Conference for Global Transformation

Call for Papers and Other Contributions

20th Annual Conference for Global Transformation, May 15-17, 2020 – Hollywood, California

Making A Difference

Our inquiry for the 2020 Conference for Global Transformation is an opportunity to discover living true to what our lives are about.

The idiom “Making a Difference” has been generalized – used so often in marketing campaigns, promotional materials, and our own day-to-day conversations that many of us tune it out. We can’t hear the phrase for what it is anymore, even when someone speaks it in earnest. We have built up a tolerance, dismissing the words, just as we dismiss annoying online ads. Sometimes we doubt our ability to cause a positive outcome. Even so, most of us yearn to live meaningful lives.

This year, we invite you to inquire and stand for the difference you want to make. There are things that support us in making a difference, and things that thwart us. When there is the possibility of acting to forward the difference we want to make, things that are in the way present themselves. Actions leave us in the world discovering making a difference. This discovery is a function of the promises and commitments we have made and the accountabilities we hold.

We invite you to submit a paper, poster, Report from the Field, or breakout session based on what you have experienced and discovered. Ideal topics are those that inform, provide opportunities for insight, and strengthen our ability to make a difference as individuals, as groups and communities.


Questions through which you inquire might include:

1 What have you discovered while being engaged in making a difference: Who have you become?
2 What personal and environmental challenges have you overcome to make a difference?
3 Taking the opportunity to set aside or bracket all that you know, what became available in your inquiry?
4 What has it taken to create, rather than remember, what your life is about?
5 What have you noticed with regard to collaborating with others, and recognizing and appreciating their commitments and accomplishments?
6 Having discovered measurement of the difference you are making, what did you deal with or confront?
7 When you are present to who or what is wanting this difference to be made, how does that alter your habitual ways of speaking, listening and acting?
8 How have others contributed? What opportunities have you made available for others to participate in making the difference you are committed to?
9 Where else do you want to be making a difference? And what, if anything, do you plan to do about it?

Papers and Reports from the Field about Inquiries of the Social Commons

Many of you have participated in one or more of the Inquiries of the Social Commons. We invite any of you who are actively participating in these inquiries to submit a paper or Report from the Field collectively, or individually, reporting on what you or your group has discovered, encountered or want to contribute from your inquiries. Please consider the custodians of the inquiries as possible resources for you as you develop your paper. Follow the guidelines for writing a paper or submitting a Report from the Field. Make submissions online by the due dates.