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2021 Conference Theme

Registering Accomplishment

What’s Possible Now?


I am honored to co-author this Call for Papers. Over the past several years, as a direct result of being involved in this community, I have become deeply engaged in creating a new paradigm in the world of mental health. Working to fulfill this commitment, while it is not nearly complete, has made a difference and left me in a new world with new problems and new openings to act.

Two years ago, I took on the transformation of our conversations about mental health; today I am someone who is recognized and sought after for that contribution. I am challenged daily both in being with the current state of the world and being with the progress of my commitment. Pretending I like everything that is happening glosses over what is not working. And while certain things are not working, real work has been accomplished that is worth noting, even celebrating.

Accomplishment, when not ignored or discounted, calls for new language, new listening, and new actions. What we say about what has happened has consequences. We could use where we have fallen short as an excuse for stopping, or we could notice, by registering the accomplishment, that we now have even greater openings to act. In registering accomplishment, we become available to see things we were not able to see and say things we were not able to say; we have new opportunities to play, to add existence and membership, and to restore and create integrity.

This year we invite you to submit a paper, poster, Report from the Field, breakout session or artwork based on your experience living in the world where the commitments you have created are alive, unfolding and developing. Ideal topics are those that acknowledge, celebrate, and strengthen your creations, as well as share the possibilities and futures you can now see and develop.

We invite you to submit a paper, poster, Report from the Field, or breakout session based on what you have experienced and discovered. Ideal topics are those that inform, provide opportunities for insight, and strengthen our ability to make a difference as individuals, as groups and communities.

— Fred Moss, MD

Papers, Reports from the Field, workshops, posters and artwork could address some of the following investigations:

1 What has been accomplished? Who have you become standing in what has been accomplished?
2  What problems have you transformed into opportunities to fulfill your commitment for the world?
3 What has become possible for you, as an individual, recognizing accomplishment? What has become possible for your groups, teams and communities, recognizing accomplishment?
4 Standing in what has been accomplished, what can you say now? What can you stand for now? What’s next?

Papers and Reports from the Field about Inquiries of the Social Commons

Many of you have participated in one or more of the Inquiries of the Social Commons. We invite any of you who are actively participating in these inquiries to submit a paper or Report from the Field collectively, or individually, reporting on what you or your group has discovered, encountered or want to contribute from your inquiries. Please consider the custodians of the inquiries as possible resources for you as you develop your paper. Follow the guidelines for writing a paper or submitting a Report from the Field. Make submissions online by the due dates.