Conference for Global Transformation

2024 Journal Paper Authors

2025 Journal Paper Authors will be announced in February 2025
Author Biography
Andrew M. Crockett Andrew M. Crockettt is a philosopher who seeks to understand the fascinating world of being human. In his life, he has rigorously tested his philosophic inquiries by taking on extraordinary challenges within his civic, economic, personal, and spiritual life. His article this year shares his insights into integrity, authenticity, and the nature of games — sharing them as a gift in recognition of our shared humanity.
Andy Bayon Andy Bayon is a writer, speaker, career coach, and wildlife enthusiast. He has a reverence for nature that leads him out into the wilderness as often as possible. He created “The Nature Effect” as a method for helping people connect on a deeper level with themselves and nature. Bayon lives in Colorado, where the mountains constantly call to him.
Anna Choi Anna Choi, two-time TEDx speaker, Forbes author, and energy master at SolJoy.Life, is catalyzing a new humanity by serving high-achieving leaders to focus their energy, quiet the mind chatter, and tap into boundless energy through mind-body training programs. She brings 20 years of experience of energy mastery, blending ancient wisdom with qigong tai chi, as a taekwondo black belt. Choi was a Self-Expression & Leadership Program leader for seven years who loves to sing and dance as a singer-songwriter. Her proudest accomplishments are water birthing her son and 20 years of being sweethearts with her husband Leo.
Annette L. Nathan Annette L. Nathan, founder of Annettework Consulting and The Annettework, is a life-long transformational visionary who has been delivering global training and development programs for more than 40 years. She coaches clients to undergo a process that has the clients themselves invent new futures that are inspiring, challenging, and extraordinarily effective. The power of these new futures is expressed in the culture – not as feelings or words alone, but as culturally aligned intentions, authentic actions, and ongoing breakthrough results. Her worldwide consulting engagements transform communities, businesses, organizations, executives, and leaders. Nathan graduated with honors in Asian history from Duke University.
Barb Lewthwaite Barb Lewthwaite, pioneer, mother, teacher, healer, psychic, and spiritual life coach, passionately spreads enlightenment across various domains, including Māori language education, English as a second language instruction, bereavement counseling, and parenting guidance. Her 14-year stewardship of the Holly Bush Campsite spiritual community exemplifies her dedication. Currently, she’s spearheading leadership initiatives in Africa through the Human Plant Project, aiming to foster compassion, tolerance, creativity, productivity, sustainability, and love in society. Simultaneously, Lewthwaite is diligently penning her autobiography, encapsulating her multifaceted journey.
Catherine Green Catherine Green is an architect, designer, teacher of film for students from all over the world, and a partner in having dreams come true. Green is a former staff member for Landmark and an active graduate with a created context of exploration, adventure, and discovery. She is creating a world where we are all dancing and playing together in our generative global community as partners, playmates, and soulmates with everything and everyone included.
Curtis Aubry Curtis Aubry is a public school teacher living in New Jersey. He has participated at Landmark for 42 years. He is originally from California. His promise for the world is “sourcing thriving master teachers whose students are thriving.”
Diana Page Jordan Diana Page Jordan uses her love of fact-centered, intuitive, and inspirational interviewing, which she developed as an award-winning radio and television news anchor and reporter, in her work as a book coach, writer, ghostwriter, voiceover artist, and publicist. She has interviewed thousands of authors, hosted and produced podcasts and videos, and conducted book reviews for 800 Associated Press Radio Network stations, Martha Stewart Living, XM,, ABC, and CBS television stations, among others. Jordan has also penned cover stories for Writers Digest, author profiles for The Costco Connection, and stories for anthologies. She has ghostwritten books, biographies, and articles.
Gary A. Kendrick Gary A. Kendrick is a leading marine ecologist in the areas of marine benthic biodiversity, resource mapping, seagrass and seaweed ecology, and seagrass restoration. His work in seagrass restoration spans two decades and previously focused on technical solutions and developments to improve restoration success of seagrasses. He presently works on supporting the large OzFish Unlimited’s community program, Seeds for Snapper, which is scaling up seagrass restoration from 100 square meters to hectares, using seeds of the seagrass Posidonia australis.
Hilary Arnow Burns Hilary Arnow Burns grew up in Westport, Connecticut. She graduated from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1981. She spent more than 35 years as a business consultant to companies all over the world. Her best accomplishment is having raised two remarkable children. She has published three books, is the host of The Getting Real with Hilary show on e360tv, has a YouTube channel and TikTok following, and a website, Her vision is to inspire people to live the lives of which they’ve always dreamed. She is currently living hers.
