neo-punk rock song “I Wanna Be Forgiven,” performed by the Rajones. He is currently writing a multiseason television screenplay that will be pitched to Netflix and the other major streaming services.

Toby Goldberg
Toby Goldberg is a social entrepreneur with more than 25 years’ experience in roles within the public, private and nonprofit sectors. She has a master’s degree in business administration. She recently retired from the Ontario, Canada, provincial public service, where she led the design, delivery and oversight of social programs in various sectors, including accessibility and women’s economic empowerment. Goldberg is currently expanding her consulting business, building on her experience with research and strategic planning projects on topics including women’s poverty, social enterprise development and the establishment of the first-ever women’s employment centers in the Moscow region of Russia.

Glenn Greenidge

Glenn Greenidge started his personal development in 1981, attending and volunteering in leadership positions at what is now Landmark. He co-founded People of African Descent Empowerment Group (PADEG) in 1990, with its initial mission of promoting leadership and training for people of African descent. Greenidge is currently the executive director for Sutphin Blvd. Business Improvement District in Jamaica, New York, chair of Queens Community Board 12 Economic Development committee and board secretary and chairman of the Real Estate Committee for Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center. He has been a facilitator for the International Black Summit for 27 years.

Cynthia Gutierrez 
Cynthia Gutierrez is a content marketing strategist from San Francisco, California, which really means she is a storyteller with technological superpowers. Gutierrez is a wife and mother of twins and a lover of long walks on the beach with their dog Captain Magic. She has been participating with Landmark since 2000 and is loving it

Roland Hennes 

Dr. Roland Hennes’ vision is: All human beings are responsible for their health; experts from the health sector work together to meet the needs of the people to operate in the context of humanity and peace. Hennes is father to three children, a doctor for general and accident surgery and head of Heidelberg Port Center at University Heidelberg Hospital. With his expertise in the area of port surgery treatment, he is internationally recognized as a resource for patients with cancer and specific nutritional issues. He is the editor of textbooks and gives presentations and lectures worldwide.

Curt Hill 
Curt Hill led seminars at Landmark for 25 years, during which time he served as a city coach and on the seminar leader designation team. He led introductions for 35 years to about 15,000 people. He was a staff member for Landmark for nine years, and, for five of those years, he was the registration manager and trained over 600 people through the Introduction Leaders Program. He’s been married to Kirsten for 28 years and has two grown children. Currently, he’s the chief executive officer of a company in the healthcare field and he studies jazz piano and golf.

Kirsten Hill 

Kirsten Hill is a longtime graduate who has participated in many programs in the Wisdom Course Area, has been on Landmark staff and was a Self-Expression & Leadership Program leader for 11 years. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in child development and master’s degree in early childhood education. She has been married to Curt for 28 years and they have two grown children. She currently works for an organization that purchases conventional farmland and converts it to organic and sustainably-farmed land. She is interested in making a positive difference in the world and loves to read good books.

Susan Hoskins 
Susan Hoskins has more than 30 years’ experience in the government sector, private sector and nonprofits delivering programs that promote economic self-sufficiency for disadvantaged people around the world. She provides coaching and designs trainings to expand the capacity of individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations. Hoskins founded the Coalition for Economic Empowerment in 1996 to provide economically empowering programming supporting parents and youth living in the District of Columbia, United States. In addition to her extensive community work, she has been a staff member for Landmark for two years and led the Self-Expression & Leadership Program for more than four years.

Sel J. Hwahng, Ph.D.

Sel J. Hwahng, Ph.D., is assistant professor of women, gender, health, and sexuality at Towson University and is pursuing a degree in cardiovascular epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health. Hwahng has received awards from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the National Institutes of Health, the American Public Health Association, the International AIDS Society, the Association for Women in Psychology, and the American Heart Association. Publications include more than 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes. Hwahng has led the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course at three higher education institutions.

