Conference for Global Transformation


Submissions close on March 1, 2022.

We invite proposals for video posters that address any aspect of the conference theme as expressed in the Call for Papers & Contributions or any other aspect of formulating and implementing a commitment for the world. Poster videos will be displayed on YouTube. A poster is a way to begin to experiment with conversations that could turn into  workshops and journal papers in the future. Creating a poster gives you the opportunity, in a committed environment, to:

Generate and develop your contribution for global transformation, in the listening of people who are interested in what you are up to in the world.
Put your commitment into a tangible demonstration so other people can see it, talk about it, and learn from it.
Be enriched by developing and sharing ideas for global transformation with like-minded people.
Be a contribution to global transformation is also a contribution to other people who are fulfilling their commitments to the genesis of a new realm of possibility for the world’s people.

Eligibility and Guidelines

Anyone who attends the Conference for Global Transformation as a registered participant is eligible to create a video poster. Interested psoter presenters must be registered for the 2022 Conference prior to submitting their proposal and are required to accept and abide by the agreements listed on the worksheet and application form.

Worksheet. Download a worksheet to prepare your proposal before you submit it online. The worksheet has all the fields from the online form as well as guidelines and examples. We suggest using it so you have all the information you need ready to paste or enter into the online submission form.

Acceptance. You will be advised whether your video poster is accepted by March 23, 2022. Completed videos will be reviewed prior to final acceptance and posting on YouTube.

Support. A team member will connect with you to assist you as you formulate and finalize your video poster.