Conference for Global Transformation


The 2021 Virtual Conference for Global Transformation is committed to being accessible and welcoming for people with all abilities.

We acknowledge that some Conference for Global Transformation participants may have disabilities that are not apparent physically. We ask that you be accountable for your well-being and we will work to provide those in need of services information to make your participation more enjoyable.


This year’s conference will be held on Zoom, an online video conferencing site. Please see the list of trainings available and participate in one of them to get oriented to the platform and how it works with your computer and software.


It is highly recommended all participants in the Conference attend one of the trainings before the weekend.


Information about Zoom’s specific keyboard commands, use of screen readers, larger fonts, use of common screen readers, and more can be found at


For more specific information about accessibility-related support, please email before the conference so you may fully participate.


If you need support during the conference, speak to a Person Who Assists in the Hospitality – Room Tech Support Area.  The link to the Hospitality Room in at the top of the page at the Participation Website.


Frequently Asked Questions about Zoom:

Almost every question someone will have is on there.


Closed Captioning Information