Joseph Heer, Ph.D. Joseph Heer, Ph.D., has degrees in chemical engineering and chemical physics, with a focus on molecular modeling and non-standard energy transfer. Over the last 35 years, he has worked as a research and development scientist, engineer, educator (chemistry and physics), and regulatory professional in a variety of academic and industrial environments. He owns a chemical safety consulting business and also works as an affiliate researcher in chemistry and physics at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. His research interests include the physics of non-standard energy and information transfer, including energy and information transfer during spiritual experiences.
Kim Aubry Kim Aubry lives in Roebling, New Jersey. She is a wife of 27 years to Curtis Aubry and mother to Rachel, who is 21. A graduate of Landmark for more than 30 years, her commitment in the world is that “all people have choice, choice in who they are being, choice in their health and choice in their joy.” She lives that out in her family, the company she works with as a chief question officer, the coaching she does, and the community and connections that she cultivates.
Lori Watkins Lori Watkins was born in Santiago, Chile, and, as an infant, was adopted by American diplomats serving at the U.S. Embassy in Santiago. Living in underdeveloped countries for much of her childhood, she is a “third-culture kid.” Watkins absorbed the cultures, history, and traditions of the countries where she lived and has brought them all to her work as a vocational nurse for the past 23 years. Watkins also creates custom paintings with oils and acrylics on canvas and demonstrates her love for community by video-editing for organizations that serve the public. Her commitment: All beings are heard, including human beings.
Mark Krauss Mark Krauss is a custodian of the Inquiries of the Social Commons, a husband of 44 years, father, grandfather, colleague, engineer, experimenter in the living of life, and gentleman farmer. During his engineering career, he noticed that while difficult, the problems of engineering are easy to solve when compared to those of being human. He’s learning to love loud shirts and has discovered for himself the value of inquiry in having people expand their views of life and to act on what they discover for themselves. He lives happily in Mariposa, California, with his wife, two dogs, and two cats.
Oliver McCrohan Oliver McCrohan lives in Dublin, Ireland. He is married to Brian, and they have one son. McCrohan’s academic background is in biochemistry, and he holds a Ph.D. from University College, Dublin. He was born and raised in rural Ireland on the southwest coast, overlooking Valentia Island. He loves the sea, nature, sailing, art, music, dancing, culture, and food. Professionally, he works in the pharmaceutical industry as head of medical affairs across seven European teams. He is the co-founder and director of a social enterprise dedicated to causing a new future for rural Ireland.
Peg Miller Peg Miller is an 80-year-old woman with a commitment for a world where each and every person loves the life they live. She is grateful for her participation in Landmark since 1982, which continues to empower her loving the life she lives. A retired physical therapist, Peg worked for nearly 30 years in the arena of developmental and functional physical therapy with children and adults with neurological disorders. In 1995, she began working with people who are homeless and became a somatic psychotherapist and marriage and family therapist, using body-based work to support her clients in their healing.
Raukura Roa, Ph.D. Raukura Roa (she) has been participating with Landmark since 2018 and has been an introduction leader, a program leader, and a staff member for Landmark over the years. She is currently a teaching fellow at the University of Waikato, where she teaches Māori language and culture. She is also a director of Roa Ltd. Her commitment in the world is moving beyond reconciliation and bringing completion to our colonial history. Her current research is on historical trauma related to language acquisition and usage.
Rich Schuster Rich Schuster is one of the elders of the Wisdom Course Area. He is committed that all people have access to the created dimension of being and that they are thereby empowered to be up to great and challenging work. In addition to having had a productive career in physics and engineering, Schuster is a student of and has trained many people in practices of communication to support aliveness and productivity. Rich and his wife Noreen celebrate their more than 40 years of marriage and participation in service of transformation.
Rose Grant Rose Grant is inspired by the possibility of a bright world, with healthy communities and vibrant ecosystems everywhere, and is committed to potent climate action. Working with farmers and rural communities, she has seen remarkable transformations over three decades. An early adopter of renewable energy, electric vehicles, and regenerative agriculture, Grant is exploring opportunities to reduce greenhouse gases, enrich environments, strengthen economies, and build vibrant communities. She received the Conference for Global Transformation Editor’s Choice Award for Best Paper in its 2022 journal and the People’s Choice Award for Best Poster in 2023.
Shana Pereira Shana Pereira’s journey is a testament that proves human potential knows no bounds. Born in Australia to a family of East Timorese activists, she learned early on to champion those fighting for their lives. Today, her trademark is elevating the underdogs, symbolizing hope in the face of adversity. While on a family visit in Christmas 2015, her kidney failed, leading her on a life-altering medical journey that would push her limits but not defeat her. Pereira found strength on a spiritual level and her relationship with her higher self, making an impact on millions going through the same experience.