Conference for Global Transformation

Reports from the Field

Submissions close January 15, 2020

A Report from the Field is a way to contribute to others by sharing about living with, and engaging in, your commitment for the world.

We invite you to submit a report of one to three single-spaced pages that summarizes what you have accomplished or learned regarding your commitment for the world. The intent is to give you an opportunity to let our global transformation community know what has happened in the area of your commitment, what breakthroughs and breakdowns you have had, what you have learned or what has been achieved. Selected reports will be published in the Journal of the Conference for Global Transformation.

It is an opportunity to write about:

  • Successes you have had in finding or developing measures
  • Creating opportunities for others
  • Adding key people or institutions to your originating circle
  • Strategies you have developed or are developing and how they are working
  • What you are working on, what you have accomplished, and what you have discovered
  • The challenges, breakdowns, and breakthroughs you have had or are having and what you have gained or learned as a result.


A worksheet that contains all the information required to complete the online submission form can be downloaded from the link below.

Proposal Submission Date

Submissions close January 15, 2020, acceptances will be emailed by February 28, 2020.

Reports from the Field about Inquiries of the Social Commons

Many of you have participated in one or more of the Inquiries of the Social Commons. We invite any of you who are actively participating in these inquiries to submit a paper or Report from the Field collectively, or individually, reporting on what you or your group has discovered, encountered or want to contribute from your inquiries. Please consider the custodians of the inquiries as possible resources for you as you develop your paper. Follow the guidelines for writing a paper or submitting a Report from the Field. Make submissions online by the due dates.