Conference for Global Transformation

Call for Papers and Other Contributions

18th Annual Conference for Global Transformation, May 18-20, 2018 – Monterey, California

A Life of Accomplishment

You and I have certain commitments to a world that works, whether just for the people we love most dearly, or for entire populations. Sometimes what we do to fulfill these commitments works, and at other times the actions we take fail. If you are like me, you resist failing, and from time to time, give in to the young-aged conversation that we shouldn’t fail—only succeed.

Let’s face it, when you and I are at work on something bigger than ourselves, something that hasn’t ever been done before (at least by us), we are going to fail along the way. It is how we choose to relate to failure that makes the difference. How we are being in action and communication, how we respond to the breakdowns we declare, how we speak to build support and listen for what others offer us, how fully and authentically we forgive ourselves and others, how we choose to stand in each new moment of now—these choices, all inside our speaking and listening, may hold the keys to living a life of accomplishment and a life of fulfillment.

You and I have accomplished a great deal. This is true whether we have been practicing transformation for one year or for 40. We have undertaken the intellectual effort to inquire into what is most important to us. We have listened and spoken in such a way as to create who we are as a possibility. We have mustered the courage to take a stand for how our world is going to be—a world for ourselves, our families, our communities and perhaps even all of humankind. When we tell the truth, we each must acknowledge that we are living in a different reality from the one we were living in before we declared ourselves as a possibility and took action on projects we created to fulfill on that possibility.

Ordinary, everyday life is filled with distractions that pull for automatic, habitual ways of thinking and acting. It is easy to lose sight of our accomplishments and what we are committed to, and instead focus on what’s wrong and shouldn’t be. For generating our created selves and for making our visions of the future into a reality—such habitual ways become untenable and ineffective and can destroy the opportunity to act on what actually matters to us. This becomes most obvious when we find ourselves struggling with breakdowns in our projects and commitments.

For the 2018 Conference for Global Transformation, we invite you to submit a paper or other contribution, inquiring into the question of where and how you have failed and/or succeeded in living your life as the author of your conversations, your commitments and your experiences.


Questions through which you inquire might include:

1 How is your world now a reflection of your speaking and listening, and in what discourses have you been engaging? Are they ones you have authored or ones you have stepped into?
2 Where have you found yourself stopped from being in action, being in communication or being who you said you would be?  What happened that let you move forward?
3 Where have you found others stopped from being in action, being in communication or being who they said they would be?  What happened that let them move forward?
4 Where have you accepted, or rejected, or refused to ask for support from others?  What practices or support from others have you put in place that allowed for further accomplishment?
5 What failure of another or others have you taken on or held as your own? What accomplishment did this make available to fulfilling on your commitments for the world?

As a member of our social commons, I personally invite each of you to submit a paper, a Report from the Field or a poster, and/or to conduct a workshop or participate on a panel in a breakout session. Your unique contribution will make a difference. Come play with us. And thank you in advance for playing!

–Ed Stroupe

NEW THIS YEAR! Papers and Reports from the Field about Inquiries of the Social Commons

Many of you have participated in one or more of the Inquiries of the Social Commons. We invite any of you who are actively participating in these inquiries to submit a paper or Report from the Field collectively, or individually, reporting on what you or your group has discovered, encountered or want to contribute from your inquiries. Please consider the custodians of the inquiries as possible resources for you as you develop your paper. Follow the guidelines for writing a paper or submitting a Report from the Field. Make submissions online by the due dates.