Conference for Global Transformation

Conference Visual Theme

We welcome and encourage artists from the Wisdom community to submit art for consideration to become the visual theme of the 2025 Conference for Global Transformation. The visual theme may be included on the cover of the 2025 Journal of the Conference for Global Transformation, 2025 Call for Papers, the 2025 letterhead and other promotional materials as deemed appropriate by the conference manager.

Submission Requirements

If you are interested in submitting artwork to be considered, please send an email by January 15, 2024, to You will then be notified of the 2025 conference theme by January 31, 2024. Your artwork you are submitting for consideration based on the 2025 conference theme will be due by February 28, 2024. You must be registered for the 2024 conference in order for your submission(s) to be considered.

How to Submit Images

Submit up to three digital images via email to: Submit images as digital files in 300 DPI .JPG format. Name each digital file with the title of the piece.

Terms and Conditions

An entire image or a segment/portion of the image may be used if your artwork is selected. There is no guarantee that any of the submitted images will be selected. Wisdom graduates or current participants in a Wisdom Unlimited Course are eligible to apply.

If Selected as a Finalist

Within five business days of notification, the artist will need to provide a final digital file of at least 300 DPI, in .PSD, .PDF, or .EPS formats only, and at least 18 by 24 inches.