Ana Krista Johnson 
Writer and filmmaker Ana Krista Johnson is a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in theater. She is a published novelist and an award-winning film producer with a commitment that people are empowered to live their lives with creativity, curiosity, passion and joy. She has been an introduction leader for Landmark’s Family Division and has assisted around the Los Angeles Wisdom Unlimited course for the past 13 years. Her current project is a documentary on women, reproductive rights and reproductive justice. You may remember her as Scarecrow in the “Wisdom of Oz” at last year’s conference.

James Johnstone

James Johnstone is currently chief operating officer for a start-up company in the United Kingdom (U.K.) that is commercializing advanced materials research for a variety of applications. He holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and has worked in innovation for several prestigious organizations in the U.K. He has been involved with international standardization of nanotechnologies and fundraising for projects in the U.K. and Europe. Johnstone has participated in Landmark courses for nearly 20 years and regularly attends the Conference for Global Transformation. He is married to Vanessa and they live in London and Yorkshire where they enjoy many good friends.

Kimberly Keese 
Kimberly Keese has been a member of the LGBTQ+ community since the early 1980s. She has personally explored gender identity and expression long before it became part of the broader conversation in the queer community. Some of her first creative projects involved the emerging drag king community in Washington, D.C., where she was both performing and documenting the movement. Keese is fascinated by the stories of both the young people who are changing the way we talk about gender and the older generations that forged the way. She is currently producing the documentary, “Beyond Pronouns: Conversations About Gender.”

Amrit Kendrick

Amrit Kendrick has worked in nature conservation, ecovillage creation, the Team Management and Leadership Program and across cultures and countries. Her vision is to create a common culture of listening across boreal and tropical forests, temperate and tropical reef coastlines and from deserts to cloudy mountain tops, where other species are respected, where humans meet their basic needs without greed and where ecological sustainability is a top priority in the highest levels of government. She has a post-graduate diploma in science communication and a Master of Science degree in wildlife and fisheries science.

Charles (Chris) Kirtz
Charles (Chris) Kirtz did the first est Training in Washington, D.C., in April 1975. He calls himself a lifer, starting to assist immediately after the Training by washing toilets as D.C. opened its first center. He has been assisting, taking and leading est/Landmark courses ever since. Most recently, he completed the Developmental Consultants Training Program in 2016, Mastering your Humanity in 2017 and Service and Contribution. Of his some 42-some years with Landmark, he counts being a custodian on the “Living as a Created Self” and “Discourses” Inquiries of the Social Commons as perhaps his proudest accomplishment.

Terry Kirtz

Contribution, workability and listening are of interest to Terry Kirtz. In her professional career in public education and her advocacy in local, state and national organizations to promote quality of life for those impacted by brain injury, she has provided opportunities for others to contribute and be contributed to. She holds several degrees and is certified in both general and special education as well as being a certified brain injury specialist. A mother of three and grandmother of four, she lives in Maryland with her husband where she is an active member of several community organizations, both social and philanthropic.

Denise Krauss 
Denise Krauss is a mom, coach, professional organizer, a longtime graduate and an ordained minister. She has been bringing peace and calm to clients for more than 20 years. She is a trained grief coach and has walked the journey of mourning and recovery from loss with friends and clients. Krauss specializes in the world of loss and having people move through their loss with peace, grace and calm. She creates a safe space such that her clients are comfortable and able to say whatever there is for them to say.

Mark Krauss

Mark Krauss is a custodian of the Social Commons, husband of 40 years, father, engineer specializing in environmental, health and safety of large-scale industrial technology and gentleman farmer. During his career as an engineer, he realized the problems of engineering are easy when compared to the problems of being human. He discovered for himself the value of inquiry in having people expand their views of life and powerfully act on what they discover for themselves. He lives happily in Mariposa, California with his wife, two dogs, five goats, five ducks, three geese and a cat.

Sudha Kumar 
Sudha Kumar’s passion lies in providing excellent care for patients. She works in the health care industry, earned a doctorate in clinical pharmacy, is board-certified in oncology pharmacy and is a pharmacotherapy specialist. She trains and mentors clinicians in pursuing excellence in health care. She has been married for more than 30 years and has two daughters. Kumar has been participating in Landmark’s work since 1996. She is one of the custodians of the Inquiries of the Social Commons calls.

