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Artists for Global Transformation

Our art exhibit this year can be viewed on YouTube. Embedded in the name of each work of art listed below, is a link to a YouTube video channel.

Artist Art Title Art Summary
Bruce Campbell
Revealing This video is in essence a conceptual piece. The intention is that it is a metaphor for taking an area of life and inquiring into it to discover something previously hidden from view.
Andrea Fono
I Belong to the Whirl of Creation Andrea shares why she paints with cherry blossoms.
I hear a calling for a new kind of eco-justice-artist whose function will be to bridge culture, education and the sciences. I believe that when we can see our earth as sacred, we will not want to exploit it.
Paul Freyermuth
To End Tyranny Almost sixty years after World War 2 ended, the veterans of WW2 were celebrated for their accomplishment ending the tyranny of Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan. I had the privilege of taking my 83 year-old father to the memorial that registered their accomplishment.
Yolanda God Artist
Maxime 2010 Out of the wisdom course, being in contact with the knock on the door. My passion for painting portraits became visible. No landscapes anymore, or objects. Since then I have been painting and drawing portraits with joy and utter fulfillment.
Annie Higbee
Annie Higbee – The Hummingbird & The Narwhal (The Book—and a Message to share) In the unlikely yet magical meeting, the two beings share the possibility of love, kindness, respect, magic and connection in an example for all beings. The result is an inspirational story of the journey of oneness and togetherness.
Alexandra Isaievych Mason
Eye of the Beholder Many of my images are aimed at capturing moments of transition, of entering new spaces, of listening to what is seeking to emerge when the old has already fallen back, and the new is becoming visible.
Lincoln Lounsbury
What’s So. What’s Possible? Lincoln’s art practice is based on declassified Remote Viewing technology developed at Stanford Research Institute and the CIA, a process to describe and sketch the unknown past/present using psychic ability. What’s So. What’s Possible? offers a place to stand at every moment: celebrating and acknowledging the past, and asking, “What is possible now?”
Meaghan Miller Lopez Night Portal, Sedona Sessions 2020 While I paint for my own well-being practice, my work is devoted to illuminating humanity’s connection with the invisible dimension of light consciousness.
Painted in the Fall of 2020 in Sedona, Arizona, the Night Portal is an instrument that tunes you to the unique frequency of who you truly are.
Peg Miller
Recovery This piece of art is composed of art work done during a series of classes on the journey of recovery, including collages of one’s past, one’s present and one’s future. It is labeled recovery and is on a cardboard background, which seems so appropriate for the journey of recovery, in which everything in one’s live is recycled, e.g. redeemed.
Barry Pogorel
This painting, as each painting, is a discovery and always surprised by it. I learn from it as it unfolds.
At some point the painting and I are done talking and that’s the moment of registration of the accomplishment of that piece.
Doris Schneider
Tree Paintings Trees are deeply connected with the earth through their roots and able to reach the sky. They are source for our lives spending oxygen. The beauty and strength of a tree is fascinating people since ever.
Corrina Sephora
TARGET I TARGET I, an intentionally large piece of work, a 12′ Tall Assemblage/Collage of targets, now including the names of 101 women and girls that are no longer with us. They are celebrated and remembered in conjunction with this artwork.
The TARGET I piece was created after a series of mass shootings, and amidst a time where we have seen so many racially motivated deaths.
Ruth B (True) Shields sts’én sts’ékith mith’ – if/when(ever) it rains Collaging helps me show people the beautiful nature of languages. I explore categories like ‘phases of actions’, ‘states’ vs. ‘activities’, ‘negation’, etc. I discovered that the single collage shown here could stand for both the category and its best exemplar (rain).
Lynnie Sterba
In a time when the world was in disarray and separation I chose to focus my painting on expressing the joy of humanity. My promise to the world is “beauty and inspiration through art has people connected to their shared humanity.”
Marty Wessler
Pink Hakeme These three artworks evolved out of months of play, experimentation, uncertainty and restarts.
They represent a point in time along a progression sourced by my commitment to delve into a personal inquiry of ‘What is creativity for me?’ I discovered that my not knowing but being willing to keep exploring is a distinction key to being on the edge of something new for me.
Lisa Zaharoni
Hollywood 2020 Lisa is a painter born and raised in Los Angeles and have been painting for 30 years. Interested in taking a familiar subject, like a Los Angeles Landscape for example, and crafting it into a grid form.

Artist Collaboration Project

Embedded in the name of each work of artistic collaboration listed below, is a link to a YouTube video channel.

Art Title Artists
AUDACIOUS CREATORS Marcus Bell: Composer, Music Writing
Vanessa Johnstone: Producer, Narrator
Francine Lecoultre: Artist, Designer, Video Director
Jennifer Melyan: Writer

Listening For The Alien In All Of It Gary Bryson: Photographer, Writer
Corey Feist: Composer, Musician, Videographer, Editor
Paul Freyermuth: Photographer, Thinker
Herb Quick: Composer, Musician, Writer, Lyricist, Photographer

BINGO !!!! Kathy Fedori: Producer
Jim Fowler: Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Barbara La Valleur: Photojournalist, Editor, TV Host
Marc Malamud: Video Editor
A Message Scott Buch: Sound Artist
Angelina Cacciato: Storyboard Artist, Video Director
Meaghan Miller Lopez: Visual Artist, Author
Linda Munch: Soprano
Diane Paull: Visual Artist
Haans Peterson: Visual Artist, Video Animator
Corrina Sephora: Visual Artist, Producer
Rita Tucker Williams: Spoken Word Artist
The City and the Calm Andrea Fono: Videographer
Frank Rocky: Listener
Amy Weinstein: Film Advisor
Nature as a Witness Grant Lamora: Composer, Songwriter, Musician
Cindy Lee: Artist, Animator, Producer
Aldo Liclican: Creative Director, Editor
That Touch Mary Alterman: Writer, Visual Artist
Antoinette Cooper: Poet, Singer, Photographer
Alexandra Isaievych Mason: Artist, Dancer, Executive Producer
Fred Moss: Production Consultant
Lucy Pearce: Poet, Writer

Live Love and Be Loved Jim Fowler: Musician, Songwriter
Paul Freyermuth: Photographer, Video Editor, Voice Artist
Jeannette Lazet: Quilter
Sara Shai: Painter, Lyricist
Hummingbirds & Dragonflies II Bruce Campbell: Video Artist
Robyn Maitland: Video Art Director
Izzy Miller: Artist
Sean Potter: Composer, Songwriter, Vocal Artist
Dræyk Van Der Horn: Stop-Motion Artist
Mark Van Der Pol: Video Composer, Design

Celebration of Humanity Tribute I Adrian Bishop: Animator
Agnes Bourne: Poet, Narrator
Bruce Campbell: Artist
Andrea Fono: Artist
Murray Hidary: Composer, Pianist, Sound Editor, Engineer
Jenna Rae: Soprano

Human Warriors
Marcus Bellringer: Composer, Songwriter
Francine Lecoultre: Costume Designer, Video Director
Jennifer Meylan: Model
Tricia Rodrigo: Video Animator, Editor