Conference for Global Transformation

Call for Papers and Other Contributions

19th Annual Conference for Global Transformation, May 17-19, 2019 – Hollywood, California

Listening for Fulfillment

“There is never, ever, anything wrong,” and “Anything is possible!” my coach Joe Rink barked repeatedly during the Fall 2013 Introduction Leaders Program. This was my first time leading the ILP classroom in Jamaica. It was a grueling eight-month experience, hazardous to my identity, as it constantly looked like I was failing. In hindsight, it was a daring feat, exhilarating, enlivening and an adventure to behold!

The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.
~Albert Einstein

What if it were true though? What if—in embarking on a quest for the fulfillment of an impossible outcome—there was “nothing wrong”? And, if it were indeed possible, then what?
Sitting with those questions, I was confronted with a rapid series of other questions: Am I willing to have my commitments fulfilled in the world? What if my commitments were fulfilled independent of my work, my insight, my planning? What if others happened upon a way to produce the same outcome—others who I may not like very much or agree with at all fundamentally? Would I even notice? I found myself oddly saying “no.” But, who then would I need to be to allow this to happen? Do I need to have only my hand in the accomplishment of my promise, my commitments? If not, then how would I be participating in the world? On what might my attention be focused that my attention has not been focused? What new possibilities for fulfillment might be forged in my listening?

As human beings, I’ve come to realize once again, we are ‘wired for survival’ and the arrogance of our own self-importance often discounts or obscures the abundance of resources and contributions available in the world.

I am honored to co-author, with much support, this Call for Papers. Over the past seven years, I have been actively engaged in the fulfillment of my Impossible Promise, discovering and inventing new worlds, confronted with calls for reinventing ways of being and acting. Things often look very wrong and quite impossible. I often find myself being anxious, doubtful and even afraid.

And, sometimes I wonder, what would life be like if I could just live this amazing life here in Jamaica with freedom, ease, and a lot of play? Could I give my life over to the world and let the world fulfill my promise? What kind of a human being produces results through something other than hard work? Exactly what does it look like anyway when my promise is fulfilled?

As a member of this social commons, we cordially invite you to submit a paper or other contribution to the 2019 Conference for Global Transformation, addressing the matter of moving a promise or an intended outcome into performance, consistent with a future in which the promise of a possibility is realized. This Call for Papers and Other Contributions requests articles, workshops, and Reports from the Field that reflect the impact of the ways of being and acting that worked in your projects.

We look forward to a year of work on these investigations and to the report on your research in the Journal of the Conference for Global Transformation next May. You might include the work of producing a paper as one of the structures you use to keep an inquiry and a promise in front of you for the year. Further, we invite you to join the weekly occasions to inquire into the multiple topics of this Social Commons for Transformation.

♦ Coral Crew Noble

Questions through which you inquire might include:

1 Could what you want to accomplish be fulfilled by the world? Where are you operating as an individual, limiting the fulfillment to personal accomplishment?
2 How do I mobilize my promise being fulfilled in the world, rather than how do I accomplish it? How do I move from “I” to “we”?
3 What are the means for moving a promise out beyond yourself so it is alive in the communities that are appropriate to the scope of the promise? Where are
those impossible outcomes already being fulfilled?
4 What kind of human being does not provide results through hard work? How have you used the social commons to be an effective reminder and demand to live as a clearing for a world that is not yet realized?
5 How do you deal with being at the effect of what you’ve seen or of what happened for you in inquiry? How do you sustain yourself. How do you become reliable as a clearing for a future that includes a promise fulfilled?
6 What new possibilities for fulfillment have been forged in your listening? What miracles have you witnessed that have made your previous, habitual ways of thinking, being, and acting untenable?

As a member of our social commons, I personally invite each of you to submit a paper, a Report from the Field or a poster, and/or to conduct a workshop or participate on a panel in a breakout session. Your unique contribution will make a difference. Come play with us. And thank you in advance for playing!

Papers and Reports from the Field about Inquiries of the Social Commons

Many of you have participated in one or more of the Inquiries of the Social Commons. We invite any of you who are actively participating in these inquiries to submit a paper or Report from the Field collectively, or individually, reporting on what you or your group has discovered, encountered or want to contribute from your inquiries. Please consider the custodians of the inquiries as possible resources for you as you develop your paper. Follow the guidelines for writing a paper or submitting a Report from the Field. Make submissions online by the due dates.