Susan Liverpool

Susan Liverpool is a published author, poet and songwriter. She was born and raised in Chicago. Liverpool is passionate about the arts and believes that the “arts are a ministry to the soul.” She has published three books of poetry and two books: “The Little Liverpool Diaries” in 2010 and “The Lion and the Porcupine” in 2014. She also produced the companion compact disc for one of her books and wrote seven songs for the story. Liverpool has studied and performed improvisation for seven years. She is also a former Landmark program leader.

Robyn Maitland
With a master’s degree in organizational management, Robyn Maitland has 25 years of cross-industry experience providing change and training consulting. She has come to believe that happy, engaged workers are living their vision, mission and passion. She is a public servant providing quality data assurance in the Department of Behavioral Health in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Gordon Martin

Gordon Martin is president of People Places & Things, a vacation rental and experiential tourism company in Newfoundland, Canada. He chose to do The Landmark Forum in 2003 out of his desire to quit drinking and has been participating or assisting in the work ever since. He uses the distinctions of both transformation and recovery as part of his ongoing growth and development. He is a poet who writes about his everyday encounters with God. Martin currently assists with the Partnership Explorations course. He will soon be publishing his first book of recovery poems entitled, “The In-Between.”

Amy McLaughlin 
Amy McLaughlin has a broad range of experience in developing and delivering programs designed to maximize self-discovery and personal performance. As a Landmark leader, career consultant and education counselor, she has coached people through career transitions, addressing personal barriers and causing breakthroughs in overall effectiveness and productivity. She is a trained facilitator in both individual and group settings and brings a distinctive ability to listen and empower people in creating what they want in life. She holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Loch Haven University and a master’s degree in clinical counseling psychology from La Salle University.

Deborah Robin Mech

Deborah Robin Mech, CEO and founder of Universal Resources Unlimited, has provided a variety of human development and professional growth seminars since 1998. A California School Leadership Academy graduate, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, a master’s in education in Curriculum and Instruction, California Preliminary Administrative Credential, and a Master of Science degree in special education. Mech has presented her pilot program, “Spiritual Diversity in Education,” at the California Teachers Association, Human Rights and Equity Conference in Irvine, California, as well as for the Consumer Electronics Show, Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum in Seattle, Washington.

Martin Michaelis
Martin Michaelis began his transformational journey 30 years ago at age 25 in two areas: Landmark for transformation and transcendental meditation for holistic energy. Being an information technology consultant, he loves any kind of supporting and teaching. Into his breakout session flows the experience of his workshops in the private sector about pattern recognition, which is the main technique of artificial intelligence modeling the human brain. He took part in the Inquiry Explorations Program and participates regularly in the Inquiries of the Social Commons call “Living as a Created Self.”

Susie Miles

Susie Miles teaches courses in equality and diversity in education at University of Manchester. She began her career as a teacher of deaf children working in England and Swaziland, Africa, where she became a mother of two and a global networker on issues of disability and education. Since 2017, she has performed her autobiography for audiences of up to 100 people inside a context of children growing up in a world without discrimination and raising awareness about apartheid. She is committed to bringing the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course to universities in the United Kingdom.

Fred Moss, M.D. 
Fred Moss, M.D., is a nondiagnosing psychiatrist, committed to transforming the narrative of mental health and mental illness. He is the founder of and has a promise to create a world where each and every person will know that their voice can be heard and that who they are and what they do matters. Being the source for others to fulfill on their promises is a commitment that represents a key component of the fulfillment of his created future.

Sophia Olivas

Sophia Olivas is co-owner of 1WorldNow, a crypto hedge fund with a nonprofit focused on eradicating poverty, alleviating violence and bolstering mental health by empowering women through technology. An adventurer, Olivas has solo-backpacked in more than 30 countries. She is a United Nations Association member, best-selling author and global speaker. She is also known as a butterfly chaser, tree climber and kite flyer that does cartwheels barefoot on soft grass with an infectious wanderlust glow.

Cyndi Ortiz 
Cyndi Ortiz began her travels before she even reached her first birthday. As a child of a military family, you could say travel and adventure are in her blood. She has visited or lived in 26 countries, nine Canadian provinces and territories and all 50 states. Her career as a television/film/documentary producer and director has also helped feed her travel bug. She solo-traveled North America for three years in her do-it-yourself built camper van, inspiring many other solo female travelers along the way and forging a path as a freedom and adventure coach.

Andrea Parker-Swenson

Andrea Parker-Swenson has been participating in Landmark for more than 15 years. She is currently on staff as a Landmark personal coach and is a designated seminar leader and city coach of the Phoenix Center for the past eight years. She owes her life and her marriage to this work and to the Wisdom community! Prior to coming on staff, Parker-Swenson participated in the world of theater and education, creating curriculum, directing programs and developing work to support students expanding their awareness of themselves, their connection to each other and the world.

Fiona Pelham
Fiona Pelham launched nonprofit Positive Impact in 2005 to provide education and collaboration opportunities to create a sustainable event industry. She was the youngest female to chair an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard when, in 2012, ISO 20121, a management system for event sustainability was created. In 2014, Pelham received an honorary doctorate from Leeds Beckett University for services to the event industry and, in 2018, chaired Meeting Professionals International, a global association of over 17,000 members. In 2018, she joined the United Nations environment technical expert group for transforming tourism value chains. She is passionate about sustainability.

Pam Prosser

Pam Prosser is a senior facilitator for the Facilitated Wisdom course. She did the est Training in 1983. She was a staff member, Self-Expression & Leadership Program leader, Wisdom Course leader apprentice and is a graduate of Creation of Freedom. Prosser lives in Minnesota and professionally is a classical homeopath in private practice. She brought two Landmark Forums and three Vanto leadership courses to Haiti. Her commitment is that Haiti become a developed nation. She is founding director for the nonprofit Haiti Outreach, which is known as the organization in Haiti that can accomplish what it promises.

Robin Quivers 
Robin Quivers is best known as the saner half of the “Howard Stern Show.” She and Stern have been working together almost 40 years. She was first introduced to transformational learning in the late 1970s and completed her first Landmark Forum in 1998. She attributes her happiness in life both business and personal to Landmark.

Reza Razeghi

Reza Razeghi helps leaders clarify their vision and strategy for themselves and their organizations. His clients enhance their effectiveness, think more strategically, improve their communication skills, evolve how they think about leadership and understand how to optimize performance. Razeghi has been a coach and consultant, worked in research for a major oil company and as an information technology director in the semiconductor and computer industries. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering and master’s degrees in computer science and organizational development.

David Ritscher 
David Ritscher is a senior consultant with a technology consulting firm, where he helps clients create new devices with a focus on the intersection of consumer health and medical devices. As a scientist and inventor, he holds 11 patents and has presented at numerous scientific conferences. Ritscher is a graduate of both the Developmental Consultants Training Program and Developmental Consultants Training Program II. He has participated in the consultant’s developmental courses for several years. He assists Tobin White and Christine Arbor. He is a musician and is active in his Baha’i community.

Dominic Scales

Dominic Scales was born in Leeds, United Kingdom and grew up in the middle of the Bavarian Alps in Southern Germany. As an astrophysicist and quality manager, he deals with measuring all the time. Still, in his role as European Champion for the Conference, he struggled to answer anytime someone asked how things were going. Bringing play and fun to measuring progress against a promise allowed for not only doubling the number of European participants but also for becoming known as the “man with the clipboard.” Scales is a private pilot, part-time politician, and did his Landmark Forum in 2007.

Stefan Schröder 
All Relationships are Loving, Joyful, Creative, and Healing by 2024. That is Stefan Schröder’s Impossible Promise, created in the Power and Contribution course in 2008, led by Helen Gilhooly, in the listening of a group of nine health practitioners, called Health and Happiness for Humanity (HH4H). HH4H has presented in Germany and several times at the Conference for Global Transformation. Dr. Schröder is a university lecturer and head of a psychiatric department in a general hospital in Germany. He has five children and three grandchildren and lives with his family and many animals in the countryside between Berlin and Hamburg.

Rich Schuster

Rich Schuster might be considered one of the elders of the Wisdom Course Area. Having retired from a career in engineering and physics, life is more clearly focused on a single purpose: Around him, people have access to the created dimension of being and are empowered to be up to great and challenging work. He is a student of, and has trained many people in, practices of communication to support aliveness and productivity.

Saeed Seyed 
Saeed Seyed has been in management for many years in the area of technology and has worked for large corporations in telecommunications, computing, and graphics. He has had responsibility and accountability for managing teams globally and is a leader in innovation with 20 patents. He has been engaged in the area of transformation for more than 30 years and has led courses and presented at conferences. Seyed is a commitment to peace, harmony and quality of life for everyone through innovative thinking and technology. He has been married for more than 30 years and has two daughters.

Heather Shapter

Heather Shapter is the executive director of Crossroads International and has more than 20 years of nonprofit leadership experience. She started her career in the development sector as a project manager for CARE Canada and later served as the women’s economic empowerment advisor for Building Resources Across Communities in Bangladesh. She also spent two years in Haiti as Save the Children’s women economic opportunity specialist. Since then, Shapter has worked in senior-level roles for Prosper Canada and Global Impact and has managed large volunteer initiatives. Her commitment is the end of poverty and the rights of women and girls fulfilled.

Ruth B. Shields 
Ruth B. Shields is a linguist working in the area of endangered language revitalization. She has been working with the last living speaker of Xay Tsnu (Southeastern Pomo), a language that has been spoken around Clear Lake, California, for more than 14,000 years. She is creating a board game for people to teach each other their languages. Shields has been participating in Landmark’s programs for 27 years and in the Wisdom Course Area for 26 years. She currently lives in Santa Rosa, California.

Candace Shivers

Candace Shivers spent 36 years as a registration manager for Landmark and has trained more than 10,000 people to be Landmark leaders. She also led the Self-Expression & Leadership Program (SELP), seminars and introductions to The Landmark Forum to more than 20,000 people. She served on the design teams for SELP, the Introduction Leaders Program and the Introduction to The Landmark Forum. Currently, Shivers is a program developer and leader for WISE & Healthy Aging, a nationally-recognized nonprofit. She is a facilitator for the Facilitated Wisdom Course for Elders and is co-founder of

Julia Simms 
Julia Simms is a full-time staff member at Landmark. She manages the Conference for Global Transformation for the Wisdom Course Area and she works as a project manager for Landmark executive Mark Spirtos. Prior to Landmark, she enjoyed a successful 30-year career in marketing and public relations. She has been participating in Landmark’s work since 1977 and holds a business degree from University of Phoenix.

Ellen Snortland

Ellen Snortland is a lawyer, author, filmmaker and writing coach. A public intellectual and board member of the National Women’s History Alliance, she has been a speaker, United Nations Press Corps credentialed journalist and delegate for major United Nations World Conferences – the Women’s conference in Beijing, Conference Against Racism in South Africa and the Commission on the Status of Women in New York City. Featured on Dateline NBC, her breakout book is “Beauty Bites Beast,” also the title of her award-winning documentary screened all over the world, including Pakistan and Armenia. Snortland took the est Training in 1973.

Maria Stergiou 
Maria Stergiou has more than 20 years’ experience in higher education and the public sector. She studied art history, anthropology and linguistics and earned a Master of Advanced Studies degree from University of Zurich, Switzerland and Paris-Sorbonne, France. She has participated with Landmark since 1998 and the last 10 years in Landmark’s Wisdom and the Well-Being Group courses. Stergiou is committed to a future where ontological and phenomenological training are part of our educational system. She is a course-instructor-in-training to deliver the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership course in the higher education sector in Europe.

Ed Stroupe

Ed Stroupe spent 35 years as a software developer and designer. With his wife of 28 years, Mary, he co-founded Integritas, Inc. and led their development group to achieving five national certifications of their electronic medical record software. Since his retirement in 2013, he has devoted his time to studying philosophy, and, in 2017, he published his first novel, “Signaling: A Message from the Future.” Stroupe sees the “Discourse as Access” inquiry as a powerful way to forward transformation in the world. Currently, he is a graduate student and lives with Mary and three cats in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Cat Tews 
Cat Tews has been a staff member for Landmark since 2003 and a consultant since 2015. She is passionate about people getting that they have an impact, make a difference and are the creators of their lives. In fact, that is what her life is about, and that gets fully expressed in her accountability as the coaching supervisor in Landmark’s Personal Coaching Division. She lives with her husband, Todd, and her two cats in Redding, California.

Draeyk van der Horn

Born in Yorkshire, England, Draeyk van der Horn now runs a smallholding on Dartmoor, specializing in heritage apples. He is a chef and has helped develop local food networks. He volunteers for Morecare and 4×4 Force, providing care needs and access to the National Health Service for local people. This year, he became a Parish Councillor and is running as a prospective Parliamentary candidate. He is passionate about our landscape, food and farming. Previously he lived and studied in various European countries and the United States.

Paolo Visentin 
Paolo Visentin has spent his entire adult life as a customer and person who assists in the programs and ideas associated with Werner Erhard, Werner Erhard and Associates and Landmark. A family real estate business, swimming and cinema are his other involvements.

Avena Ward

Avena Ward is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, a progressive Protestant denomination. Currently, she creates opportunities for people to connect with Spirit through individual spiritual direction and retreats for small and large groups. Ward and her husband moved to Portland, Oregon from Chicago, Illinois two years ago. She completed the Curriculum for Living in 2009 and the Wisdom Unlimited course in 2012. Since then, she has assisted in the Wisdom course as team leader of the Accomplishment Team. In 2018, she completed the Partnership Explorations course and, in 2019, the Models of All of It course.

Lorraine “Dr. Rain” Warren 
Lorraine “Dr. Rain” Warren has pursued personal growth and development throughout her life. She began her Landmark work in 1992 and has engaged in transformational work covering a wide range of disciplines. She has served as a volunteer in diverse communities from political campaigns, youth mentorship programs and restorative justice initiatives, and being a “cuddler” of infants at hospitals. Dr. Rain has served as a facilitator of the International Black Summit for the last 28 years. She has received international recognition for her work in peace-building and social justice. She is currently a caregiver for her 87-year-old mother.

Laura Wolz

Laura Wolz grew up in Italy and came to the United States when she was 21 after living in Israel and Germany. She received a reserve officer training corps scholarship and served in the Army for four years, achieving the rank of captain. Her undergraduate degree is in math, physics and French, with her master’s degree in education and teaching credentials from Mills College in Oakland, California. She works with children of all ages (six months to 18 years), being fascinated with how beings develop thinking and how to facilitate the process. She is married and has three grown sons.

Lori Wostl 
Lori Wostl is a senior facilitator, approved-to-lead for the Facilitated Wisdom course. She did the est Training in 1977. She participated fully while raising two sets of children and remaining married to the same man for 50 years. Wostl was on staff for five years in Denver as the manager for the Communication courses and the Team Management and Leadership Program. She also had national accountability for the TMLP. She lives in the suburbs between Boulder and Denver, Colorado. Wostl first did the Wisdom Unlimited course in 1998 and reviewed it in 2014. She has facilitated eight Facilitated Wisdom courses.

Sarasai Yutuc

Sarasai Yutuc is a staff member for Landmark as a consultant, Wisdom Course Area personal coach and leader of the Wisdom for the Arts course. Her commitment is that people are fulfilling on what they came here for, inside of their fullest self-expression. She and her husband, Brandon, live in Manchester, Vermont.

Maria Zaharieva 
Originally from Bulgaria, Maria Zaharieva has been living in Sweden for the past 20 years. A clinical psychologist with more than 250 hours of psychodrama training and an undernurse with many years of experience in taking care of elderly patients in the last stages of life, she is also a coach, a transformational consultant and a speaker. Called by her clients a Miraclewoman, she has participated in countless courses and trainings at Landmark and at many other organizations for the past 15 years, committed to making a difference, serving and reminding people of the unique greatness inside them.